Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It's All Around

A friend posted a nice sentiment at Facebook, which inspired my response.

"Remember every day to do things that make your soul chuckle in JOY. Listen to the song of the wind in the trees. Hold a cat to your face. Listen to children laughing. Enjoy a beautiful sunset. Hold hands with a LOVED ONE. Dance to great music. Sing in the shower. Feel gods hand in the wind caressing your cheek. Feel gratitude for all the miracles of LIFE you experience every moment of NOW"~Bent Kim Lundberg

My response - Its all around, love abounds, astounds, rebounds and will always carry us away on gossamer wings if we allow. Joy presses, caresses, addresses and redresses if we simply observe that which motivates, captivates and exhilarates. Love, the Breath, Life invites us to play, to remember how we once enjoyed, as children, All That Is without all the measuring, worrying and judging. Just play along, and soon all hearts will be rejoicing in ONE LOVE. Thank You, Bent for constantly re-minding us to simply enjoy the sensual, loving feast that abounds all experience, if, we are giving a little attention. Peace, Love and Abundance.

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