Saturday, February 21, 2015

Life Flows

Life flows. The old human construct mostly governed by money has fear based constraints that have been put in place. A person can feel them. Numbers, monitors, meters, filters "apparently" choking the flow of creation. This is not really possible. It is perception.

The vastness of the flowing, pulsating, spiraling, spirit, energetic, physical reality is so vast as to be mentally incomprehensible. The universe/cosmos is flowing, perfectly. Even if we impose beliefs, constructs on it that seem to be contrary. These impedances only create opportunities to experience "distortions" - changes in vibrations which are then converted, or integrated by our bio-feedback, system that is built into us - our feelings. They emanate from our gut, or near our solar plexus. We have been conditioned to let the mind to get into the process which created emotions. This point, distinction my brother Mark has been emphatic about for several years (very wise). Gut feelings, not intellectually manipulated constructs, guide us. Experience is an outward expression but our guidance to lead our lives comes from within. It is a perfect operating system. But the external expressions have become so extensive and involved that we have lost touch with our intuition and feeling guidance. We don't learn from outside we remember to heed the guidance from inside, our heart centered feelings.

No matter what we are thinking about this process doesn't really matter. All the image based threats, things to be afraid of, are not really true. Love, which is everything, is not out to get us. It is here to experience more. And we have been here living through a very interesting phase of spirit/physical manifestation, experience. But the breath is not going to leave us hanging. It is going to continue taking us where IT intends to go. It will not stop. Resistance and distraction also creates feedback, in the form of anxious or fearful feelings. Entering the only true moment, reality, NOW via the physical breath process - one breath at a time, fueling the mind and body (deep breathing), being conscious of the breath (showing mindfull gratitude, appreciation of our first gift) and physically remembering spirit to center itself in our body (tapping, or body drumming) will facilitate that most enjoyable experience, life. We are here fully supported. No manner of symbols (words, letters, numbers) can stymie this process. Life is wonderfull, and evolving and be coming. And it will continue no matter our inclinations, doubts or resistances. Center oneself, deliberately by reminding oneself often that we are all going through this together - one breath at a time - that is the functional unity that this cosmos creation is contained within. It is allright!

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