Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Allowing - 4/30/2008

Allowing Journal entry 4/30/2008: 1:30 am

Pay attention to Desmond. His grasp of consciousness will allow us to tap into the stream of source thought and make a bridge to a new reality. Sort of like in the movie Tron when they are traveling on the light beam that gets disrupted, but they are able to transfer to another.

We do not reach God through our intellect. Our thinking cannot take us the distance. It can get us close but we will be left just a little short of our desired result. Spirit felt, not thought will take us there. Intellect can't allow it does not trust, its domain is control. If we want bliss we must relinquish control and trust an inner nature. It is not about selecting, you are being guided. Intellect must be subdued, trained, mastered before you can make it to your true destination. It is not so much about thinking as it is about feeling. Thinking will keep you trapped. It is elaborate. The more information you receive the more that thought will keep your existence distracted. This other sense, your sixth sense and your feelings are that which guides you to your truth reality. It is only your reality but you will find that it changes everything.

It will be peaceful, relaxed and natural. There is no resistance. You must pay attention but not too much. Relax, allow the flow of consciousness. Intellect will pinch off the flow finally. It served its purpose until this point but it must relinquish command if you hope to go the last mile. If you let it, it will be the most comfortable, enjoyable process. Life is not about control. It is about allowing. Allowing the abundance that flows from infinite to fulfill and grow you. You are so much more than your accomplishments or possessions. Your relationships serve to guide you through the transitions. Allowing.

Post script explanation:
I was first introduced to Desmond in the fall of 2007, through our friend Yvette Dubel. During the first conference call (or second), Desmond said "So, you will be visiting us in Jamaica soon." All I could say was, "OK". In December of 2007 my entire life changed as I left my job at Texas A&M University, and on Jan. 1, 2008 I was in Colombia South America. A new chapter of my life began. It's an involved story. However, between a couple of trips to the US during that year, I did get to Jamaica. I have not been back since. Desmond and I had worked together some, I had written the original "Vision" for the Reverence for Life University, yet I had not physically met Desmond.

This essay, with several others included in the book "Your Breath - The Key" were my first experiences, that I can remember, sort of half-channeling writing. The following essay was written the second night that we were together at Robert Vassel's house. I woke up at 1:30 am and wrote the following, no changes, no corrections.

Reading it today amazes me as it is totally appropriate for what we are Sharing with the RFLU regarding "Breath Tapping" and putting the intellect into it's proper role.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Breath Tapping

Breath Tapping - Reverence for Life University

Breath Tapping is the physical practice of tapping near the center of the body to actively awaken the natural intelligence of our body, while connecting it to Conscious Deep Breathing. A lot could be written, and we will provide some additional references for those who would like to learn more, but we want to present simply, the Practice of Breath Tapping.The Reverence for Life University is the Home of Breath Tapping. RFLU's soul aim is to bring The Practice, and Breath Consciousness to every person.

Steps in Breath Tapping Practice
1) Simply form your right or left hand into tapping device. This is done by cupping the hand with the five fingers together as a single unit, like a little hammer (symbolizes the 5 senses).

2) Choose where you are going to tap in the center of your body, whether the solar plexus, the diaphragm, or near the heart center. In any case, for Breath Tapping, make sure you are tapping on the vertical, center line of your body (where your rib cage joins).

3) Pratice gentle tapping that feels comfortable, natural and easy. I personally like to mimic my heartbeat, two gentle taps together, and a longer time between, maybe a 1/2  second or so. The pace could be tap, tap - pause - tap, tap. Repeat this for as long as you like. It could be as long as a few minutes or more, or, for less than a minute.
4) Things to do while tapping? Anything that makes you feel good. Repeat an affirmational mantra (see Trust Your Breath free pdf), hum a song, hum your heart tone (see Living in the Heart by Drunvalo Melchizedek (video). You can visualize a peaceful place, think about people or things you love. You can imagine the process underway waking your body up by stimulating your vagus nerve. The key is to Practice, play, and appreciate turning this physical exercise into your own.
5) This part of our body is called the Bread Basket. Our Vagus Nerve is centered here, as is our Solar Plexus, both important centers for tapping into the physical intelligence of our bodies, which can lead to health, wellness and happiness. Again, an entire chapter could be written about each of these topics, and we are not interested in getting into side discussions. We will provide links below.


Key Body Parts
Solar Plexus (3rd Chakra, from Depak Chopra)
Vagus Nerve
Bread Basket   (primary region for digestion)

Conscious Deep Breathing  - from The Practice by Desmond D. Green
The Practice is included in the downloadable Global Citizenship Passport, for FREE!


Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Breath to Breath

Eye have discovered that as I discover the truth of my breath, that it is making and supporting me as I already am - divine, loving perfection, that it is very simple to just be that. It's more like allowing and appreciating just what is.

I live from breath to breath. It is the particle and wave of light. It moves through me. As it moves into me, it creates this deep reservoir/connection to source love, and my body is the organ/vehicle by which I can experience and share all of everything with every body, but especially myself. To be in love with everything, but especially my own life and being, is the greatest gift I could ever imagine. All it makes me want to do is share it with others.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Conscious Body Language by Desmond Green

Welcome to our Personal Body Mantra Zone:
Eye love my BREATH as Me!
Eye Love my Cosmos as me.
Eye love my Heart as me,
Eye Love my Lungs as me,
Eye love my Liver as me,
Eye Love my Kidneys as me,
Eye Love My intestines as me,
Eye Love my stomach as me,
Eye Love my Colon as me,
Eye love my Rectum as me,
Eye Love my Head as me,
Eye love my Hair as me,
Eye Love my Mouth as me,
Eye love my tongue as me,
Eye Love my Teeth as me,
Eye love my Saliva as me,
Eye Love my Throat as me,
Eye love My Voice as Me,
Eye Love my Blood as me,
Eye love my Bones as me,
Eye Love my Eyes as Me,
Eye Love my ears as me,
Eye Love my Nose as me,
Eye love my Lips as me,
Eye love my cheeks as me.
Eye love my Brains as me,
Eye Love my Breasts as me,
Eye Love my Nipples as me,
Eye love my muscles as me,
Eye love my Veins as me,
Eye love my Hands as me,
Eye Love My fingers as me,
Eye love my Knuckles as me,
Eye Love My Fingernails as me,
Eye Love my Joints as me,
Eye Love my Penis as me,
Eye love my Vagina as me,
Eye Love my Feet as Me,
Eye love my Toes as me,
Eye Love my toenails as me,
Eye Love my Ankles as me,
Eye Love My Calves as me,
Eye Love my Knees As me,
Eye Love my thighs as me,
Eye love my wrists as me,
Eye love my navel as me,
Eye love my Spine as me,
Eye love my Back as me,
Eye love my Bottom as me,
Eye Love my Belly as me,
Eye Love my elbows as me,
Eye Love my Sexuality as me,
Eye Love my feelings as me
Eye Love my imagination as me,
Eye Love My Skin as meEye Love my senses as Me,
Eye Love my sense of touch as me,
Eye Love my sight as me,
Eye love my taste as me,
Eye Love my hearing as me,
Eye love my sense of smell as me,
Eye love my energies as me,
Eye love my Breast as me,
Eye love my chest as me
Eye Love My Whole Self as me

Our bodies are also a vast array of harmonious systems
Eye Love my cardiovascular system as me,
Eye Love my skeletal system as me,
Eye Love my nervous system as me,
Eye Love my skin system as me,
Eye Love my lymphatic system as me,
Eye Love my blood system as me,
Eye Love my immune system as me,
Eye Love my respiratory system as me,
Eye Love my reproductive system as me,
Eye Love my auto-immune system as me,
Eye Love my chakra system as me,
Eye Love my urinary system as me,
Eye Love my ambulatory system as me,
Eye Love my chemical system as me,
Eye Love my Spiritual system as me,
Eye Love my growing system as me,
Eye Love my digestive system as me,
Eye Love my olfactory system as me,
Eye Love vocal system as me,
Eye Love my five senses, sensory system as me
If eye have left out any of our wonderful Parts, or systems, please add them because we can only feel complete and dynamic as we accept and include all of our known parts.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Creating for Myself in the Matrix

The "Matrix" is simply a construct of images presented into the collective to illicit fear and anxiety. Mostly projections into points of time outside of the present, current, now. The main mechanisms of control are a conglomerated, plethora of images, words and numbers presented as broadcasts.

Our body's intelligence tells us from the Solar Plexus (gut) quickly whether or not the thoughts are beneficial or not, for our continued process. As physical, spiritual, breathing beings there is a design, intention for growth as living beings gathering our unique set of experiences that are shared with the totality, of One-ness, creation.

Ultimately there is nothing "out to get us".

There is only Love expressing itself as all energies and forms. Images are insubstantial and not satisfying.

Transitioning into Breath Based life experience backs us out of the "fear construct". Taking charge of our moment to moment, life as breath experience puts us in our point of power - The Present. Recalibrating our language skills as to not contribute to contraries, via fear based or words indicating ignorance - instead Sharing loving, visionary and kind words to the best of our ability.

Sharing and doing those things that produce feelings of harmony, joy, bliss, comfort, satisfaction and security are the pathway indicating our true destiny. They can be considered as signposts. Other external feedbacks can include physical manifestations, synchronicities and what we might call magic.

The external is simply a feedback of the effectiveness of the internal process going on. "Seek ye first the kingdom within" means that I can only go in to become a Master of Me, by what I share and how I am contributing love to the world and cosmos. In other words, the experience I am creating for myself.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Basic IN-Structions

The reason doubts and fears feel debilitating is because they are. Built in are the urgings to stop the mental process that is triggering the feelings (from the solar plexus, or heart area :: not the head = emotions). Usually the thoughts are ventures into the past or future, which are not real, and constructs of the matrix and the money game. The only place of power is the present. NOW. Heed the feelings, prompts and stop the mental train. Take charge of the Self Talk (whether internal or external) and replace with your affirmational dialog. Use your mantras. Appreciate your breath. Breath Deeply and Consciously. Notice your surroundings. Feel the senses of your body. Release the image-based thoughts and ideas. Calm the mental chatter, noise and static. Be present. Go Home! It is your body. And it is giving you perfect feedback to center yourself and know - you are always perfectly supported by Infinite Love!

You Are A Cosmic Superstar!!!!

Doubt = (dwelling on understandings back in time)
Fear = (future events appearing real)

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Doing Well by Doing Good

Rather than sedating our conscience, it behooves us to ingratiate ourselves to it. Satisfy it's demands. That begins with Self honesty. The world doesn't understand when a person makes this shift, or is inherently built this way

We need not reveal our whole selves, or become an apologist for our way of being. Explaining how we came to be on this path to those who took a different tack in life is a waste of time and energy.

Clearing from ourselves the accumulated doubts and self deprecating features are the most important tasks to clear a way for our inherent good to flow back to the world.

Learning the language and actions of Self Love (the Universe's true love pattern, or form) is another aspect of this process.

Then seeking to discern, associate and heed the promptings of One's "Do Goodness" which emanates from the center of their being, near the solar plexus.

Let your conscience guide you. Be courageous. Don't give up.