Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Life cannot contradict life.
Life is not out to kill life.
Life is here to experience.
Even that which appears to contradict life.
There is no denying love.
Because love is infinite.
There is nothing outside of the infinite.
So why all of this apparent "not love"?
To know "What would it be like?"
Infinite love is obviously curious.
Aren't you?
There is really no being left out of infinite love.
You can create the "illusion" during a day of the journey.
But this is why there is eternal life.
The day ends.
The page turns.
But the sun rises the next day.
And you will take another breath.
We have been given, apparently, free will.
But in love there is nothing other than - to love.
All of life.
If you are here, you have God's love.
If you are breathing it is moving in and out of you.
If you are aware of you - you are the consciousness of One Love.
You may not "think so" - but that is the illusion.
To experiment with support from infinite love.
Into new ideas, new thoughts, new experiences.
Things like war, hatred, genocide, pollution, abortion, disease, exclusion, etc., etc., etc.
That was our experiment
To come experience a duality program and see,
if we could survive a day, or a lifetime.
The larger context is: life never ends.
Both "science" and "religion" tell us so.
But we have been arguing over details, missing the point.
The point is, you are here breathing.
What you think creates your life.
When you focus your attention is what will be fed.
What is your choice to be?
Or something else . . .
The experiment is almost done.
It's time to clean up our mess.
Put all of our toys away.
And begin again.
Find your foundation.
Find your truth.
Which feels better?
Where do you want to go?
Do you actually think you can decide who God loves and who will not be?
Does love even, not love?
Doe love use fear, blame, shame, self hatred?
Not really.
But while you are lost in something you created like "not love" it will seem like it.
But love beckons you home - it uses pain, and other things to motivate.
As the craziness of thought speeds up.
It is easiest to get centered in One self.
By staying in the One moment.
And taking the next deep breath.
Because, my love, my love is here.
It is moving in and out of you.
It is what is supporting you.
It is as close as your breath, my breath.
Because it truly is all mine, and yours.
And it will always be.
And you will see, as soon as you let yourself.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Initiate Your Consciousness In Your Breath

With these written words Eye Am initiating a global culture of compassion, forthrightness and reverence for life.

"When thine eye is single you will be filled with light" simply means to see the world, cosmos, creation at ONE.

This knowing, feeling experience comes about easily and naturally through the recognition that our source and supply for ourselves and our consciousness comes to us one breath at a time.

The breath is the only indivisible process in the multi-verse. You cannot take half of a breath, nor take two at a time. It is going on, it has been, and always will be. It will never let us down and we can trust that its conscious inherent nature is to know exactly what is happening, what it is doing and where it is going. All is Good!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Recognition! Recognition! Recognition

By Desmond D. Green

*Our need for recognition is our most powerful and dynamic psychic, spiritual,emotional, and Biological driving force!
*Our need for recognition may be defined as a characteristic passed on to us by our Breath/God/Spirit the source of our beings, whose urge for recognition or self-consciousness it is in the first place that initiated the birth of our peculiar Human Consciousness, with its unique Capacity to function as conscious givers and receivers of Recognition.
*Humans as we know ourselves are the only creatures on earth who consciously sustain our lives and determine our measures of well being, through the unique exercise and conscious practice of giving recognition to, and receiving from our source in mutually beneficial give and take relationships.
*Our human thirst and need for recognition will make much more sense to us as we understand and accept it not as a curse or sin from which we should hasten and strive to be saved, but appreciate it creatively and positively as our major point of union bridging our divinity and humanity one conscious deep breath at a time.
*The more we experience the personal and practical benefits that follow naturally from recognizing ourselves, others and our Breath as our Divine source, the more we will be inspired to fulfill it not not as orders from the divine to be blindly followed, but as a joyful procedure created to digest and as joint human and divine necessity.
*Human Beings are free agents only to the extent that we are free to fulfill our natural divine functions of giving due recognition to and openly receiving same from all that we experience in the course of our daily encounters , transactions, and interactions with the other living frequencies with whom our common source and environment.
*Our human consciousness has divine built in breath based safe guards to ensure our eventual triumph over all conditions in the trial and error school of experience which it has chosen as the framework through which to pursue its development towards becoming conscious of its nature as the living new energy universe of absolute abundance now and limitless potentials forever.
Our success is all together assured because it is anchored by our self-supportive source of existence and its dynamic breath based principles which operate our universe and all of creation from within.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Be-coming One

Jesus said  "The father and I are one". "If you believe what I tell you, you will do all I do, and even greater things". because "it is the father that works through me". When one accepts Jesus as their personal lord and savior they are, essentially, accepting/choosing to recognize that they are one with the One/God. This is a proper use of our most Divine, and first gift, free will, or the power to choose. So, in this scenario, contrary to common belief the "savior" is the person who uses their free will to make a choice to be one with Christ/God. Jesus can't make that decision, only we can. Jesus was the trailblazer and realizer of the truth that never was "not true" - we have just thought it was.

So, through the spoken word, and free-will choice I realize that I Am God, because "The father and I are now one" (actually I could never have been out, except in a concept in my mind). A huge issue arises here for many Christians because their conditioned fear will keep them from taking this last step because they cannot accept themselves as being equal with Jesus, or God. So, the way that Jesus has been presented to the masses he actually becomes a barrier for the ultimate experience of God, that being of the one idea that "apparently" opposes love, fear (which is really only a construct of our little Earth school). For true freedom a person will need to eliminate this last barrier between themselves and the truth of Infinite Love, or as so many will say "God is everything". This really isn't a difficult step to take, all we have to do is trust what Jesus was inviting us to do, and make the conscious choice, without fear or doubt.

If we are breathing, we can trust and know that we are also being sourced by infinite love, because otherwise we couldn't be here having all of these elaborate mental, and sense experience gyrations. The truth of One Love is being bombarded upon us by innumerable Source/Cosmic emanations. My source, or connection, to the truth is still alive and well and isn't constrained by prior belief systems, which apparently, haven't been working all that well to set us free and be nice to each other, and revere life. The simplest way that Jesus taught to achieve this, in several ways, is to "become like a child" - my children had no knowledge of these religious and other doctrines but I am pretty sure that they receive the same loving support that the rest of creation does.

Divine Consciousness

As I walk, I breathe, as I sleep, I breathe, as I go pee pee, I breathe, as I think, I breathe - to enter into a constant state of bliss, knowing, appreciating - living my life as a prayer, a continual meditation all I have to do is make a conscious choice to appreciate my breath which is how my entire being is sourced from the unseen supply/support Source of Love. I am in my NOW which is my only place of power. It isn't a "thinking" thing, it is a very mechanical process that leads me to the truth of my omnipresent being, and One-ness with the ONE. I have never been left out, nor could I ever be, and we are all doing this together. It is so awesome!!!!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Breath Consciousness Initiation Rite

 from a conversation with Desmond Green on January 19, 2013

The experience is rich and effective.
All that is necessary is to brand it and Practice - of being who you are
   - Breathing consciously
   - Practice breathing consciously
   - live a life of breathing consciously

Awareness, is the universal consciousness becoming more aware that all of the universe is breathing
Multiply who you are and creating more of who you are

It doesn't matter what frequency that the creations express

Reverence is the nature of the process of becoming conscious - IT is gentle with itself (you, me, us) the process of life

Your words are your work force

The Base is Self Acceptance

Enjoy your food consciously

Your Visa is your Vision

  accepting yourself completely

Living in absolute abundance and limitless potential

Friday, January 4, 2013

From Inside

December 30, 2012

There is no place to hide.
There is no where to go.
You are to be.
Just as you are, as you have been.
And as you are going.
It is a natural process.
Self guided, from inside.

IT Doesn't Worry

December 30, 2012

There is no-thing to worry about.
IT knows what it is doing.
The essence of IT imbibes every-thing.
Otherwise it couldn't Be.
You are of IT.
Conscious awareness becoming more conscious,
through your experiences,
Shared with IT.
IT doesn't waste any thing.
All experience contributes to you.
Be-coming, IT.