Monday, March 9, 2015

Progression of My Vision

My life experiences have guided me through a process. Mostly to discover myself. To come to know that I am not just what I learned in school, or what I picked up along the way by observing the world around me.

I have always had some level of awareness, that I was "outside of the box" so to speak, but as far as actively pursuing a "spiritual" understanding of life, I have been working on myself since 1981 when I stopped using drugs and alcohol. The experiences that have guided me in the process are mostly recorded in various of my essays either here at my blog, or in my first book "I Am Sharing: Thoughts, Experiences and Learning About Love and Service." I will not re-cite those here.

This post is to provide a quick reference to my life's work, and its progression, as I believe I have assigned myself the mission to "serve the world". Each of the links below go to one of these stepping stones in this process of bringing my life vision/mission to the world. Some are quite extensive, including a 462 page digital book.

My greatest discovery to this point, is contained in the simple mantra "EYE AM MY BREATH." - just one of hundreds of posts on My Breath

The Decision
After a series of significant changes in my life, combined with the personal growth work I was doing, I was compelled to write down and commit to a major world changing decision.

Reverence for Life University 
In 2007, after Yvette Dubel told me "Andy you need to stop living out the tragedy of your parents life", I met Desmond Green and was invited to assist with creating the Reverence for Life University in Jamaica. The experience is still expanding in-ward, and as it does - the reverberations outward are expanding as well.

When Love Guides Your Thoughts, by Solomon, edited/compiled by me.
A treatise on "how to think" in a modern "voice" of King Solomon. This book introduced a "thinking program" which previously I had not been introduced to. I was a bit astounded to discover that I had never had a course that prepared me for "how to think'. I have discovered this is not something we get through osmosis, it should be a very deliberate and dedicated part of our process of living and growing.

I Am Sharing: Thoughts, Experiences and Learning About Love and Service book - is my first personal book, not like other books, revealing some of my experiences, influences and ideas about life and how important love and service is to guide one's life.

Global Citizenship Passport by Desmond D. Green - Including The Practice and "The 1st "R" -
I believe the most important written work of our times.

Vision - We Are Re-Creating the World: A Resource Manual "Tool-box" for Revitalization and Empowerment Through Grassroots Strategies and Environmental Awareness
My vision to assist the world to experience joy, peace and abundance for all.

2011 World Proclamation for Emancipation
A personal statement, essentially, claiming my sovereignty, and "re-setting" my consciousness as one Being in the infinite hologram.

The Breath Way - transmuting the goals of the "old world order"
Inspired by the work of David Wilcock, specifically the book Financial Tyranny. These statements replace ones that had been in place for quite some time.

Kingdom Network
After writing the Vision Book, the process underway has been to create a Web based network of resources to fulfill the vision. In process . . .

An Architecture for the Global Sustainable Society
Creating "It's a wonderful life." with our global, electronic, financial exchange system. In process . . .


Contributing Experiences, People, and Influences

Thirty years to tell this story
Calling forth the clouds
Laurie Skadberg - Experience One - Experience Two
Discovering my purpose - Dr. Stephen Simpson
Realization of Self Love
My Burning Bush
Marvel Skadberg - passed Aug. 2004
Marvin Skadberg - passed Jan. 12, 2007
Dr. Ewing - sharing 1, sharing 2 - the real experience of his passing
Desmond Green
Guillermo Rodriguez
Metatron Experience (follow link on page to Metatron)

Sarah Ford - the beautiful adventure continues. Currently still authoring the profound set of experiences that brought us together. - to be continued, at length
Mark Skadberg - Mark has been a guide in so many ways, connected to synchronistic experiences, sharing information at just the right time, just being there as a brother. Also his patience and fortitude have been a driving force example for me to "keep going no matter what."
Mark's sharing with mom, Mark's sharing with Dad, Marty's Great Idea (children's book)