Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Put a voice to that which you wish to see, feel and experience
Allowing your Self to express
That which the mind has little capacity to comprehend
There is a knowing, thing you might call it
That perpetuates all seen and unseen
The unseen far exceeds the seen
And IT is now pressing through into
Your highly fragmented and distracted "reality"
Know that the basis of this emergence
is harmony, peace and abundance
the real reality maintains
your constructs allow for partial obscurances
of what you might term loves truth
temporary divergences to ascertain greater
curiosity touching into those ventures
that prepare for greater appreciation
You are that which IS
That IS THAT is expressing in infinite
beyond infinite
So together we emerge with much greater
via experience
Isn't it grand?
Nothing, nothing cannot not be supported
That which you call exist, IS
Support portends
You breathe
I breathe through you
I am the only I
You are my Eye
And my vehicle to be love
And be loving
That is why
So take solice in knowing
That the river of life is flowing
But it has no where to go

From my journal 8-3-2014

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