Thursday, July 19, 2001

Baker Dental Lab Franchise Model



Bob's byline "Principled centered dentistry" - core principles as humans
"Harmonizing the art and science of dentistry."

Spiritual - energy, intention while making teeth, business
- Training courses
- a list of what you need to make teeth - Bob's dentist friend in Ames will be the advisor. John Clarey

Board of Advisors
Website for Baker Dental Lab (temporary)
   - testimonials

Future - 3D printing? / technologies
   - keeping loving intent while creating (never manufacturing)
Phases of Company, fulfilling needs and opportunities
 - what are needs/opportunities?
 - are there cultural concerns?
 - are there issues getting equipment/supplies to some places?
- apprentices?
- Norman Borlaug Approach

Strategy - scanning the horizon while taking care of business in front of us.
- lab set up                                     - Spiritual recommendations
- equipment, supplies                      - list of training videos

Use document about benefits to Associations, adapt to this model

There is a real opportunity for supplying people with teeth as we begin to educate people about teeth, health care and how to regenerate.

As people and animals teeth decline, so does their living conditions.
 - Good teeth are good for eating
 - Smiles are powerful gifts and transformative

Bill, Bob's gardening friend, made a comment about being vegan was not the best approach to a healthy lifestyle. Reminded me of some comments awhile back by Marilyn Diamond and eating meat.

Bob has a whole model for making teeth - the art and science.
 - teeth made with love
 - hoponono prayer

Outline to develop for Project Book
- equipment list
- finding good clients
- series of informational/marketing and educational youtube videos
- transforming industry
- developing places cannot afford robots or 3D printers
   nor would they necessarily want to - it would take the humanity out of making teeth
- supplies list
- process outline (recipe)
- important factors, stumbling blocks, pitfalls, tips of the trade, shortcuts without affecting quality
- financials
- network
- Brand for Dreamhill Denture
- hard to get stuff (supply - e.g. Bob Windt)
- matrix of possible business types
   - $
   - absolutes
   - lab options
- lab layout
   - important considerations
   - necessities
   - ergonomics
- Getting the word out, marketing
   - Samantha
   - Web sites (part of network?)
- Structure for being part of network/franchise
   - franchise fee
   - share profits (cooperative)
   - philanthropy
- Structuring for investors, getting funding, beginning model
   - E1G    - China
   - Dan's group
   - Greg - Waggoner Trust
   - Anil/India/Yenepoya
   - Friends and Family

My title - International Program Director for Health and Wellness

- Teeth are imporant! - humans and animals decline when teeth fail
- Potters for Peace Model

- Business in a Box
   - self funded
   - $ support
   - graduated model (phased approach)
   - certification
   - training/education