Saturday, January 10, 2015

80 Praying Mantis

So my teenage son did some yard work in the late fall, found a praying mantis egg sac, brought it home, but forgot to leave it outdoors. Upon his return from school today, he realized it was hatching, and now I have a big jar full of a hundred or so baby mantis. I feel so bad that they've hatched out of season, and if there's a way they can survive or provide a service in the winter, I will do what I can to make their survival easier. I would be grateful for any ideas, or any takers of a few or many mantis. Thanks!

Here is the Animal Spirit Guides interpretation

When Praying Mantis shows up, it means:
You could benefit from studying and practicing a martial-arts discipline such as Kund Fu, Chi Gong, or Tai Chi which has a strong meditative and spiritual component.
Make prayer, meditation, or contemplation part of your daily regimen, even it only for a few minutes each day.
Listen to your instincts as to when to move forward and when to retreat.
Spend some time in the natural world, and practice being as still as you can for as long as you can, with nothing else to attend to except your breathing.
Consider redirecting your energy by withdrawing it from whatever isn't working in your life and focusing attention on what is working.

So, practical reverence for life - Sarah Ford

This level of attention, for taking care of our friends, no matter how small. We made several nice connections from the Bald Eagle Days

- 40 of the mantis went to a science teacher in Davenport
- 8 went to the Wapsie River Environmental Center 
- 24 went to Nahant Marsh Education Center
- 8 went to Quad City Botanical Center

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