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Nevin Eckert Pond systems

My working relationship for clients starts with an in person consultation to survey pond/lake and discuss options.  
I am an independent, not salaried by any firm, so I must charge for consultation to cover my time and travel.   Cost of consultation depends on how far I must travel.

Below and attached is a lot of information, so please take your time, please view video links and let me know if you have any question

What I can do for your lake/pond will depend on the body of water, its issues, how much you want to budget and to what degree of water quality you are wanting to create.
As you know common issues with pond/lakes are the overgrowth of weeds, algae, foul odors and cloudy water.  These issues are imbalances in the overall health of the body of water and are caused by lack of circulation/water stagnation, lack of dissolved oxygen suspended in the water, build up of organic nutrients, imbalance with fish populations and a lack of beneficial microscopic life in the water.  I address all of these issues, as well, possible issues with the lake/pond surrounding environment which can effect its health.  My approach to water quality is all natural, I do not employ the use of any chemicals, I implement long term natural solutions.

I have five different systems and work with a team of experts, including biologist, to naturally improve lake/pond water quality.  

EM or effective microorganisms, developed in Japan, is used to clarify water and to digest sludge and nutrients that would otherwise feed algae and weeds.  EM is applied at a rate of 10,000 to 1 monthly, for more information on EM visit  please watch the videos on this page

The Oloid is from Switzerland.  Its highly efficient for the circulation of water, it draws very little power and requires minimal maintenance.
The model 400 lifts water from 15' below and pushes it 150' across the surface, it moves 4 million gallons of water during 24 hours of operating.
please view this short video on the Oloid you can also visit our homepage
For more information please visit my lake and pond page
I do have numerous documents/reports pertaining to wastewater applications for the Oloid I can also send.

Floating Islands or Floating Treatment Wetlands, FTW, are plants growing in a patented and specially designed mat made from recycled plastic bottles to generate and populate water with biofilm, also to digest and digest nutrients suspended in the water. Floating Islands are used to implement a healthy and balanced ecology in lakes, ponds, storm runoff basins and waste water lagoons
Short introduction to Floating Islands

For aeration I offer the Moleaer nano bubble generator.  
The  creates a 70 to 200 nanometer size bubble saturating a single ml of water with millions of bubbles.  These highly dissolved air bubbles make for much healthier fish and improve water quality in lakes and ponds. The Moleaer is also used on irrigation water to enhance plant growth and water for washing purposes.
Also view this short video

Another line of pond equipment I represent is the Weedoo Boats visit and view attached brochure
The TigerCat model is a revolutionary cutting-edge aquatic harvester designed to dramatically out perform traditional older style harvesting boats. The TigerCat performs in water like a skid steer on land! Agility with fingertip control, even in adverse conditions like moderate wind, makes this a game changer in waterway management. Available in gas or diesel power with state-of the-art eco-friendly hydraulics, hi-speed boom cutter and aquatic bucket loader system, capable of handling 1,200 lbs. of vegetation per minute. The TigerCat package includes custom highway trailer and is considered the world's most advanced and effective aquatic harvester for almost all aquatic commercial clean up jobs.

The AquaHarvester is a skimmer for surface and loosely attached vegetation. It is equipped with a state-of-the-art solar/ac/dc/battery PowerPack w/onboard charging system, Torqeedo electric propulsion, power tilt, patented 170-EBH harvesting conveyor system w/bagger, marine safety helm station and includes custom T-1305 trailer.

I do have one option that is a little more esthetically pleasing, yet is also very effective at infusing oxygen into water

A FlowForm, functional water art, its a type of fountain that naturally infuses oxygen into water, please let me know if you would like detailed information of Flowworms?

Additionally I offer fish stocking services, balanced aquatic life with abundant fish populations is another very important part of creating a healthy pond or lake.

Let me know if you would like detailed in information on my drinking water system?  I purify and transform tap water into a medicinal spring water quality, my custom point of use drinking water system is for people who are concerned with their health and seeking ways to achieve optimal health.

Best Wishes.....nevin

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