Friday, October 22, 2010

Unusual Love messages - toilet paper

Well, this is a strange experience. Here I was, thinking of my post for Facebook - (And Source asks "what will you share for me today, what thoughts, feelings, Sharings?"). Then I went into the bathroom and was still thinking about this.

I have known and learned so much that what is going on here, as we experience it, and as science proves, it is about vibrational frequency. As we live and yearn to create a new world, the way that it all plays out in our "light forms", which is what we really are made of, is our vibrational energy. Our world has been stuck, for a long time, in a low vibrational, dense energetic vibration that has prevented us from creating a world that aligns with all those things we desire - as expressed in our feelings - in our lives. The dominant energy reducing emotion is "fear" which stems all the other "negative" emotions (negative does not mean bad - if there weren´t duality of experience we wouldn´t be here as we know it - but that is a whole other story).

Anyway, back to my morning story. So I am contemplating this profound thought - about what we bring to the world each day. How we create our day. What do we share? - Fear, complaining, conflict - or happiness, joy, wonder - excitement at the mystery, adventure in the uncertainty?

And then I go a little deeper as I walk to the bathroom to sit on one of my contemplation thrones. Now, as of late, I have been getting more and more open about where my messages might come from. For years I have been aware of synchronicities - what Carl Jung described as the "acausal connecting principle". I have learned to be open. And in the past few weeks the messages, important messages for my personal path have been coming in from totally unexpected sources. But, I never ever could have been prepared to receive a message from "toilet paper".

What message and how, you ask? Very simple, I sat down for just a minute or two (seriously), was thinking about this deep, deep (and I´m serious about that too) question of how we raise the vibrational, or light quotient of the planet. This is the issue my dear brothers and sisters. If we want the new world, we have to create it. We have to invite it. We, each one of us, day after day, moment after moment have to raise our own vibrational energy. And how do we do that? Well first we learn about the guidance system we were programmed with. Then we have to do what the toilet paper told me.

There, on the toilet paper were flowers and hearts - but there was one particular heart that caught my attention. Here it is.
Now how in the world this message got on a roll of toilet paper - I don´t know. But I am sure that the message came to me for the specific purpose for me to focus on just what I needed to do - today.

Blessings friends,

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