Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Our New Operating System - Breathe

Spirit is inviting us to detach from our desperation as it ties us to materiality.

There is nothing to fear as Source emanating from Spirit assures us that the supply is inexhaustable.

This is the experience of my life - left at the place of trust and letting go.

Consciousness creates the opportunity space.

Experience converts interaction with materiality into lessons for Spirit, permanent reflections - soul growth, character building, empathy, compassion - these go with us as a feedback from our short time here. Dipping down into lower vibrations gives us an intensity of experience that would take millennia at higher vibrations. "Pain makes us stronger", my son Joshua said when he was 7 as we were going through divorce - Love supports endurance - a deep well of eternal supply. Vision, passion, perserverance are by-products of this time here on Earth. A huge contribution to the cosmic, God, experience-base that can be accomplished in one short lifetime.

- face fears
- challenge conformity
- trust inner urgings
- create
- endure
- believe
- know
- Breathe

The transformational programs are being downloaded and installed but we must divert beliefs and open up to possibility.

defer our limited "knowing" just being willing to be, to gain access to a new consciousness operating system - an up-grade, which has been scheduled from the beginning - we have to manifest - it is our birthright, our responsibility but it doesn't occur through the old paradigms - work, pushing, forcing - more through a simple allowing as the greater consciousness creates, arranges, orchestrates


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