Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Creating for Myself in the Matrix

The "Matrix" is simply a construct of images presented into the collective to illicit fear and anxiety. Mostly projections into points of time outside of the present, current, now. The main mechanisms of control are a conglomerated, plethora of images, words and numbers presented as broadcasts.

Our body's intelligence tells us from the Solar Plexus (gut) quickly whether or not the thoughts are beneficial or not, for our continued process. As physical, spiritual, breathing beings there is a design, intention for growth as living beings gathering our unique set of experiences that are shared with the totality, of One-ness, creation.

Ultimately there is nothing "out to get us".

There is only Love expressing itself as all energies and forms. Images are insubstantial and not satisfying.

Transitioning into Breath Based life experience backs us out of the "fear construct". Taking charge of our moment to moment, life as breath experience puts us in our point of power - The Present. Recalibrating our language skills as to not contribute to contraries, via fear based or words indicating ignorance - instead Sharing loving, visionary and kind words to the best of our ability.

Sharing and doing those things that produce feelings of harmony, joy, bliss, comfort, satisfaction and security are the pathway indicating our true destiny. They can be considered as signposts. Other external feedbacks can include physical manifestations, synchronicities and what we might call magic.

The external is simply a feedback of the effectiveness of the internal process going on. "Seek ye first the kingdom within" means that I can only go in to become a Master of Me, by what I share and how I am contributing love to the world and cosmos. In other words, the experience I am creating for myself.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Basic IN-Structions

The reason doubts and fears feel debilitating is because they are. Built in are the urgings to stop the mental process that is triggering the feelings (from the solar plexus, or heart area :: not the head = emotions). Usually the thoughts are ventures into the past or future, which are not real, and constructs of the matrix and the money game. The only place of power is the present. NOW. Heed the feelings, prompts and stop the mental train. Take charge of the Self Talk (whether internal or external) and replace with your affirmational dialog. Use your mantras. Appreciate your breath. Breath Deeply and Consciously. Notice your surroundings. Feel the senses of your body. Release the image-based thoughts and ideas. Calm the mental chatter, noise and static. Be present. Go Home! It is your body. And it is giving you perfect feedback to center yourself and know - you are always perfectly supported by Infinite Love!

You Are A Cosmic Superstar!!!!

Doubt = (dwelling on understandings back in time)
Fear = (future events appearing real)

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Doing Well by Doing Good

Rather than sedating our conscience, it behooves us to ingratiate ourselves to it. Satisfy it's demands. That begins with Self honesty. The world doesn't understand when a person makes this shift, or is inherently built this way

We need not reveal our whole selves, or become an apologist for our way of being. Explaining how we came to be on this path to those who took a different tack in life is a waste of time and energy.

Clearing from ourselves the accumulated doubts and self deprecating features are the most important tasks to clear a way for our inherent good to flow back to the world.

Learning the language and actions of Self Love (the Universe's true love pattern, or form) is another aspect of this process.

Then seeking to discern, associate and heed the promptings of One's "Do Goodness" which emanates from the center of their being, near the solar plexus.

Let your conscience guide you. Be courageous. Don't give up.

Cosmic Table of Essential Elements

Lesson One - of the Reverence for Life University Language School

Our cosmic language tools which convert our elements into our experiences are as follows;
Fire and,
Earth frequencies of
All Minerals,
All Plants,
All Animals,
All Humans,
All Angels,
All Archangels,
All Images,
All Fragrances,
All Textures,
All Tastes,
All Sounds,
Have Fun Because that is our only real Cosmic Recreational Process.
Desmond Donald Green

Thank you Desmond!!!!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Diving Deep

It is interesting to notice how we acquire the knowledge of our power in this life, this world. To do everything, by doing nothing. Just taking each experience, each task, and entering into it.

We are not "making" all of this stuff. It is happening. We are just observers, participants, riders. And the character of our experiences is based on the thoughts we have in the process.

To be like a child, is to have each experience, be engaged, fully. The complexity, or large-ness of what is being engaged expands as one grows older, but what determines the nature of the experience is our reactions and responses to the phenomena. Are we resistant, using our thoughts, words to criticize, or contribute to.

Our feelings give us a bio-feedback. And guide us. Going with the flow. Entering each experience fully. And becoming a great appreciator, experiencer, contributor.

Like a surfer learning how to get on the top of the wave, and not be crushed by it. To ride the spiral. I'm often reminded of my kayak trips, alone as a teenager. I just enjoyed the river, never worried what was beyond the bend. There was a natural wisdom.

Today as I put some thoughts, quietly, to what is happening. I can see just trust that this is me watching my love unfold. That is what I have discovered is going on behind all of this. Each day, moment, experience, a blessing. Something to embrace and relish as a chance to dive deep and be part of a wonderful becoming. Me simply waking up to the beautiful design that is in place.


I love to share
the good stuff
but first I have to remember
to notice
to stop criticizing
use my attention
for its intended
I feel
it seems so easy
to be superficial
to spend time
but to take the moments
the present
and take the good
and share it
my attention it requests
these experiences
these thoughts
that contribute
rather than detract
enough of my life has been spent
again, I commit, to be
a sharer
a contributor
a lover
an appreciator
and share those things
which make me feel good
not better than
stopping the seesaw
just noticing
the perfection
that must be
for all this
to be mine

That's All

When I take the time
to notice my breath
I begin to enter
a sweet spot
just the movement
of the unseen
into my face
through my nostrils
or mouth
and out
the pause between
the changing direction
into my chest
or tummy
I learned this in 1992
in a meditation class
the breath
one at a time
and again
my senses expand
time stops
I hear the clock ticking
the cat licking himself
the cars driving by outside
the fly land on my leg
my chest rises and falls
somehow the essentials get to all of the cells of my body
in this action
one at a time
that's all