Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Never IN Isolation

As many lament the isolation of our advanced computer technology, I see a beautiful phenomenon occurring as we become mesmerized by our little devices, we become curious, enamored and thrilled at the prospect of our "biological - computered-ness".

As we hold these little devices that are opening up vast channels for communication, entertainment, and Sharing we realize OMG (Oh My God!), I/EYE am the ONE holding this device!

Without ME, none of this would exist. (see Thirty years to tell this story)

Then, whether we choose to keep using the device, or set it down and go outside and enjoy the wonders of nature - we can rest assured in knowing this is all about how we interpret our experiences.

We (Reverence for Life Univ.) have called this "The Age Of Experientialism"!

It is a wonderful time of embracing, relishing, enjoying, celebrating.

In each moment all of life, the Cosmos, your body, the Earth, there is renewing.

All is supported. And Loved.

There is no getting out of this. It IS happening.

The Perspective that allows this re-alignment we call "Breath Consciousness".

All is contained and experienced in One Breath. And it is yours. Choose the happy path.

Get your "Practices" and exercises for integrating this altered awareness at the Reverence for Life University (and other affiliated websites as well).

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