Sunday, March 20, 2011

Trail Blazing - a Prayer

This body, this flesh is not who I am. I know this now without a doubt. This mystery is far to grand, so immersive to be the shallow model that has been presented so conveniently through science and religion. What a humorous thing to observe. The descriptions of everything in words, theories, ideas which represent only one tiny part of even a moment in this grand experience called life. I am not afraid anymore. Now, as I become conscious of the various aspects of truth, of course not even a sliver, but something nonetheless, I can see, feel, sense and know the beauty and simplicity. All is based on love. And anything is possible. There is only One thing here, but its potential and expressions are infinite. As my awareness expands, simply, it seems, by my willingness and open-ness, I feel as though an aspect of myself has blazed a trail before me, establishing, preparing the adventures I have experienced.

How could my thoughts entertain the vastness of possibilities, the extent of the cosmos, but then be denied access even in this human form? The limitations have all been set down by a very limited view of life. And this is not the truth - unless I decide it is. I don't. My curiosity, my hunger to experience love and living in the full spectrum, the full cycle of being urges me to invite greater and greater possibilities. God, Source, One, Love - Thank You!

In some strange, mysterious, magical way I know you know what is going to happen next and yet it is not preordained. The experience is mine alone to create - in process. And as I do your essence, your love, your Being goes with me and captures and transmits the experience throughout. Please guide me, strengthen me to be consistent and responsible to Love as I know in the deepest part of my being that this is the most beneficial process for me. And yet I do not want to limit, constrain or choke the experience by my preconceived ideas, beliefs or prejudices. Empower me to contribute in the purest and most beneficial way.

Strengthen and support me to be courageous, bold and creative. To confront and resist conformity as it appears to be the thing stifling life the most in this "reality". Help me be the harbinger, the trailblazer, the demonstrator of the glory and opportunity that you have given all who exist in this form we call human-being. I yearn, intend to know universal, cosmic consciousness in this form, if that is what I am to be. I seek to show others the realization of our capacities and potentials in this form. And yet I detach from the process. I am loving the best I know how. I am being the best I know how. And I am grateful for the incredible capacities you have endowed to me. To see so clearly. To experience so fully. To look back and see with wonder this life. And then to go forward each day with wonder and gratitude. Oh my God! How do you do this? How did you make this? How can you hold all together in perfection? - And know all of it. When will I join you?

Please let me show others the way. I know we came here to be happy, to have fun, to love, to experience the vastness of the cacophony of sense experience. The pleasures. The intensities. To dream big dreams and make them. And to live through the whole process as complete expression of your love. Breathe life into me, Love. Breathe me. Breathe through me. Have me as a channel, a messenger, a light bearer - for the Grand enlightening, the conversion to the Truth experience of Love. With all of my Being, all of my power, all of my humility I say this prayer now. And I Thank You for granting and fulfilling this request in the exact manner that aligns with perfect Love. Thank You! So Be It! So It Is. All That Is!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

You Should Be Happy

March 25, 2010
For my wife - Martha Elizabeth Varon

If you once could feel the joy you bring
The caress of your lips, your touch
The strength you encourage
The peace that you share
Courage, Patience
The sparkle of your eyes
The invitation of your smile
The challenge of your love
Life is experience
Rich, endured, witnessed
But soul growth is the goal
The destination
Your love embodies, represents
Divine expression
An opportunity
To enjoy the nectar, the bliss
A snowflake came to me
A crystal
A treasure
A spectacle of the nature of the cosmic dance
God shared life with me
The greatest treasure
The meaning, the substance, the purpose
Was only realized
When I found you
You came to me as a feather in the wind
A whisper of the One
A challenge, an invitation, a beckoning
For me to live, really live
And that snowflake
That was once in the ocean
And then traveled on gossamer wings
Is the deepest expression, creation, demonstration
Of my love for you
It came from my heart
And danced in my blood
To flow through my being
And into my eye
That experience connected right to my heart
The indescribable feeling
of joy
of life
of happiness
and gratitude
for you being in my life
I love you dear Martha

The Flower

a flower beamed its splendor to me,

sharing its grandeur with glee,

a simple expression,

that left its impression, sending its message through my eyes,
color, texture, aroma its supplies,

the message carried on a path,
no alternative intentions, no rath.
only expressing its nature,
no concerns for stature,

no expectations for recompense,

just an offering for my sense,
a gift delivered for free,

one that I accepted deep within me.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Faith or Trust - the Power of Words

in that past couple years I have learned how we have been sidetracked from our power by the mis-use of words - language is power, and we have been severely conditioned to think and say things we have had no idea what we might be doing to ourselves. I recently realized that I am even expected to "pay" attention.

And someone may think I am just ranting here, about some nonsense, but I feel it is time to get to the bottom of things. Language is the first way that we have lost our power, and confidence, as the "co-creators" of our experience. And we need to re-examine the words, and the beliefs behind the words that we use. George Orwell saw this in both Animal Farm and 1984.

I think the word "Trust" is more appropriate as the word "faith" has been highly abused by religious organizations, as has the word "God". I have thought alot about this but just went to the dictionary to check the definition "Faith: 2. belief that is not based on proof."

Trust "confident expectation of something".

For me, this is likely where the confusion has arisen. The "proof" is all around us. Our whole lives, existence, is the "proof". Faith, it appears gives no credence to the fact that we are here, and that thoughts, from some source, is whence all THIS came. And we are "thinking centers". Faith it seems is a disregard for all the evidence that Source, or God, sustains us, and all the minutest particles to stay in perfect balance. But another key, is our consciousness, and that what we think becomes too.

This kind of thinking, or lack of thinking, or inability to reason and make deductions and recognize the connectedness of all of life is the cause of our current conundrums. And it is not just me who has come to this conclusion - Albert Schweitzer said the cause of the world's condition was "men don't think". It is time that we revisit this lost art, "thinking", to begin to wake up to the blatant mis-use of "the word". We often work totally against ourselves in our own speech, mainly because of some collective, mass conditioning.

Having faith works very well for the church, for "belief" in the church which cannot provide, in my opinion, the evidence that they have adequately guided people toward their highest spiritual advancement, maintains mass support - even referring to themselves as "sheep". It is more like what Earl Nightengale identified as slowing society down to accommodate the slowest. I call it mediocrity.

I can see this much more blantantly during my time here in Colombia where the Catholic church rules. In every tiny village and town, the church is the only thing that exhibits grandeur and wealth, with the back-drop of extreme poverty. I know that the church has had the "keys" to spiritual upliftment, but these have not been shared with the masses. For me, they haven't been doing the job that they stepped up to do. And the way that this happens most blatantly is through the conditioning that has occurred, at the subconscious level, via the "Word" and beliefs.

And, I in no way am trying to be argumentative here. I just have not ever written on this topic and felt compelled to write this here now. Leadership, mastery of life, only occurs when a person recognizes the fantasmical gifts and powers that we have been given to create our lives and our world as a collective humanity. And this fact about "the word" has been blatantly in our face from the most authoritative sources, but we haven't really thought about what they were saying "in the beginning was the word". Whether I recognize it or not, somewhere in the process of all of my creations, the WORD has played a critical part of whether or not they came to be.

Trust, for me, says, I know this will happen, even though I may not understand the total mystery. God, or Source sustains all, and if I align and believe a thing to be - it will be because there is plenty of proof in that I am here, thinking an doing something so there must be support from some incredible source. Because this experience, LIFE, is a wonderous adventure an expanding expression of love, who's intent is on ever expanding life that is "a stairway that leads somewhere". What I know, is it is back to the ONE, but in order for me to get there, I have to live my life to the fullest, but then in that process when I see the "kingdom", I have to try to share with others who don't see it themselves because they believe what others have told them.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Valiant Thor

Valiant Thor
scribed 3-5-11

VT: Time after time, your world has sought to rise up in frequency. Evolution of spirit is a soular longing and what excites the soul into creating.

If you could see this energetically, you would also recognize the powerful boundaries set into place on Earth to prevent this evolution.

One of the first things humanity will translate in their return to an energetic perspective, that is, seeing themselves as energy using form, will be the whys of their evolution being prevented.

I would like to give a strong caution to all readers that nothing of fear is ultimately true. Nothing of blame is ultimately true, as separation is ultimately, not true.

The denial of freedom to humanity is part of the continuing evolution of consciousness. The symbolism of victors and victims is only useful by ones who wish to create separately.

To fully return to love, you want to understand how love allows free will in order to grow beyond limits that consciousness marks itself as, by becoming races that are nourished by fragmented evidence appearing real, in a word, fear. Fear becomes potently charged by recycling itself. Fear is a potent illusion on your world, and not only on your world.

The mastery of fear required repeated failures of light. For humans to stand as they are now, required the greatest creative alliance of light ever formed.

Starflower, love is the ultimate eternal truth, yet love does not know all the depths of its creations. Love evolves, eternally deepening the realms of love expression by becoming many forms. Each form has an inner relationship that sustains it, but it is the nature of form to project externally, and by so doing, slowing that inner frequency and the sustaining relationship.

In that speed differential, free will operates. This free will is most amazing for it is highly creative.

SF: Are you saying that creations slow themselves down when they project into form, and that the gap of speed is where free will reveals creations?

VT: Yes, I am. You can see, dear one, that there is no intrinsic evil in this, can you not?

SF: Yes, I can. And I also know though, from feeling your energies that it only takes a free will request for protection from perceived negativity, to receive it immediately. I have sensed this falling like a blanket around me, so that I neutrally witness what is being energetically presented. It’s almost like a switch is flipped and something that has a negative charge is turned off, relative to my perception.

VT: This protection you speak of is soul connection. When soul, that is also, solar view is requested by you, the gap is filled. You no longer feel disconnected from the inner relationship that sustains your form. And in that moment, it is only your beliefs that give power to the negative. You are actually, temporarily cocooned by such free will requests.

Gradually, the state of inner soul presence will become more and more longed for, and each creator will self-ignite by requesting this soul fusion.

SF: Could you explain self-igniting?

VT: Self-ignition is a dance of recognition, actually. As one expands their view more and more, by including rather than excluding or separating, one’s vibration increases.

This is a process of alignment, actually, and for a human of 3d perspective, the shift from being externally self-focused to internally self-referenced.

SF: You mean, using external aspects in the external world for self definition? This drops away as one aligns with their feelings to discover their soul’s landscape and then live true to it.

VT: Yes. The actual ignition is invoked from the whole soul perception or monadic level, and that involves seeing the cosmic reality and your relationship to it as one sole purpose, which is to love.

This sparks the reunion of inner flames, streams of living light that you truly are, to be magnetized. It requires self-love, which is true soul love, and the ignition calls a reunion of energies.

This reunion ignites powerfully in a process of solar fusion. On Earth you have several ways you symbolize this, twin flames, avatar descent, and most often used, reunion.

For all intents and purposes, it is from this level of creation, that one becomes powerfully infused to create new worlds.

SF: I am hearing something, which is not said here, that is “fix or improve the world”.

VT: Hmm, that is also an important point, dear one, and the lack of this focus is due to its actual non-existence as a whole.

Take a step back with me for a moment. Your view of linear time has evolved structures of thinking that are fragmented and can never, of themselves, be expanded into wholes.

You have ideas of cause leading to effect, of effort leading to success, and of time flowing in one direction. All these are narrow views, and do not describe the truth as a creator knows it.

Nothing is actually broken or need be fixed. Any partial view that presents a less than harmonious relationship is temporary; it will be replaced again and again by views that are chosen.

Creation is not a linear process. It is a process of knowing that is projected, and highly unmanageable with only linear tools. For in your linear methods, you seek to overcome your knowing, to confront one another and the process itself by external effort; and change is often described as the result of this conflict. But if you look deeply at this, you will see that change has seldom brought equal freedoms to all participants. This is because the linear view hides the fact that things are continually and ceaselessly created and recreated by your view being projected through your moments.

When one seeks to correct or repair part of their wholeness, they add in a factor that actually defines success to be limited. Try for a summary, Starflower, before I go on.

SF: Whew! Let me take a flying leap, here. You are saying that we always see things into being; our view creates. We always, too, consider our view to be whole. So we give legitimacy to the incomplete and say, “that is broken”, or, “that (out there) is wrong”, and we should “fix it”. This implies to me that we have defined what creation is by picking out a piece of our experience to repair, or control, and that is actually not creation, but expanding the partial view of something.

So our efforts and energy would better be spent in envisioning a flow of energy that is exactly what we want to feel, projected everywhere. For example, rather than fighting world hunger by worry in our minds, projecting a divine relationship that is filled and satisfied by being, that is fed by spirit, so to speak.

I am not saying here, that the many generous souls who devote themselves to feeding the hungry should do otherwise, at all. I would say that those lights are fulfilling their soul’s satisfaction of being by the kind of giving these people do.

Instead, I am saying that those who worry about world hunger and are not called by soul into the active experience of feeding hungry people, have to understand that the hunger of the world is a reflection of their own creation. Those who serve the world’s hunger are already seeing whole in this regard.

VT: Good work, Starflower. Now, I would like to add one last focus. Giving one’s attention differs through the quality of feeling given in the attention. It is not your thoughts alone, that magnetize creation, but the feeling projected through your thoughts. You may carry more or less negative charge about your thoughts, relative to yourself. This is where many sabotage their own integration. When negative thoughts arise within, it is the feeling that is trying to integrate.

SF: You are saying, I think, to carefully feel what feelings that a negative thought is associated with?

VT: Not exactly. You cannot carefully feel what is hidden under repetitive thought. Feelings are blurred by habitual thought, understanding that whatever the concern is, it is not the whole picture you are saying. Thoughts can hide your feelings; that’s what I am saying. Hold your thoughts about anything, loosely, so feeling can emerge.

The depth of feeling within a human is an extraordinary gift, Starflower. At the moment, there is much pressure on your systems of frequency to open and feelings of all kinds will deepen.

Unlike the linear opposition of right and wrong, there are no right or wrong feelings. There are energetic landscapes of feelings, as feelings move across as a continuum of energy that makes pictures of frequency.

One’s feelings are key in spiritual evolution and increasing frequency. So do not allow repetitive thoughts to confuse you. The energy behind thought is feeling, and the more you allow the feelings you think are bad, the more you will discover great spaces within yourself of true passion. You are each part of an emerging soul landscape that is navigated by feeling.

You have limited your feelings, refusing to view the feeling, but when you do, you will discover your own power denied. Feelings are not good or bad; they are power-full flows. By self-separating from feelings the whole that your soul expresses cannot be glimpsed. So allowing yourself to be restored to your whole consciousness will require the integration and dynamic appreciation of feeling. Do you appreciate your feelings, Starflower?

SF: (laughing) I do, now; but I certainly would not have without seeing through the unconsciousness that falls on me when my thoughts recycle on and on, on a particular topic or memory. What I am starting to appreciate though, is the depth of feeling we have within. Feelings just grow and grow as you share them with nature and with fellow beings. It’s pretty marvelous!

VT: Yes. There is a wealth in your feelings, and more and more, dear readers, you will find and claim this. It is your human birthright, and as you begin to explore the ceiling you have placed on your feelings, new depths will open.

SF: Thank you, Val. You’ve covered a lot.

VT: You are very welcome, little one. Smile at yourself and others often, Starflower, and you will find the feelings that most belong to you and your frequency.

Friday, March 4, 2011

What would love do?

What would love do?

To me, you, everyone, and all life - all of existence, from experience to experience, breath to breath, sunrise to sunset, in the glimmer of the stars at night and every moment of all that I experience.

Thank you Love for this opportunity to discover Love, Peace and Abundance within me that I promise, to myself and you to Share!