Saturday, January 26, 2013

Recognition! Recognition! Recognition

By Desmond D. Green

*Our need for recognition is our most powerful and dynamic psychic, spiritual,emotional, and Biological driving force!
*Our need for recognition may be defined as a characteristic passed on to us by our Breath/God/Spirit the source of our beings, whose urge for recognition or self-consciousness it is in the first place that initiated the birth of our peculiar Human Consciousness, with its unique Capacity to function as conscious givers and receivers of Recognition.
*Humans as we know ourselves are the only creatures on earth who consciously sustain our lives and determine our measures of well being, through the unique exercise and conscious practice of giving recognition to, and receiving from our source in mutually beneficial give and take relationships.
*Our human thirst and need for recognition will make much more sense to us as we understand and accept it not as a curse or sin from which we should hasten and strive to be saved, but appreciate it creatively and positively as our major point of union bridging our divinity and humanity one conscious deep breath at a time.
*The more we experience the personal and practical benefits that follow naturally from recognizing ourselves, others and our Breath as our Divine source, the more we will be inspired to fulfill it not not as orders from the divine to be blindly followed, but as a joyful procedure created to digest and as joint human and divine necessity.
*Human Beings are free agents only to the extent that we are free to fulfill our natural divine functions of giving due recognition to and openly receiving same from all that we experience in the course of our daily encounters , transactions, and interactions with the other living frequencies with whom our common source and environment.
*Our human consciousness has divine built in breath based safe guards to ensure our eventual triumph over all conditions in the trial and error school of experience which it has chosen as the framework through which to pursue its development towards becoming conscious of its nature as the living new energy universe of absolute abundance now and limitless potentials forever.
Our success is all together assured because it is anchored by our self-supportive source of existence and its dynamic breath based principles which operate our universe and all of creation from within.

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