Sunday, March 20, 2011

Trail Blazing - a Prayer

This body, this flesh is not who I am. I know this now without a doubt. This mystery is far to grand, so immersive to be the shallow model that has been presented so conveniently through science and religion. What a humorous thing to observe. The descriptions of everything in words, theories, ideas which represent only one tiny part of even a moment in this grand experience called life. I am not afraid anymore. Now, as I become conscious of the various aspects of truth, of course not even a sliver, but something nonetheless, I can see, feel, sense and know the beauty and simplicity. All is based on love. And anything is possible. There is only One thing here, but its potential and expressions are infinite. As my awareness expands, simply, it seems, by my willingness and open-ness, I feel as though an aspect of myself has blazed a trail before me, establishing, preparing the adventures I have experienced.

How could my thoughts entertain the vastness of possibilities, the extent of the cosmos, but then be denied access even in this human form? The limitations have all been set down by a very limited view of life. And this is not the truth - unless I decide it is. I don't. My curiosity, my hunger to experience love and living in the full spectrum, the full cycle of being urges me to invite greater and greater possibilities. God, Source, One, Love - Thank You!

In some strange, mysterious, magical way I know you know what is going to happen next and yet it is not preordained. The experience is mine alone to create - in process. And as I do your essence, your love, your Being goes with me and captures and transmits the experience throughout. Please guide me, strengthen me to be consistent and responsible to Love as I know in the deepest part of my being that this is the most beneficial process for me. And yet I do not want to limit, constrain or choke the experience by my preconceived ideas, beliefs or prejudices. Empower me to contribute in the purest and most beneficial way.

Strengthen and support me to be courageous, bold and creative. To confront and resist conformity as it appears to be the thing stifling life the most in this "reality". Help me be the harbinger, the trailblazer, the demonstrator of the glory and opportunity that you have given all who exist in this form we call human-being. I yearn, intend to know universal, cosmic consciousness in this form, if that is what I am to be. I seek to show others the realization of our capacities and potentials in this form. And yet I detach from the process. I am loving the best I know how. I am being the best I know how. And I am grateful for the incredible capacities you have endowed to me. To see so clearly. To experience so fully. To look back and see with wonder this life. And then to go forward each day with wonder and gratitude. Oh my God! How do you do this? How did you make this? How can you hold all together in perfection? - And know all of it. When will I join you?

Please let me show others the way. I know we came here to be happy, to have fun, to love, to experience the vastness of the cacophony of sense experience. The pleasures. The intensities. To dream big dreams and make them. And to live through the whole process as complete expression of your love. Breathe life into me, Love. Breathe me. Breathe through me. Have me as a channel, a messenger, a light bearer - for the Grand enlightening, the conversion to the Truth experience of Love. With all of my Being, all of my power, all of my humility I say this prayer now. And I Thank You for granting and fulfilling this request in the exact manner that aligns with perfect Love. Thank You! So Be It! So It Is. All That Is!

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