Thursday, February 7, 2013

Breath Train

"The entire universe is digestible one conscious deep breath at a time." Desmond Donald Green - this is what I woke up with this morning. This process, that we are all living through collectively, is our re-membering that we are made "in the image and likeness" of God. Our beliefs had held us away from that, which is an inadvertent misuse of our free will. With the cacophony of energy vibration we are living in, it seems challenging and distracting to move out of these cages, but it is not. We created this energy. We can transmute it. It is best to get to the basic building blocks of our construct. Learn what we are working with. We have become so mesmerized by the show we think "the show" is what is going on. It is, but we are projecting it with our consciousness. Love builds universes, babies, flowers, life - fear is an experience. By moving with knowing that the universe is made of living breathing love we can begin to get a handle on our lives. One conscious deep breath at a time puts you in a place where you can digest anything, actually much like a cow chewing its cud to make milk. We can learn a lot from animals, plants, trees, babies. They show us all the time how to be. It is only us "adults" with all of these words, stories, works, jobs, oh my goodness what serious stuff we do, that are confused. Lost in our game. Complaining, worrying, hating, dying. If you want something different, then do things differently. Join us on the "breath train". It is going places and we are each the conductor of our own experience. It is gonna be a fun ride because the breath train is guided by love and we can trust us to take us to a wonderful destination. Chooka, chooka, chooka - all aboard the breath train, one conscious deep breath at a time. Toot! Toot!

This Heavenletter was very good and helped inspire me to write what is above.

God said:

You were not made from a crucible nor a cauldron. You were not made of coal. You were made from light. The Light I AM, you ARE. The Breath of Life is the Light of My Love, and you are secured in My Light. You are My Light, only you don’t bank on it. You may think it’s a story and that you are supposed to believe this story that seems far-fetched to you. Why don’t you want to hear this true story I tell? Why do you insist in believing that this is a fairy tale I tell?

You believe in anything and everything. You believe in advertisements, as if something you buy will be the answer to your dreams. You believe in false promises. You believe in anything and everything except what I tell you. I, Who can only speak Truth, you deny the Truth of which I speak. You allow perhaps 10% of Truth in and 90% of fallacy.

What would you lose by believing in the Truth of you? You would lose suffering. What would you gain by believing in the Truth of you? You would gain the whole world and so erase misery from the face of the Earth.

Now, of course, you cannot believe what you don’t believe. At the same time you don’t have to dismiss Truth. You don’t have to scoff at it. You don’t have to grind yourself into the ground.

You can look up. You can find Me. And you can find yourself reflected in Me. If you want to see yourself, see Me. True, I am the Creator of you, and I have say in your life, yet, even so, you create your life, and you create your life in the image you have made of yourself.

Free your image. Take it from limited to unlimited. You say you want freedom. I am giving it to you. Free Will is not license, beloveds. Yes, of course, you do have the Free Will to deny. Where does denial lead you to? To negation of the Truth that I speak day and night, morning, noon, and night, denial leads you. Hear Me now.

You are a Beautiful Unbounded Being, only you have tied yourself up in knots. Untie yourself. Wait no longer. Wait not for someone else to come untie you. Wait no longer for proof of your Magnificence. I am the Proof. And you are My Messenger.

The Great Ones took Me at My word. Will you not take Me at My word? Are you too good to take Me at My Word? Are you of all I have created too unworthy to take Me at My Word? Believe a little more in Truth until you believe fully in Me and fully in yourself.

Humility is not negation. Negativity is like false pride. It is some kind of ego that says you know more than I do. I am speaking of your Greatness, and you speak of your assumed littleness, and you go the extra mile to prove your littleness and the inconsequence of your worth. You lay down a false carpet of yourself, and you walk on it. You tromp on it. Somehow you think your making yourself small extols yourself and that putting yourself down for the count of ten makes you noteworthy.

Make this the day that you stand up to your full height and let go of those false measurements you have made. Go by My measuring tape. Stand tall. I created you, and I created you in My image. Do not flatter yourself that you are less than I say. Acknowledge that you are all I say, and know that you are Greatness created by the Greatness of Love. Begin to fit into the size I made you, yes, you.

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