Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Finding what isn't God.

Yesterday Desmond Donald Green and I had a chat. He said the simplest, but most incredible thing. He was talking to a friend and said "Bob, when you discover which part of you is not God, I want you to give me a call right away to let me know". 
I woke up this morning with the profundity of this simple idea wafting around my mind. What I know, is that Desmond knows that "everything is ONE" to the deepest, and shallowest part of his being. How he has gotten there, and is Sharing with the rest of us is through his connection, appreciation, consciousness of his Breath. 
This "mystery" of the Breath is woven into the greatest spiritual teachings and messages throughout human history. Join us. http://www.globalbreathconsciousnessinstitute.com/

1 comment:

  1. "Eye am my living new energy universe of absolute abundance now and limitless potentials forever.....eye am breathing, pulsating and feeling my oneness with the rest of us.." Desmond Donald Green

    Eye am my Breath!!! Desmond is my breath!!! Andy is my breath!!! YOU are MY breath!!!
    (((((BIG BREATH HUGS TO ALL))))))