Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Charges Against Queen & BP - Etc.

This is another piece that may be of interest to folks, about charges against the Queen because she owns BP.

I do not know the status, or total validity of this, but it sure resonates with me.

Here is a link about the incredibly tangled spider Web that has been weaved out of the Royal family, et al. But they have no basis, and I believe as the light of day shines in these corners we can see how strange, bizarre and foundation-less these things are.


I had a high school teacher that tried to wake us up to begin a revolution against the corporations back in 1978 - I did not heed his advice too seriously, but these issues are still facing us today. His name was Mr. Schnieder and had us read a book called "Common Sense Two"
(I haven´t been able to find this book since).

The closest one is, Toward an American Revolution.


If you don´t believe this situation is something we need to take heed of, look at this video from President Eisenhower


These folks have had free rein since 1961, or before. It´s time we made them stop. Over the past many years literally trillions of dollars have just disappeared. Do you want to see what a trillion dollars looks like - take a look at this.


On a positive note, I believe the solutions to our world situations are really incredibly simple. We just need to base what we do on "The Golden Law", or as Albert Schwietzer described as a universal philosophy "Reverence for Life". Then we just need to make a decision and take actions - "People helping People!" while at the same time take care of Gaia.

Don´t worry, I am not going to leave this post by itself. I will be following up with a message from Metatron entitled "Cracking the Money Bands" - then I will post a little piece about there being no lack of energy.

Open your eyes, do not get stressed, and move your energies toward Love and the Light - this is the solution. But we must face the conditions for what they really are, and illusion, a magic show. It is time to set ourselves free of the "money cage".

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