Friday, April 10, 2015

Trust My Love

I took a breath,

And entered this world,
We all share the same source,
There is a movement, an intention,
The breath is going somewhere,
And it doesn't go back,
The stories spun, the experiences had,
The memories fulfilled,
Are all recorded,
But each moment a new recording,
A new movement,
Of the cacophany of life forms,
Dancing, swirling, emerging, contracting,
Expanding, vibrating, co-creating,
To experience more
Joy, pain, sensing, knowing
IT is the life in everything
Sustaining, supporting, coaxing, prodding
Love More!
You, Me, We, Eye
See My love, feel My love, Be My Love
No matter what
You are coming home
You are at home
In Me
Trust My love.

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