Thursday, April 15, 2010

42 more things to do for Gaia

1. Take a college course in environment or science
2. Meditate on Gaia
3. Make a list of reasons to be grateful to Gaia
4. Organize an event to educate people about nature
5. Organize a trash pick up event
6. Stand up and yell "I Love Gaia!"
7. Think "I Love Gaia"
8. Whisper "I Love Gaia", even if you don´t believe it
9. Convince yourself to believe "I Love Gaia"
10. Convince yourself that Gaia Love´s you, because it is true.
11. Help me Share this message with the world
12. Contact me so I can Serve you
13. Writer a nature story about an animal
14. Contemplate deeply on aspects of this message
15. Try to feel in your heart the import of this message
16. Organize and take a trip in nature
17. Study advanced sciences for how to help solve environmental problems
18. Support political candidates who work for the environment
19. Buy an energy efficient car
20. Push for an energy policy and support for new alternative energy
21. Find out about Free Energy
22. Study Nikola Tesla´s work
23. Read the book "The Great Work" by Thomas Berry
24. Look into sustainable development and communities
25. Support an organic farmer
26. Help promote less use of chemicals in our food production
27. Sing a song for nature
28. Smile at someone and think that "Gaia Loves Them"
30. Organize a conversation with friends about what we can all do to protect nature
31. Learn how a "hyperspectral sensor" can help with solving environmental issues
32. Study a science topic to work to protect the environment
33. Read "Silent Spring" by Rachel Carson
34. Learn about the environmental movement
35. Go to your priest and minister and tell them this is an important message for them to Share
36. Write a single blog about some topic of nature or Gaia
37. Become a member of the Gaia Writer´s Guild
38. Support an organization that works to protect the environment
39. Support the Plant a Tree Today Foundation
40. Volunteer for an organization that works for Gaia, or nature
41. Contemplate on where we would be without Gaia
42. Thank yourself for Reading the Blog, because you are doing something for Gaia already!

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