Tuesday, September 23, 2014

We Share Our Breath

Last night in my dream time I realized we all share our breath with each other. This is the most intimate thing to share.

Also was thinking about the statement "we will follow the truth wherever it leads" - conspiracy TV show (rabbit holes) and Jeff Bezos said about the job of the Washington Post when he took it over.

The truth seeking will lead us to the truth of One Breath. Desmond is there, contemplating.

To deny one's breath is to deny oneself.

There may be temporary, illusory, fleeting satisfaction in other pursuits (like when Mr. Banks comes home for the 1st time in Mary Poppins) but the only sustaining satisfaction can be derived/received from Conscious Deep Breathing and Breath Appreciation. Then, with that as a foundation, operating and creating with Reverence for Life (Albert Schweitzer) as the foundational principle (ethic), program.

Pandoras Box, the "can of worms", etc. are open. The Wizard of Oz's show is coming to an end, but there will be a blaze of glory in the closing of the show - rabbit holes to dig (Pink Floyd, Breathe) and go into galore. (What the bleep do we know.) To center oneself in the Eye of the storm is how one can maintain without being jerked around on a chain. One Breath, is the Eye.

The show will not go on, at least not in the manner we have come to believe is reality possible. Life, peace, harmony and abundance are the order of the day.

An historical reference, my first night meeting Desmond, spent in Jamaica.

Journal entry 4/30/2008: 1:30 am

Pay attention to Desmond. His grasp of consciousness will allow us to tap into the stream of source thought and make a bridge to a new reality. Sort of like in the movie Tron when they are traveling on the light beam that gets disrupted, but they are able to transfer to another.

We do not reach God through our intellect. Our thinking cannot take us the distance. It can get us close but we will be left just a little short of our desired result. Spirit felt, not thought will take us there. Intellect can't allow it does not trust, its domain is control. If we want bliss we must relinquish control and trust an inner nature. It is not about selecting, you are being guided. Intellect must be subdued, trained, mastered before you can make it to your true destination. It is not so much about thinking as it is about feeling. Thinking will keep you trapped. It is elaborate. The more information you receive the more that thought will keep your existence distracted. This other sense, your sixth sense and your feelings are that which guides you to your truth reality. It is only your reality but you will find that it changes everything.

It will be peaceful, relaxed and natural. There is no resistance. You must pay attention but not too much. Relax, allow the flow of consciousness. Intellect will pinch off the flow finally. It served its purpose until this point but it must relinquish command if you hope to go the last mile. If you let it, it will be the most comfortable, enjoyable process. Life is not about control. It is about allowing.

Allowing the abundance that flows from infinite to fulfill and grow you. You are so much more than your accomplishments or possessions. Your relationships serve to guide you through the transitions. Allowing.

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