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Nevin Eckert - drinking water

Dear Friends,
I see a missing link, as there is so much consciousness around alternative health, wellness, spirituality, yoga, organic food, veganism, raw food and superfoods, yet so little is considered about the quality of the water we consume on a daily basis.
Knowing that our bodies are mostly water, I believe the water we consume to be one of the underlying matrix that determines our ability to achieve optimal health on all levels.  Proper hydration and toxic exposure are the issues essential in our consideration of the quality of water we drink on a daily basis.

I been researching water quality, holistic health, and water technologies for 22 years.  From my study of  an unknown school of Natural Science I know the very best water for ones drinking purposes is Spring Water, yet all springs are not of an equal quality. Part of my quest as a researcher was to discover the very best drinking water system in the world that can make a high quality Spring Water, yet to this day there is no single best drinking water system.
This has led me to offer a custom drinking water system solution, configured with state of the art components, to purify and transform any water – from well water to the nastiest city water. This custom system will delivers the highest quality drinking water, creating a medicinal spring water quality with therapeutic properties, providing Water with superior cellular hydrating abilities, better than any bottled water because in part, its fresh, like vegetables harvested from your backyard garden.

My philosophy and approach to water is based on the understanding that:
  • when water is in its purest form, and at its highest quality, it is a living substance endowed with the physical and energetic qualities inherently necessary to nourish a living organism on all levels.
  • Among Earths many naturally occurring water sources are ‘truesprings’ and ‘seepage springs’, with truespring water being the very best water for drinking. Seepage springs simply seep downward until hitting impenetrable rock strata, at which point they seep back to the surface, never coming close to the deep layers of the Earth. Truespring water, however, travels the complete hydrological cycle from high in the atmosphere, down to the deep molten layers where it is purified and reborn, and back up through mineral and stone layers feeding and maturing water before it emerges at the surface of the Earth.
     It is purified and fortified within its journey of the full hydrological cycle.
    We can now copy this natural phenomena of "Living Water" in our home or business!

If you have not already, please read my article, "The Quality of Water We Drink, How it Effects Optimal Health" at the link below, then come back to continue this email,

Water purification is extremely important, but it is only part of the process necessary in creating a superior drinking water.
Once water has been physically purified, it is crucial that it is transformed and enhanced into a truespring water quality.
The concept of addressing the energetic quality of water is relatively new. Many people don’t realize that we are constantly energetically saturating our bodies through the fluids we drink. By design, the body has the ability to be nourished both physically and energetically – but unfortunately, due to processing, packaging, and delivery methods, the fluids we often consume are energetically dead and laced with harmful information. Please read the attached document, "Energetically Pure Vibrant Living Water", to understand more about this concept.

The components below comprise my base system, a two-part system of Purification and Transformation:

The BEV500 is a state of the art reverse osmosis system combined with deionization, certified to remove more contaminates than any other r.o. system available. The BEV500 is built with all American and German made parts. With the BEV500 water is completely purified and  reborn, ready to be fed and mature.
Maintained properly the BEV500 will provide at least 20 years of service.

The Tensui "Water from Heaven" system utilizes semiprecious stones and rare minerals from Japan to transform water into a "TrueSpring" water quality!
With the Tensui, water is naturally ionized, alkalized and mineralized with nano size traces of calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium, vanadium and negative ions highly absorbable to the body’s cells. Natural physicians in Japan have been prescribing water of this type to their patients for many years. Because of the special media used in the Tensui, water is also endowed with bacteriostatic and fungistatic properties.  
The Tensui feeds/ripens water physically and energetically, making it vibrant and full of life to nourish our body and soul.
People such as Madonna, Robert DeNiro, Julie Andrews, Dwayne Wade of the Chicago Bulls, and Donald Schultz CEO of Starbucks have the Tensui flowing thru their homes.
  • Whole House Tensui systems are available
  • Imagine bathing in Tensui water or having condition water in your hot tub and pool.
Attached is a photo of this base drinking water system undersink installation, as well as a brochure for BEV500.  Cost of this custom system is $5,400.00, which includes 2 extra sets of replacement filters, tax, and shipping.  The system is easy to install by a handy person or plumber, or we can arrange for me to do the install. This system will easily last 20 or more years if maintained properly. Cartridges on the purification component are replaced annually, so when you purchase the system you have cartridges needed for 3 years of service. The purification component will need its membrane replaced every three years, membrane cost is $150.00, the annual set of 3 filter cartridges cost $150.00.  The Tensui transformation component will not need service for 10 to 15 years, at that time it is sent back to manufacturer for refurbishment at 40% of its original cost.  This is my top of the line custom system, I do offer less expensive options.
Please view comments from my drinking water system customers at the bottom of this page:


If your interested in products for further Enhancement of water which can be added at any time after base system has been installed, please let us know and I will email you information on those options. One of the options implodes water flowing it through a Golden Mean of Fibonacci Spirals and charges water with a cosmic antenna.  Another option utilized 8 different semi precious stones including amethyst and gold nuggets to vitalize/structure water.

Best Wishes,

Please Note, I have the Tensui custom built without carbon and KDF media, they are not necessary because of purification of BEV500,

making more room inside the unit for special stones and minerals.


TrueSpring "water quality solutions", LLC
Nevin Eckert   Water Researcher/Educator/Adviser

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