Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Jesus's 2 Truths

Jesus, showed us two truths - "love" and "eternal life". It is not time to bemoan and be sad, that is what the "sad", depressed energies want. They have to be fed to stay alive.

Reflect, grow, process, digest and celebrate your life, your love, our potentialities to bring endings to those things that are passing from the world. We can experience peace, joy and love one conscious deep breath at a time. This message reverberates through all scriptures, movies, healing messages but mostly can be found, literally, moving in and out of our face, 20,000 times a day. This is the first gift of life, appreciate it, embrace it and know without any doubt that you are, absolutely, being supported by infinite love. Learn about Your Self, and how to move into this space at www.reverenceforlifeuniversity.com

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