Friday, January 25, 2013

Be-coming One

Jesus said  "The father and I are one". "If you believe what I tell you, you will do all I do, and even greater things". because "it is the father that works through me". When one accepts Jesus as their personal lord and savior they are, essentially, accepting/choosing to recognize that they are one with the One/God. This is a proper use of our most Divine, and first gift, free will, or the power to choose. So, in this scenario, contrary to common belief the "savior" is the person who uses their free will to make a choice to be one with Christ/God. Jesus can't make that decision, only we can. Jesus was the trailblazer and realizer of the truth that never was "not true" - we have just thought it was.

So, through the spoken word, and free-will choice I realize that I Am God, because "The father and I are now one" (actually I could never have been out, except in a concept in my mind). A huge issue arises here for many Christians because their conditioned fear will keep them from taking this last step because they cannot accept themselves as being equal with Jesus, or God. So, the way that Jesus has been presented to the masses he actually becomes a barrier for the ultimate experience of God, that being of the one idea that "apparently" opposes love, fear (which is really only a construct of our little Earth school). For true freedom a person will need to eliminate this last barrier between themselves and the truth of Infinite Love, or as so many will say "God is everything". This really isn't a difficult step to take, all we have to do is trust what Jesus was inviting us to do, and make the conscious choice, without fear or doubt.

If we are breathing, we can trust and know that we are also being sourced by infinite love, because otherwise we couldn't be here having all of these elaborate mental, and sense experience gyrations. The truth of One Love is being bombarded upon us by innumerable Source/Cosmic emanations. My source, or connection, to the truth is still alive and well and isn't constrained by prior belief systems, which apparently, haven't been working all that well to set us free and be nice to each other, and revere life. The simplest way that Jesus taught to achieve this, in several ways, is to "become like a child" - my children had no knowledge of these religious and other doctrines but I am pretty sure that they receive the same loving support that the rest of creation does.

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  1. The God is not something you found in a place, not even an image or a sculpture, God Is reflected in our own energy, the Energy To Create, to grow up, to Learn and to spread our fellings and knowledge, in my culture people think that God is Someone who lives in cluods and the only way to find him is in a place built by walls and gold, The colective uncounscious is dramatic and is increasing every day, they not figure out that God Is inside all of us, we need just to find it, and how we find it? well, you just have to listen to your soul, to your heart, and share that with other people, Doing good is not something you may do, is a life style, when you found God, you know that life is a passage, many other thing are coming even after Death, that why we need to find it out while we are alive, because Now! its the only time to do it!
    Blessings to all of you!