Thursday, January 2, 2014


What I speak about, is what I empower to be. So, maybe I should think a moment before I speak. Then, I can look at the thoughts that I am entertaining. Then, I find that my feelings indicate the types of thoughts I am entertaining. Can be tricky business operating with a brain that has absorbed a lot of negative stuff, but there is always hope. Getting down to the simplest unit - One Breath. It's how we live, whether we want to run off and entertain other things. The perfection of this world, cosmos is so vast it has dazzled us beyond recognition. But we can return to our Knowing "Conscious Conscientious Self Consciousness" by appreciating the ONE's gift, that has created, and continues to support - ALL OF THIS! "Eye Am My Conscious Breath" - Eye am repeating this often to catalyze my conscious, personal re-programming.

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