Friday, February 1, 2013

Eye Am King

The man proclaims "I am king".
The breath says "I am your words".
All the people are saying "blah, blah, blah".
The breath is saying "I speak You!"
Appreciation inside the cacophony of external experience doesn't always come easy.
Appearances catch our eyes like sparkles in the sand.
But pass us by.
Deep appreciation comes at times through trials, and experimentation.
Experience provides the food to digest what is really going on.
Appearances and nuances grapple for our attention.
But the truth lies behind it all.
There are no gaps.
No empty spaces.
No extra parts.
No missing pieces.
Without each consciousness, none of it would exist.
All is moving, flowing, forming.
New wonders, new curiosities.
The connections.
To all thoughts thought, to all words spoken, to all feelings felt.
New combinations, new alternatives, new alterations.
Behind it all just One, maybe smiling -
Saying - "this is my breath."

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