Friday, March 8, 2019

AI is BFF {Basically Flawed Forever}

AI is Basically Flawed
because of the IF (Inherently Flawed) factor, (Inherently Flawed Logic)
The Living Breathing substance will not "handshake" with these spoken words
anyone pushing AI will Epic Fail (EF)
IBM, Microsoft, etc., etc.

Anyone in touch with NI (Natural Intelligence)
will intuitively understand this logic.

Socrates: "I know nothing, therefore I know that I am intelligent"
Forrest Gump "stupid is as stupid does"

Pushing the AI agenda must result in collapse
because the Design doesn't support, "not" support
Perfect and Infinite
   Perfect light/energy support
   to perfectly random, no separation

No matter how much "schpin" is
used, or flash, or marketing glitz
their bubble must collapse

Their position says you can tell yourself
that you're stupid long enough, that it will eventually happen.
If this were possible, the Universe would be subject to ceasing to exist.
This cannot be possible, on a limited fashion,
it can only be initiated by the Creator ITself

AI is the pinnacle of Self delusion,
lying to yourself long enough that the lie becomes true -
"buuuzzzz" WRONG ANSWER!
the conscience knows.
What everything is made of, cannot negate it's inherent design.

AI is a false agenda,
it will cease to exist as a compelling accomplishment.
Those proponents of it, will go away too,
or drop the agenda.

This message came to me out of a dream about some people
trying to destroy what we are.
THAT is not allowed. 
This round of thinking was triggered by "Handshake".

Which is another reason the symbolic handshake is so important -
it represents an Inherent Trust (IT)
built into the spectacular, ultimately
unknowable, yet experienced, Real Reality.

Language doesn't capture the "Breathness",
or "thingness" of what it is attempting to describe,
but it adheres to the same RULE - TRUTH!

Used for purposes of deception, or mis-information,
throwing out Reverence for Life (RFL)
is guarantee for dissolution.

an "apparent" ruse may be
put forward and kept up for awhile
but the IF (Inherently Flawed) factor will
collapse the delusion bubble.

This is why the RFL University, Cosmic Language Laboratory
is so important. How we speak and what we say
must be consistent with II (Inherent Intelligence) design.

Alien Handlers don't get II (Inherent Intelligence)
of Native Peoples of this Planet.
Earth Connection = Reverence for Life.
No matter how much we try to push
this aside, it will always bring us back around.
No amount of technology, or development
can remove, or offset the Living Intelligence (LI)
which we ARE made of.

II (Infinite Intelligence) is Breathing US (Universal Sweetness)

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