Thursday, April 2, 2015

Enjoy Your Life

Sharing with my friend Bob Baker yesterday that the infinite vibration is pulling us home. Our task is to maintain the highest vibration of our ability. This is accomplished by being sensitive to our feelings (in our heart center) and eliminate less than harmonious thoughts, words and actions. There is no avoiding this "pulling to home". We might delay, with significant duress, but there is no ultimate resisting of our source that has always intended us to experience and know, even in our minds and egos, the totality of love's embrace.

We, our team, are like the spritz of spray on the very front of the foam of a wave crashing on the leading edge of a tsunami.

As we hold the cleanest vibration we are the catalyst for the rest of the creation hologram. Our only "job" -- ourselves. The functional unit -- "One Breath". It is not even a thinking process, although by aligning our consciousness with our breath and expressing gratitude, appreciation and love this can further accelerate and fulfill the functions of joy and happiness which is the demonstration we can assist others to see and experience.

On a physical note, scientifically viewed, deep breathing breaks the hold of shallow breathing which tends only to fuel the autonomic, survival part of our brain (the reptile brain, the hypothalamus). As we intake plenty of breath (H, O) we fuel/feed our, super computer brain (cerebral cortex) which moves us into a higher existence and awareness.

Additionally we re-build/heal our pineal gland which is our cosmic, life antenna opening up to all the signals, messages and enlightenment that is being broadcast like all of the radio, internet and cell phone signals of this world.

The benefits for our heart and feeling center and a mastery of our emotions has many additional benefits for our process of life enjoyment.

No one can enjoy our life for us.

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