Thursday, August 23, 2018

Something Happening Here


In "the matrix" our lives have been reduced to the acceptance of our lives being the equivalent to moving, assigning, accumulating numbers, or stuff. "Paper for paper" is the ponzi scheme. Like rabbits with carrots dangling, conditioned to ignore and overlook and disregard the REAL substance and energy that we are.

Our experiences are "pushing our buttons", pulling up our fears, doubts, stories that we have developed in our adaptation to the conditioning to remain and sustain ourselves in the game.

Meanwhile, the power, force, life that we really are is pushing through these illusions, stories, experiences to express itself as the life that we truly are. This is a function of the breath. It does not require thought. It is autonomic. It is pushing, pressing, forcing us to allow the REAL things we are here to experience to be let out of our bags.

Once allowed, the benefits we have come to know, even in these earthly bodies, will be experienced, owned, felt, known. They are, as Desmond Green states: happy, healthy, wealthy, free and sweet.

Where thought comes into the process is to use it for appreciation. Appreciating all experiences whether they seem mundane, challenging, joyfull, or blissfull. All these labels for feelings, and many more, are the rubric of our life experience. They are the treasures. They are the contributions. To God/Spirit/Goddess/Love. Ours, are ours, unique, special - yet Shared!

It is a process underway. It cannot be stopped, or avoided. It is best allowed, embraced, celebrated. And, sometimes (as often as can be remembered) the most loving thing I can do, is take my next conscious, deep, appreciative breath.

Andy Skadberg

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