Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thought mouses infinite endowment

The mind is like a little mouse skittering about. Learning to quiet it, to slow down and en-joy what we might be missing moment to moment is a wonderful experience, and to quiet the "mind" (not just in the head) which is the "field" where our whole life plays out - this is the place where I have recorded very profound insights and experiences. Emmett Fox wrote "contemplation is the highest form of meditation". While beginning the recovery process in the 1980s I remember believing the best way to live my life is as a "living prayer or meditation". There is a season for all activity. We are physically experiencing spiritual beings and came here to enjoy the fruits of all possibilities of our creative capacities. The foundation for this creative sphere for my efforts is "Reverence for Life" and the best way to use my conscious mind/free-will to be in this state of living appreciation is to observe and expand the actions which begin with my breath. This is the first thing that makes my life, and that is how I forgot to appreciate, which has led me down many paths to externalized confusion (nothing wrong with this by the way). The thing/action that grounds my consciousness and awareness and everything is the living, moving, pulsating action of the breath - and when I connect with that, IT, Eye Am, Andy Skadberg, etc. "says now that you understand the Golden Way (previously golden rule/Reverence for Life) what will you create? How do you want to spend your own personal, infinite endowment of Love?"

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