Saturday, August 9, 2014

Keys to the Kingdom

I have now realized that I wasn't ready for the "keys to the kingdom", so to speak. Because, I wasn't fully appreciating what I have. To use my gifts in a way that diminishes myself and others, proves I still have to grow. Now I see that I can wait, and trust, that by doing my best to be loving and kind, and appreciate fully what it means to be alive, because I am breathing, then more and more gifts and rewards will be bestowed upon me. There is a vast responsibility that comes with our life, and this consciousness. God will not give us the keys when we are still not ready (like we don't give the keys to a car to a 3 year old). As I focus my intent on being grateful now, and speaking without harshness or judgment, then I am receiving more and more. It is so amazing to just live now.

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