Saturday, December 15, 2012

Ending Tragedy

A friend posted a message on Facebook about the shootings. I felt compelled to share, again. This is what I wrote.

I am sure that this post will get some discussion, but I have to share. I will not get in any arguments, just have to pour out my heart, as you did Monica and I thank you for your all important questions. I have sought answers for more than 30 years and as Jesus said "Ask you shall be given, seek and ye shall find, knock and it will be opened unto you". The following is just part of what I have found. All that happens is in God, and when we find this God in ourselves, these experiences will fall away. God is everything, or God is nothing. What does that mean? "The father and I are ONE". "If you believe what I say, you will do all I do, and more!", because"it is the father that works through me". Was Jesus joking? Nothing can exist outside of One Infinite Creator (God if you prefer). If it is infinite, there can be only ONE. There is no separation. There is no death. Does God die? We have created these traumatic experiences, simply as a reminder, to wake us up, so that we can now create paradise on earth. There is so much evidence, now experiential of people coming back after dying and saying it is amazing, leaving these bodies is like leaving prison. But, we came here to live, to love, to do something beautiful. All this pain, suffering, disease, war, famine are simply a re-creation, a playing out again of Jesus dying on the cross. This pain motivates to stop being so ignorant, blind, selfish and do something and see God in everything, every body. When we know this we will not even imagine lying, stealing, killing. There was a choice created by the One Infinite Creator so it could experience something different. Free Will - 2 paths, Service to Self, Service to Others. It is US who is making this world. Everything you say Monica is true, but we have to get to the first cause and that is the belief that we could somehow be left out of God's love. It is not possible. But if we "believe" it to be so, that is the experience we are creating for ourselves. That is what it means to be a co-creator, to be made in the image and likeness of God. Here is something I wrote that speaks of this love, that I know, because there is absolutely no other way for all of this to be - the way we can get back to this knowing is not through our reasoning mind, through thought, because this has been so poisoned, confused, controlled, like Einstein said "you can't solve the problems with the thinking that created them". The solution is through the action of our breathing which connects us to the love of God/Source/All That Is. God, I believe, is uploading the new consciousness to us through our breath, it will awaken in you the One-ness, the nurturing of the feminine, the Reverence for Life. It will teach you the truth of what Jesus said, "do unto others, as you would have done to you" - which means, simply, what you do to others you do to yourself, and to God, because You, God and Jesus are One - they are in your heart, but you must find the kingdom of heaven inside of you. But guess what?, you are here now, and the God, of Infinite Love is supporting you, totally, whether you believe it or not.

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