Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Grand Review Christmas 2011 - Accomplishments and Sharings

A Review - accomplishments without being paid

After writing the message yesterday, I was inspired to compile this Christmas Message 2011, to go back and look at what has been accomplished over the past few years. Blogging is great, but I think stuff can get kind of lost. So, here is a summary of some of the more pertinent messages, as they might relate to the end of this incredible year of 2011, and as we head into 2012, which I do believe is going to be an amazingly, wonderful year of transformation and growth, for the entire world. I am very optimistic, but there is still a lot of work to be done.

Ok, so I went through my past blogs, looking for the "gems". This is all stuff that has been created without money. These ideas are simply Shared, in the interest of raising vibrations, and helping people realize that Life is really pretty incredible

Andy's Aha Moment, thanks to Mutual of Omaha for this (hehe this was a real bad hair day, I didn't know I was going to do this).
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Book, by Andrew Skadberg, encapsulating the Vision, a comprehensive strategy to build a bridge to the future.
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Here are the other books that I wrote, compiled or edited and made available digitally in the last few years. They are free for download from these links. I have at least 4 other books well on there way, waiting for me to finish them.

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Freedom with Money

The financial system as it has been managed by the "powers that were" developed a system that put us in a position of dis-empowerment. This is because the beings that were running this old show were not just using the money system for their fear-based power trips, but as a means of keeping us in a state of fear, oppression, anger, etc. These states are all of a low vibration. In a state of low vibration us human beings are susceptible to all kinds of problems. And our energy is easily extracted. I don't know how exactly the energy is gathered by these people who have subdued the majority of us, but in the end it is not important.

What is important is for us, as individual, sovereign beings to understand is that we are solely responsible for our personal energy, vibration. And the situation of the improvement of the human condition, is one of raising our vibrations. This is a simple fact of our existence, and it is known in science and the great religions of the world, everything in existence is created from ONE thing that exists in the various physical and non-physical forms as vibrational energy. Simply, when we are happy and feel loved, we are at a higher vibration. When we are sad, feeling dis-empowered, disconnected and unloved we are of a lower vibration. When we get in a state of low vibration we are susceptible to all kinds of dis-ease and suffering. We are easily controlled. And, I guess, our energies are easily "sucked out" of us, by energy vampires. If not this , then we are easily put in a state of slave mentality and turned into human robots who believe life is about working a job to pay bills. That is if you are lucky, like the people in the United States. In other places, low vibration means various levels of suffering, disease, pestilence, and any other concept of living hell that you can imagine.

At least 14 years ago I realized that all of these ideas were sustained by our belief in them. In fact, we possibly conceived them. I came to this conclusion because I don't observe the same kinds of phenomena in the natural world. With the power of the collective human consciousness we could easily eliminate and rectify all of the "negative" conditions of the world. The power of one individual is so much, as is revealed now in science and has been told in the great spiritual teachings for 1000s of years.

Our problem, previously, is we haven't understood this power. We didn't know how it worked. We didn't really, consciously embrace this idea that we were a "spark of God". We didn't really contemplate and own this very, very powerful concept. Why, I guess we were too busy working at a boring job, playing in this very elaborate Monopoly Game. That is what I have realized, more or less, what the world of financial matters is. Of course, in order to get us fully engaged, immersed and lost in the game, it has had to have many, many engaging elements. But, when one steps back and sees it for what it is, it is apparent that it is just a very elaborate "made up" system for exchanging energy. Now, in our present era on Earth, it doesn't even necessarily take any physical form, paper, gold, etc. The majority is simply virtual money, which at some level is "1s" and "0s" in a computer or in the World Wide Web.

We created money to serve as a tool. And, according to my way of thinking, it isn't working. How do I come to this conclusion? Well, let's look at what would seem to be a silly example - if hammers, in the hands of some really mean bullies became the oppressors of all of us, say these people ran around hitting every one on the head and telling us we had to serve them, well, eventually we would come to the conclusion, because we were in the majority, that we would have to change how we related to hammers. We would take the hammers away from these mean guys. Now, we wouldn't feel like the hammers were our masters, we wouldn't look at the "tools" as the bosses, because the tools are inanimate, they are not alive. We could easily see that it was the people wielding the hammers that we would have to rein in, and take the hammers away from them. (this idea is presented in this entertaining, seemingly simple video "The Tiny Dot")

Now, essentially the second scenario is what we have in the world as it relates to the financial systems. Most of us live as if MONEY is our master. We are all so busy running around worried and thinking about it, that we never stop, and take a step back and realize that this is the nature of the game as it has been orchestrated. If our attention is focused on the money, then our energy is not being utilized effectively. And most of us are focusing our energy, with the belief that there isn't enough to go around. This is a very important part of the game as it has been orchestrated - scarcity ensures dis-empowerment. (for a digression about this idea, see "Is there a lack of Energy").

You see, our real power, the capital that God gave us to work with, can be simplified down to one word - attention. Where are our attention goes, so goes our energy. In the world today, this monopoly game rules. Commerce, trade, business, jobs, banking, finance, accounting, etc., etc. is the show to be watching. Our media is dominated by it. Our decisions are almost solely based on economics. Even decisions to rectify the problems that are created by our myopic economic drive inside the "money monopoly" game is determined by how much it will cost. In most cases, they are not considered and simply called "externalities". Even if you try to examine the money system, and come up with a systematic solution, or partial solution, it is so easy to get distracted in the details. Solutions are almost impossible to come up with because there are too many variables, too many perspectives, too many actuarial considerations, etc., etc. to consider as to be back at square one, rubbing ones head thinking, how can we fix this?

The only way to gain perspective is to step back and see it for what it is. It is made up. We made it up, at least someone before us did. We continue to focus our attention on it, so it continues to exist. It occupies a good majority of our lives and energies, and in most cases, unless you have a lot of it, which few people do in this world, it creates a considerable amount of duress. So, if we are the collective perpetuators of this game, and we are not having that much fun, why don't we change the game?, and if we come to the conclusion we do want to change the game, how do we accomplish that? Well, there are likely two ways. The first would be to figure out how the game works and then try to win the game based on the existing rules. The second would be to step out of the game and start a different game. Or maybe there is a third option, maybe not even make a game, maybe we should just put money back into its position of being a tool. We could play games with money, but money would not be the sole object of life, and so it would be relegated back to a proper position in the scheme of things, simply as a non-living instrument, or a tool to make our lives simpler, to accomplish certain things, like a hammer or screwdriver.

So let's look at these three possible scenarios. The first is to figure out the game and try to stay in it, or win it. Well, we can see people in the world who are doing this. These people are the ones who are reported in Fortune magazine and other publications as being the wealthiest in the world. And the list is constantly jockying, changing. How happy are they? What kind of people are they? I don't know, but I can guess that they are not really happy, because they must have this terrible yearning inside that keeps them wanting to win the game. And, in the end, they will never be satisfied because being the leader in this game is truly fleeting. The second question is kind of tricky because we don't want to stoop to being judgmental, but we can examine the results of their behavior and determine if they are creating satisfactory results. If I am getting rich, or living in opulence, at the expense of others, that likely isn't the best strategy. Whether I believe it or not, at the end of the day, I am paying, or will pay a price (notice even our language has been wrapped around terms in the money system - see essay Re-definition, Collective/Individual, Your Power to Co-Create). This is clearly revealed in both science and spiritual systems "action and reaction", "eye for an eye", "as above so below". There may be a temporary delay in the feedback loop, but there really is no "cheating" or tricking the energetic systems of the cosmos. Of course, we can delude ourselves on this which is the standard fare in the world, especially in circles that have accumulating wealth as their primary objective. But the fact of the matter simply comes down to "what goes around, comes around".

In another way, we can see this in simpler terms. We can't lie to ourselves. Because we know our lies, even though we may convince ourselves otherwise, we are basically just deluding ourselves.

The problem with the money game as it exists, is that it can operate on a basis of dishonesty. You can make a lot of money being a cheater and lier. You can make a lot of money in the business of killing people, and reaping havoc to the natural world and through exploitation of people and the natural resources. In fact, these practices are common among the most successful corporations of the world. This is the game that these people are playing, mostly with themselves, and we have become the unknowing, and dissolusioned pawns of this elaborate game.

But are these people that seem to be in "control" more powerful than us? No. And I can give you innumerable quotes from great teachers to verify this. But this is not important. The important thing to realize, if you are alive, breathing, creating, etc. you too have the Divine spark of the One Infinite Creator inside of you, and you have the same potential, capacities to create vast fortunes and influence in the world. What is the difference? You don't know, consciously. And, you likely have a default program that prevents you from playing the "Service to Self" game. You understand, somewhere deep in your being that the REAL game, is about SERVICE TO OTHERS. (I first learned of this from the Law of One Series, L/L Research)

And as a matter of fact, the Service to Self game has very little power, in the overall scheme of things. That is because the Service to Self game uses fear, oppression, whatever means necessary to have power over others. It will lie, cheat, steal, kill, whatever because it truly believes that that is the path back to Source, God, which is where we are all going. It will even use the means and methods to convince the majority of human beings that the Service to Self modus operandi is the only way to successful living. And that is the game we are playing. And, in order to keep this system in place, we are constantly being bombarded with messages, and energetic controls to keep us in a state of fear, dis-empowerment, frantic distraction have to buy this thing or that thing, bombarded with noise and energetic disruptions to try to keep us in a very low state of vibrations. But! Guess what? It's not working. Because, the power of love, the light quotient, the energy that we truly are, cannot be kept down. Now, as we approach what has been prophesied, (ascension, rapture, second coming, etc.) we are being called home to the One Infinite Creator, at least another step on the yellow brick road, or one rung on the ladder.

How do I know this? For one, because it has been happening to me. But mostly because I knew this, at some level, my whole life. And now, I am observing it all around me. People are looking at their lives and saying "is this all there is?" The American Dream, knowing that the corporations I am buying stuff from are also making billions of dollars building weapons to kill people in other countries. They are realizing, after chasing money, titles, stuff for a lifetime that they feel empty inside and realized that this Service to Self game is empty and un-fulfilling.

Stepping Out of the Matrix
My process of being set free has been a long and arduous one. Am I living without money you might ask? No, I am still using money. Do I not worry about paying bills? Yes, sometimes I feel stressed and the fears start to impinge on my peace of mind, but my situation was such that I didn't have a choice. I had to face my fears. I was in a situation where I didn't earn any money for about 4 years. And you know what? I'm still here. I ate pretty good. I did a lot of things. Many days I had no idea where the resources were going to come from, but they always did. Sometimes there was a few days where I didn't have a dime, but something or other always worked out.

So what I learned from this is, just like I don't worry about the sun shining, or the molecules of my body staying together, and all of the other things that are happening on Earth, the solar system, in my body and in the cosmos - the money system is also being managed by some unseen force. This is clearly stated in sacred texts like the Bhagavad Gita, and the Bible. And I have read many, many things, that state this quite emphatically.

But in my life experiences, I didn't really live like I believed these things. I lived with a "secret" fear. I didn't really trust, God, to take care of this. How do I know this? Because I felt fear. And when I have fear, that, ultimately, means I am not trusting. For many years my primary motivation around money, getting jobs, was based on fear. And, it served its purpose for a long time. It got me to this point. But now, Spirit is requiring another level of faith and trust. I have been put to the test of having nothing, of having none of my old methods of solving problems, of making money work to address my financial situation. And now what I am experiencing are lots of little miracles. Now, things that I need just seem to show up. At this point many of them are little things, like clothing, furniture, food, etc. - but, the important thing is, I can't explain, logically, how or why these things are showing up - but they are. Many times they seem to magically show up in my house, even in my closet. And I could list several examples in the past few months. Yes, I am still using money, but my relationship has changed to be one of trusting, that even though I don't know how I am going to pay rent in a couple weeks, that somehow, something is going to show up.

I woke up this morning thinking about what I have been able to accomplish with no money. It is actually quite impressive. I could make links to many things I have written, strategy that I have been working on, books for friends that I have helped compile, etc. And I will put some of these at the bottom of this essay. But, it's not necessarily important the quantity of what I have done, or even if they succeed, which I actually see happening, at least little synchronistic signs and developments. What is important is that I didn't allow my fears or worries about money keep me from pursuing my dreams. Even though at times I was under tremendous pressure, and stress because I was facing, potentially, my greatest fears, I kept doing what my heart and soul told me that I could do. I kept putting forth the inspirations that were coming to me. I kept Sharing, in my own little way, what I was finding out about the truth of life, creation, of love and what I have seen and learned, or remembered as Socrates believed, to be going on here in this incredible cosmos. I continued to develop my ideas that had been bubbling around in my consciousness. I continued to look for ways to Share what I was finding, discovering, working on. Even though I didn't have a dime. I just kept on going.

In essence, I didn't let my fears and conditioning around money, keep me from having my Vision for the world, and for my life. My vision to be able to inspire people, to teach people, to touch the people around me to know how wonderful they are, to know that we can change all of this, if, we put our heart, soul and minds to the task at hand. And what is that task? I think very simply, to be happy, have fun, to take care of each other, to live in peace, and to take care of the natural world so we can enjoy it now, and into the future.

So what is my solution to the money game? Well, I don't know if I have it all figured out. And I don't think that I necessarily have to. What I do know, is that if we made this game, and if we continue to play in it, and continue to believe it is the only game in town, then it will continue to have its influence in the world. But I do believe it is changing, and changing quickly. The big banks, the Federal Reserve in the US, Euro, etc. are all getting a lot of press. I am not sure if it is not just another grand ponzi-scheme, like the depression, or the real estate scandal of 2008, and I don't want to waste my time and energy trying to figure it out. That, in my view, is a waste of my time and energy. I want to focus on what I want to create, what I want to see in the world. I have written about this in a number of essays posted at my blog. I guess today I will post some links to those in a sort of summary below.

What I can do today, personally, is to put my Vision first. To pursue what my heart is telling me to do. I have a number of things that I do in that regard. I read, Spiritual and uplifting books, I continue to work on the things that make me happy, the things that I feel I can do to make a difference, in my life, in the lives of others, that will help make the world a happier place.

I think, in many respects, we have come to feel that we can't do anything if we don't have money. We have a dream, but then we run into a roadblock when it comes to money. We start to add up costs for stuff we need and don't have, and then we stop. We think we have to go ask permission from the banker, or someone else to pursue our dream. Well, I would have died of boredom if I would have "sold out" to that idea. And, in this process of writing a 462 page book about my Vision, (as well as many, many other things) I have come to the conclusion that we have to put our dream, our vision first! - and then, trust that what we need to accomplish what our hearts tell us we should do, will show up. This is truly how we are supported every day. The air shows up, the sun continues to shine, our internal organs continue to function - like magic. And these same principles work in regards to currencies (that we call money).

Today I am deciding where my attention is going to go, and that is to the creative and wonderful things that I appreciate and am grateful for. I dedicate my time and energy to the powerful thoughts and feelings of joy I get when I think of my family and friends. I continue to refine my ideas about the things that I have been working on creating. I give (important choice of word - instead of pay) attention to those things that want to see in the world. And, I am also discovering that those possibilities are created inside of myself. That is where, as Jesus said "the Kingdom of Heaven" resides. When I find peace inside, I experience peace in my external world. When I learn to trust, and know that everything is progressing, is moving forward, as Wallace D. Wattles stated "the world is going to God, it is wonderful becoming", I find that my whole outlook and subsequent experience changes. And, amazingly, the only thing that changed, the one common-denominator, is me, my perspective!

In simple terms, how we can change the money system, is for people to realize that they cannot lie, cheat and steal to success. They know what they are doing. We can't hid from our secrets, we become those secrets, they end up dominating us.

And an economic system based on these ideas is doomed. We can take the great lessons, inspirations of people like Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tsu, Krishna, Ghandi, Albert Schweitzer and put our "civilization", or "livilization" on a basis of "Reverence for Life", the Golden Law (and How to Live). We can spend our time, as individuals, and in groups focusing on what we want to see in the world, peace, harmony, abundance for all, instead to the things that we would prefer to go away. We can be grateful and appreciative of the experiences that we have had that have brought us to this point in time, but we can learn the lessons that they have provided and keep doing the ones that we want to keep having, and leave the others behind. In other words, we can learn from our mistakes, and move onto the next evolutionary step in our development, as Divine co-creators, of an Infinite Loving presence that some call God, Infinite Mind, All That Is, Source, etc. We can learn to live and be Love in our day, with others, but especially with ourselves, because in the end, we, ourselves is the greatest gift that the Loving Infinite Creator has endowed us with, here and now, on this incredible paradise we call Earth.

I finished this message on Christmas Eve 2011, and was inspired to go back and review, and highlight some of the more interesting posts over the past few years, while I haven't earned a salary.

I am posting that message next, and it is on some ways connected to this post - see A Grand Review Christmas 2011

Love, Peace and Abundance

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Re-definition, Collective/Individual, Your Power to Re-Create

In the beginning was the word. We have allowed ourselves to become ruled by fear-based, controlling words. This was predicted by Orwell in his book 1984. We need to simply examine where we have become mis-guided and decide how to re-create our collective reality. We have let fear and dishonesty write the rules for our collective experience. We need to find out where we are mis-aligned and begin to focus our thoughts and attention on what we want. The fear model will self-destruct so we must do something now.

Let's examine some of our most popular distractions, and causes of our collective discomfort.

Government: why would we allow "them" to "govern" us? What services do they provide? How are they improving our lives? What they are doing is passing laws which impinge on our freedoms as sovereign beings. They constantly fight, or want to, with other countries. They waste precious resources on destructive activities and destroy our environment. I think we should re-define this whole thing based on our collective Vision and desires and call it something like "Servicement" - we need to go back to the drawing board on this and get rid of all the unnecessary waste and un-functionality. (for more on They, which is an expression of Us, which are the creators of "Theys" see this post Diversify, Cooperate Go Inside).

An interesting side note, when you put a governor on a car engine, it holds it back.

Politicians: root word "poli", this, like the "police" and "policy" (regulatory law!) has caused us so much confusion and suffering. We need to go back to the drawing board on this one in totality. Law makers shouldn't control our resources, our collective pocket book. They should only provide service, in the Spirit of love to make our lives better, more comfortable and advance the evolution of our society. This will be in their best interest too. Maybe call them "Servicians" or something like that. They should make decisions on infrastructure, use systems thinking (which is based on natural. living systems examples), and be required to use the most efficient means, in the simplest fashion with regular evaluation of effectiveness and innovation in the solutions they create.

Money: Same root as "monopoly". We need to have a wholesale re-definition, and un-conditioning with our relationship with money. We need to put it back into the role as a "tool", think of it as an expedient for energy exchange, for goods and services, between living beings. We would not let hammers become our master. Currency is likely a word that could most commonly be used. Eliminating our fears towards it, and removing our feelings that it dominates our lives is important to bring our lives back into balance. To do this we must, as individuals, change our thoughts, but this also can be sped up by our collective re-definition of the role it plays in our "civilization".

Universal Principle: This as discovered by Albert Schwiezter, and taught by Jesus and other great teachers, is the necessary foundation to have a successful, world, civilization. The Golden Law (previously the golden rule via Christianity) and/or Reverence for Life will suffice for a basis for our "new" or, re-created civilization - that sees both individual and collective advancement and evolution back to Source Love as our primary purpose.

Civilization could become "livilization" or "flourishization". Why just be civil, why not flourish?

There may be some other areas that we want to re-define. We can address one by one, such as business, religion, science - any concept that causes us consternation, frustration, and friction. Usually we can find the areas of concern by noticing our emotional reactions, anxiety, fear, anger, etc. But we need not become dismayed or confused. The key is to re-define how we think reality is in our own minds, but also as it relates to our collective experience.

Finally, our obsession, conditioning, propensity to think about the things that we don't want would be best shifted. This is most clearly related by the story told about Mother Theresa where she would not attend a "anti-war" rally, but would gladly be part of a "Peace" event.

To accomplish this, can be quite an undertaking and must occur with each individual. Simple questions can guide us: What do you really want? What do you want to become or accomplish? (it's important not to be confined to dictated by pre-defined job categories or titles on this, unless that's what you want - to be limited by old ideas). How do you prefer to feel?

This is a process of taking back control of our minds. There are many ways to begin to accomplish this: prayer, meditation, concentration, contemplation, spending time in nature, processing experience, enjoying the present, Now current experience, etc.

It can be an incredible journey and process. You can know if you're on the right track by monitoring how you feel. "Follow your bliss" as Joseph Campbell stated.

After you begin to take back control of your thoughts you are on your way back to TRUE freedom. This is an invitation from Spirit and your breath.

Then, spend your days thinking and doing what you dream of. Eliminate contradictory thoughts. Fill your mind with thoughts of what you want: Happiness, joy, peace, gratitude, friendship, fun, adventure, wonder, appreciation, love, excitement, curiousity, "fill in the blank", etc.

This is the way to create the life of your dreams. Find your purpose emanating from your heart. Do what makes your heart and soul sing. Do what you would feel proud for others to know you for what you have accomplished. This is best done by doing what you truly LOVE.

The process of reigning in our "frisky" and undisciplined minds can be tricky, but that's OK. Don't we all love a challenge? It is why we came here. Find a point of attention, your breath, your heart, your third-eye, as Jesus said "But seek ye first the kingdom of God . . ." Matt 6:33 and "The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light." Matt 6:22. As you go through your day, notice your thoughts. Where are they? Where are they going? This is your personal endowment from the Infinite Mind. Is it concentrated, or disseminated and being wasted?

Learn to focus your mind, your attention, on what it is you want to create. What would Love have you do? Become your own Master. And Share!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Today marks the opportunity for us to implement a solution. That solution is very simple. Find yourself, embrace that essence. Key in on the center of your being knowing that that spark, that life, that force is what keeps the 30 trillion (estimated) cells of your body, which are really like small galaxies, moving. This "polaris star", as described in the Law of One series is your, personal, endowment from God. It is yours to do with what you want. The question is, what are you doing with it?

After you answer that question, which may not be as simple as you think, then you will begin to create the world of your dreams. That is, if you have knowledge of what your dreams are. Most people have not had the courage to examine what their true dreams are much less to pursue them.

I have been learning some very interesting things about each of our individual powers. Imagine given a spark of the Infinite. I'm not talking about a piece, that is some sub-set of something, but a holographic representation of the character, capacity, an aspect of the Infinite Mind, God. This is what is meant by the Bible quote, "in the image and likeness of God", or when Jesus said "it is the father that works through me".

So, now, imagine, you have the power of God at your disposal, what are you going to do with it?

Whatever you focus your mental attention on is what you are creating, supporting to exist.

If you want things to stay the same, if you want to repeat the same experiences over and over again (whether individual or collective), focus on your past, read about history, pay attention to what happened yesterday, or in your distant past - oh yes, it also helps to be very emotional about it.

If you want to have war, famine, disease, suffering and many of the conditions that we have created in the world, watch the news every day, and be angry at all of the injustices and suffering. Pay close attention to the politicians, stories about the bankers and evil corporations and all the things wrong in the world.

If, on the other hand, you want to experience something different, start to notice where your attention is going. On any given day, hour, or minute try to notice where your thoughts and emotional energies are going. Each of those thoughts are being created, fueled and sustained by the Infinite Mind. Because You, as we all are, a channel for that same power.

So, what is the solution, it's pretty simple - focus your thoughts and attention on the solution. Is this easy? - it could be, but in most of our cases it is a very arduous, and dedicated process. The question is though, what do you really want? What did you come here to create? What legacy do you want to leave behind? Do you want to make the most of this incredible experience that you came here to participate in? It truly is up to you.

Love, Peace and Abundance,


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Don't be afraid - It's all Love

There is no reason to be afraid. I am tentative to almost bring up the idea of "fear" because there is a paradox. Jung captured it in the idea "what you resist, persists". In any case, we have to be able to look at what we "think" is going on, and face it, and come to terms with it. In regards to fear, is that it is just an idea. Of course one could go into a lengthy discourse on the subject. About how it is a biological survival mechanism, blah, blah, blah. One of the most ridiculous quotes, that was invented and broadly adapted in the United States of America was "the only thing we have to fear, is fear itself". OMG - can you believe we bought into that? I did - I even re-quoted it.

Anyway, not to get into a long diatribe, why don't we have to be afraid? Because God did not leave us, or forget us - we are not disconnected from the source of this beautiful creation, the All That Is. If we had been forgotten, then we wouldn't be here.

I took a walk by the Mississippi River just a few minutes ago. I was thinking about love. That which is the source, supply and product of all that we are, what is, and there is absolutely no disconnect from original source because if there were, IT, whatever It is, you, me, trees, flowers, bugs, stars, galaxies, universes, the infinitude - IT would cease to exist. There is no way for any part of the cosmos, from the smallest particle to the infinitude of universes and dimensions for any part to be cut off.

However, in our power, we have adequately created the experience of separation. But this part of our story is over, as I have been experiencing. It is time for the conversion of our collective experience to one of peace, harmony and abundance. Many are looking outside, at the moving pictures, distractions, inversions of energetic, chaotic display hoping to hook onto a semblance of balance but the material manifestation is fleeting, continually moving.

The true center (the zero point), of the spiral, the storm, resides within our own Being, which in this physical dimension is an emanation with its center-point within our physical bodies. The "collective human, external creation" has so much static and chaos as to be an impossible place of grounding. It is similar to if you spill water on an electronic circuit board - the ground will be lost and the functionality of the system is totally lost. To seek the peace in the ever changing show, in the outside world is an act of futility. It truly is a significant form of entertainment, but your consciousness will lose itself in the ever changing patterns and emotional turmoil that is swirling around the globe.

The best use of your energies, attention at this time is to be sure to connect, at least for a portion of each day, to the center of your conscious emanations. Each human being is a quantum, multi-dimensional portal of the Divine spark of life. Each being transposes the energy and consciousness of the Infinite Mind into a creative vehicle, co-creative partner in Life. Essentially, via the breath as the vehicle of the Spirit energies, we transform thoughts and feelings into physical manifestations on this plane of existence. The energy patterns have been diverted and controlled as a mechanism to teach us what the possibility would be for the disconnect from the Source Love, but this was only an illusory process. It was only an experiment, a test. But now our re-connect is well underway, essentially a total remembering of our Cosmic nature and what our part has been in this grand endeavor on this tiny sphere, but which has been a total success in contributing a vast array of experience to the Infinite Collective. The disconnect has ended, but what is required now is the individuated consciousness, You in other words, to re-establish the connection. It happens through your allowing, knowing and the action required is simply to become cognizant of your breath and its Divine Blueprint - embedded in the action of breathing deeply, and consciously, in and out. Then watch with wonder in the transformation, the transmutation of your experience.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Attention and Creation - a Few Thoughts

If I ask "where will I be NOW and in the future"? Then I must be willing to look at the processes, thoughts and feelings, that I am entertaining. Attention is the word for the creative flow of energy that motivates things to be created.

If I allow my attention to dribble away on menial, or insignificant items of distraction, my precious energies that emerge from my creative Being will be wasted. At this time it appears to be paramount to "give attention" to those things that I want to manifest in my life, and thus in the world around.

Many "new" teachers are coming forth with seemingly new information, or "spins" on the story of what it means to be a co-creator. These ideas that they are presenting are imbedded, as I have come to find, in many ancient teachings, although our capabilities to understand some of these esoteric texts, or translated messages has diminished. There are innumerable reasons for this that are not really important to discuss here, now. You, the reader, may want to investigate because in the larger context it is important because these limitations happen both within an individual, and have been part of the collective conditioning which is one of the most important phenomena that we are seeing in the world - people are waking up to the idea that things are not quite as they seem (e.g. the Occupy movement is a manifestation, although one my jury is still out on).

The point of this message today, is for the reader to notice, or "give attention" to their attention. Where is one's creative energy going? To worries, to distractions, to contributing to greater disharmony in your life and then also in the life and world around. Of course, this idea may seem like a form of "nit picking", but is it? Imagine, what your attention accomplishes. Have you ever been able to accomplish anything without it?

In these times of change, the external world seems to be screaming for attention. One only need to turn on the TV and see the cacophony of "attention, or energy vampires" graciously offering you the opportunity to lend your energy to their cause. And that is what exactly happens, your creative energy goes to those things that you look at, lend your thoughts of comprehension to, and then entertain as part of your reality, which then brings more power to that you are observing. Now, if you add emotional energy to it, then we really get the creative energies flowing.

This is the message of the movie "The Wizard of Oz". As long as we are willing observers, and even participants, then the show will go on. This is what has been going on for a very long time with the media, politics, the bankers, and in general "the powers that were". They have been gratuitously sucking our creative energies out of us, as we "pay" attention to their magic show. You see, it doesn't matter whether or not you agree with them or not, either way, they got your attention, and they are drawing your creative energy into their game.

This is the whole idea behind "the elite", the powers that were. In fact, divide and conquer is the most basic strategy. Keep us arguing over insignificant details, or paying attention to some silly story, like sex scandals, while they are pulling some stunt behind the curtain. Remember Bill Clinton and Monica? Got your attention didn't I? - even long after the fact.

For me, the key to my peace of mind, and thus peace in my life, is to become very attentive to my attention. Sounds like an oxymoron, but it is not. And it is not so difficult to do this. Joseph Campbell said "follow your bliss". You see, we have this wonderful operating system that God, or the One Infinite Creator built us with - it is our feelings. It provides us constant and immediate "bio-feedback" about what we are creating. If we are feeling peaceful, happy, joyous then we can be pretty sure that what we are creating is aligning with our individual and the greater good of the world. If we are feeling what we call negative emotions, anxiety, fear, anger, resentment, hate - then we are likely creating something that is going down a path we may not prefer, unless we have as our goal to learn something - at the end of this process it will likely be about how to relinquish these feelings and replace them with positive ones, or of harmony and peace. I have actually come to the conclusion that all lessons are about us learning about love, but that can open up a whole other digression.

Of course, we do live in a world where polarity exists, and one of the most challenging lessons in this world is not want to fight, that which we think we disagree with, or are supposed to clear out of our lives. Actually, it doesn't make much sense to get mad at the dark, or shadows because they add so much to our experience. Where would the light and colors shine, if we didn't have dark. As we move towards more awareness of who and what we are, and what life is about, I believe we will come to have a much greater understanding of the purpose of the darker, or negative sides to life. Ultimately we cannot hide from them, for if we do, we are only deluding ourselves. I have to admit, that I am still really working on how this part of life works. Sometimes I really struggle,

I do agree with other teachers who say that there are two basic emotions, that emerge from the lower three chakras which is something more and more people are learning about. Those emotions, in words are "love" and "fear" - one emerges from a sense being in oneness, or connection, the other from a sense of separation, and a response in survival mode. Then those feeling energies go up and meet, in the center of our bodies, with the thoughts we are entertaining in our minds (the upper three chakras). These energies meet in our hearts. And then, from our hearts, we "breathe our reality into being" as put forward by Gregg Braden in his presentation "Language of the Divine Mind". Essentially, we invite the creation of "reality" from the soup of quantum possibilities (or the mind of God). This is where the waves become particles, as contemplated by Einstein.

I found Gregg's presentation to be a very good convergence of science and religion (another ploy of divide and conquer by the powers that were). This breathing our heart energized thoughts and feelings into creation is how we create our world - via the creative vehicle we call our attention.

Human beings, which I believe we are emerging into a new form of Being I might call "human galacticus" have immense powers of creation. This fact emerges in many places, but for simplicity the Bible quotes such as: "made in the image and likeness", and "you will do all I do, and more" from Jesus should suffice to get the point across.

These days, I spend much of my time bringing my attention to those things that bring me peace, or that I feel are going to make a greater contribution to the world. I have long known that pursuits to satiate my own little interests, or to just take care of my own, (stuff, job, family) not giving consideration to the greater impacts to the world around me are a dubious pursuit. And sometimes discerning what those are have not been easy. In my life, I have forgone many comforts and attachments to "what I wanted" for what I believed to be for the greater good - mainly for me to fulfill my mission in life. And, today I am not totally sure that I have not made some huge mistakes in this area, as others will likely attest. But the old adage "you can't please all of the people, all of the time" is quite true in this regard. All one can do, is what they believe to be the best they can. And Abraham Lincoln said, "I do the very best I know how - the very best I can; and mean to keep doing so until the end. If the end brings me out all right, what is said against me won't amount to anything".
The guide for this comes from these internal mechanisms that were built into us. Steve Jobs mentioned them in one of his talks before his passing - "follow your heart and intuition".

One final suggestion relates to words; you may have noticed some "odd" terms during this essay, such as "powers that were" and "giving attention", it is very important to notice the words that we are using, their content, the program or agenda they are forwarding or contributing to. So much of what we say, we are not even aware what we are saying. The import of this suggestion is far more significant than I can relay in a paragraph or two. "In the beginning was the word" is a very well known quote from the Bible. It is not there by mistake.

The words we use, in our thoughts, when we speak or write them, have power - they are creative. They are vibrational in nature and are a creative force in our world, and in the cosmos, whether we are aware of it or not. Behind them can be powerful thoughts and feelings. And when we use them, we are contributing those energies, those creations to make our lives, and contribute to the world we live in.

George Orwell wrote about the power of words, and how "the powers that were" can manipulate the language to control. We live in a world where people are talking to themselves in their head and hurting themselves and also speaking words with power, that continue to hold in form many of the things that we as a collective community would prefer to let go of. One example is "pay attention". This simple phrase exemplifies how indoctrinated we are to think in terms of monetary exchange. What I have discovered, as I essentially forced myself out of the "fear-based money matrix", is that day to day, we "share our attention" to perpetuate a reality that has us as prisoners. I have been amazed as I have been able to "step back" and listen to the cacophony of messages (radio, TV, conversations, arguments) that bombard us, day in and day out, about money. It is like the most important thing in the world. At times I have imagined the collective energy that goes into this human created system (mainly a conditioned fear that there is not enough to go around - which is an artificially created situation), that has caused so much fear and suffering. I have seen people counting stacks of cash from their pockets, and imagined people on wallstreet watching numbers on screens, and people stressing over numbers on pieces of paper (bills and debt), and the collective attention dedicated to something that at first, was supposed to make our lives simpler, but now we have become abject servants and slaves to this creation. This is where the majority of people's lives, via there attention is going - and it doesn't seem like much fun when I watch most people.

Don't get me wrong, I see money as a very important tool, but we must put it back in right perspective. I feel things like love, sharing, service, community, family and many other things deserve a much greater portion of my creative energy. And this flow can be monitored simply by me noticing what I am giving my attention to.

Finally, I need to give credit to a friend, Ronald Wopereis, who first introduced me to the idea of the importance of our attention. If fact he has written a book on the subject "Bilocality and the inner world of attention".

All the Best,

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Diversify, Cooperate, Go inside - A meandering thought stream.

I have been thinking a lot about diversification and, on the other side, specialization (what our educational system has been pushing people to do) and single industry economies. Many years ago, as I looked into the dilemma of the forestry industry, I realized that it is a very fragile system. But these "single industry" economies are ubiquitous. The situations are further exacerbated by what happens to the environment and to the social conditions of the people's who are working, essentially as slaves, for the companies.

I had never looked at my own home state (Iowa), with mono-culture systems (primarily corn, soybeans and now pigs) with the same lens until last week when I saw some farmers, with their big fancy trucks, tractors, combines and wagons come in to "mow" the cornfield down. I realized these are just toys for these guys. The old adage, "the difference between the men and the boys is the price of their toys".

In any case, any examination of these types of systems will reveal, in the long run, they do not work. The only way that they do is within the economic system as it has been put forward - where "externalities" are a cost not assumed by the companies, but are a cost that society must bear. In the case of agriculture in Iowa these relate to things like environmental damage and health costs.

Collectively we need to start looking at these systems that are going on. We are not really growing food anymore, we are growing fuel for factory animal slaughtering facilities, and to burn in our cars (ethanol). A very cursory examination of either of these can reveal that they are just a bad deal all around. We eat the meat, which comes from animals that are being fed garbage, with genetic alterations. The animals are obviously not happy. Do we not know that if we eat "sad animals" we are very likely absorbing that energy? This idea is contained in the first law of thermodynamics, "energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it just changes form". Also, the factory workers are miserable, and likely have serious soul, or spiritual issues that they have to deal with.

Do you think we Americans are happy? I don't know, we should look in the mirror once in awhile and ask the question. Yes, we apparently have a lot of stuff. And there is an abundance of "materials" to eat, but what is this stuff doing to us? Which is more important, health, or owning a bunch of stuff that we don't really need? Stuff that ends up needing all of our attention to take care of - and at the end of the game, doesn't really amount to anything, because we don't take it with us.

Don't get me wrong, this is not about another "blame game". And "guilt" doesn't get us anywhere either. These are old modems of thinking that only serve the purpose to further imprison us in our own minds. What we need to do is take a hard and fast look at what is going on. And then examine how we can re-create this "reality" into one that we prefer.

We are not victims. We created this. We have allowed our lands, our communities, essentially the world to become like the old mining company towns. Our agriculture has been mono-polized. Single industries are easy to control, and our "collective bully", the corporations, have us all cornered, while we have been mesmerized, not knowing the game that we are in. These bullies don't play fair, because they don't have any respect for themselves, or the Divine Laws of "Free Will" and the "Golden Way" (do unto others as you would have done to you). But these corporations, these "entities", are not someone to fight with, to try to subdue.

This is not an us, or them situation. The key factor is to recognize that these Entities, this situation, is simply a manifestation of our "collective consciousness". In other words, these "bullies", these "monsters", these corporations, governments or anything else we might try to blame our situation on, are simply a manifestation of our collective psyche. And the way to deal with them, is simply to love them and start taking our world back, peacefully.

You see, they (part of us) have created an elaborate game, have implemented a bunch of "rules" (called statutory laws in government) and other things that have us totally mesmerized. Essentially, they are sucking out our energy - they live on this energy - and it is primarily fear, frustration, anger. But the energy moves by us giving our attention - to these things. And it does not matter whether our energy is "positive" or "negative" - whether we love them or hate them. In fact, "victim" energy is very powerful - and it provides some of the strongest shackles of the mental and emotional prisons that we find ourselves in.

Now, how we get out of this situation may seem to be incredibly difficult - and at some level it might be. However, maybe, like the great spiritual teachings have been pointing to, almost, forever it seems, it is not so difficult.

Maybe it is like the old adage "one person at a time". If we go inside ourselves and discover what it is that is going on inside ourselves, we will begin to see how we continue to support and sustain these "scary monsters". It is like the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. We have this "split personality" thing going on. But, is it possible, that it is not Mr. Hyde that is the "bad guy", but Dr. Jekyll? The establishment. In our modern society we definitely overlook the fact that the medical industry is not as noble as it seems. These days the industry is much more in the business of disease and sickness than it is about health. Disease and bad health is sure good for business. What would happen to hospitals, insurance, the pharmaceutical industry if we don't stay sick? And "doctors" are seen as the pinnacle of society - in a way we worship them, and yet if we look at the underbelly of what is going on, it is kind of seedy. (and don't get me wrong, there are great things happening with some doctors, and the healing industry, and many great people go into medicine with the most noble of intentions).

So what of this internal "scary monster" the battle between my hidden "shadow", the fear-based character that I might "battle" with, and try to hide from? (in actuality there is no hiding, I know all of my secrets). I personally have been dealing with these issues for at least 30 years. In order to overcome problems with drinking and drugs I had to look at the underlying causes for my propensity to want to escape. The drugs and alcohol were merely a coping mechanism for survival. These "personality dis-orders", or frailties were simply a symptom of deeper issues.

I think these issues stem from a very basic flaw in our understanding of the nature of life (on this world and cosmically). Whether we know it or not, this was a self imposed situation. And this is ultimately why we came here. It has to do with our belief of being separate. Feeling separate. Being separate from Divine Love. And in this experience we end up seeking all kinds of "forms" and connections to "things" and people, but at the core of our beings we still have this "secret fear" - that we really are not loved. We do feel alone, so we believe we are separate and alone - disconnected from each other and from our God. (an essay on my realization of Self-love)

Now, this idea is so contrary to what all the great teachers have told us (Jesus, the Buddha, Krishna, etc.), but we have expounded on this to such a degree, and have ourselves so distracted, and busy with our day to day life, that we never take the time to really examine the foundations of our existence. For me, this process is not so mysterious, difficult or mystical - it can all begin with asking some questions - beginning to step back and examine what is going on - in our individual lives, and for the collective of humanity and the world.

We can begin by asking the question of whether we are happy with the way our lives are going? What are we doing? Where do we want to go? Is it really possible that everything is a manifestation of love? Is it possible that we really are an extension of God, Source, Infinite Mind, and that we created "a game" where we forgot our connection to love, in order to learn and experience more about love? What would it be like to not know we are loved? How would it feel? How would we act? Is this why we are here, to answer these questions, to experience this "unknowing" - this disconnect from All That Is? - One Love?

Maybe, just maybe this world is the result of this experiment? What do you think? I have for years imagined, and used the metaphor, that life is like a video game. And we simply have gotten so wrapped up in our characters that we think the game is the only thing going on. But in actuality, as we begin to connect to "real reality" - that we are the consciousness of God, that agreed to come to this sphere of creation, to contribute a whole new set of experiences to the collective, ONE experience.

These ideas are not just "mental meanderings" on my part. If one begins to seek understanding, with a strong desire to discover the Truth of love, a great deal of supporting materials will show up. I have discovered some very powerful books that will begin to open the doors of perception, towards a greater understanding (I will provide some links below).

My process really began to open up when I found myself unable to earn money. For most of my life I had been driven by this idea that "I make the money". To this end I worked two and three jobs for most of my life - almost to the point of being a workaholic. Where this belief came from, I am not totally sure. But I suspect at one level it likely came from my parents. I suspect when I was just a little boy I watched (2 years old), and felt, them stressing and arguing about money. My father was a graduate student and I know that they struggled financially. Then, as I grew older, there came to be a "love / hate" relationship with money. My parents helped put in me ideas like "money is the root of all evil". However, it is also necessary to have money to survive (for the most part). So, here I was living my life not trusting. Yes, I trusted that the sun would shine, there would be oxygen to breathe, the molecules would hold together - but I didn't trust God to supply money. I had to earn it.

Somewhere along the line, I guess in my 20s, I had this idea come to me that I would have to face all of my fears in this lifetime. Mainly because I was a person who was seeking to "know God", and for me to truly know God, I would have to come to have absolute faith, or trust in God. If there was a place that I experienced fear, that was a place where I didn't trust the "One Infinite Creator". And, at some point in this life, which I have a feeling is a very important one (by the way, I know we don't die - we live many, many times), I was going to have to face all of my fears.

Facing my fear of "money" did come in 2008. No matter which way I turned, and avenue I pursued, projects and plans just wouldn't work out. Many ways that I had previously been able to "make it happen" - just came to a dead end. So, after really, really difficult emotional upheavals (almost literally feeling a threat to my survival), I invoked the following prayer "God, PLEASE, I want more". This sounds like a simple, unclear, prayer. But behind it was the most earnest desire that I have ever had for greater understanding, clarity, answers to questions that had been with me for much of my life, in one form or fashion.

I wanted to know what the hell is going on. When we speak and have been taught that the world and universe is based on Love, why do we have so many difficulties? Why is there so much suffering? What is going on? Why in my lifetime have I seen the world get crazier, and crazier - more war, more environmental degradation, more people suffering?

What I realize now, is that I invoked the immensely powerful prayer of Jesus from his Sermon on the Mount - "Ask and it shall be given to you, seek and you shall find, knock and it will be opened for you."

What I was led to was first what people call "conspiracy theory" materials. Then I was lead to ancient teachings, books, materials from all types of sources about the "Law of One" as well as instreaming messages - almost from a cosmic radio station (another idea that I had in my 20s - if we can make radios signals, wouldn't God possibly use the same tools or methods?).

Now, I continue with this process. Coming to realize that, like my experience of 30 years ago revealed, that we are "all in this together". We can't just "take care of our own" - just take care of my immediate family and everything will be fine. We must "work for the world" as I learned from the Bhagavad Gita.

Now, how I work for the world, is almost more internal than it is external. It is a process of me realizing that, by my knowledge, beliefs, opinions, feelings, I hold this "reality" in form. Essentially, as I wake up each day, and as I continue to define my reality in the NOW by my prior beliefs, prejudices and opinions, that the world will reflect that back to me.

I have learned (or remembered) that how God, or the Universe, teaches me is by being a perfect mirror. To bring to me experiences where I can see how I need to learn how to be more loving. And how to face my fear that I am not loved. Pain has been a wonderful motivator for me to want to learn more about love. I have seen at different times, that all the pain and suffering I see in the world, is simply an invitation for me to love more. To extend my love, to Be love, in every situation. And at this point in my experience, to continue to seek the Truth of Love, and to work for the world.

So, at this point, how I see to rectify this situation where "the bully" has taken over in our collective human experience, and monopolized our agriculture, and communities; where Wal-marts have gone into towns and caused small businesses to go out of business, and then left those towns when "profits" didn't suit them. To a world where it seems that a company, like Monsanto, wants to take over all of our food systems, and poison us with chemicals; pollute our waters; where companies cut down all of our trees, and fill in our wetlands to build factories and Wal-marts; where all of these, apparently, horrific things are happening. We, I, simply need to do things differently.

I see the solutions about people coming together and learning who and what we are - really! To learn that compared to the power that these apparently "evil and cruel" corporations and governments (soul-less creations) have, that We, I, Us, we - the God created Living Beings, who can tap into the Love of the One Infinite Creator, have immense powers. But we have to remember and experience these capabilities and powers. We have to re-direct our attention to "what we really want to have and experience". And how we do this is with our "thoughts", feelings and attention.

How the process begins, is actually quite simple. Breathe. Breathe consciously. And maybe even invoke Jesus's prayer. Begin to notice where your "attention" is going.

When we tap into these powers. And begin to find others, of our "Collective Oneness" we can make great changes. We can take our food systems back. We can feed all of the hungry people. We can clean up our waters, and begin to reduce the number of trees we cut for useless purposes. We can end war. We can create governments that truly accomplish what we created them for - to Serve us. We can find that there are many amazing technologies that have been developed already for us to transform our infrastructures, energy and transportation systems. What has happened is that our "collective bully" has simply hidden them from us, even though they have already been invented.

As individuals we have immense powers, but even more so, if we come together we have vast capabilities - remember "when two or more of you gather in my name". We can take things back. This video captures the idea well The Tiny Dot.

The solution is to fire the human spirit, initiate creativity, innovation, cooperation, collaboration, to diversify and realize a knowing of who and what we are. Change is coming, but it is our responsibility - the key is to find the power within. There is no savior coming to save us, we will get help - but we have to help ourselves.

If you are wondering "how do I start?" here are some great resources that I would recommend This can also provide evidence that great things are going on. We are not alone. God, Source, Infinite Love is here NOW, all we have to do is start tapping into it. And where we tap into it, is not somewhere "out there", but also inside of ourselves, and all around. The Spirit of Love sustains us, through our breath, through the sunlight, through the trees and animals, and elements of this world. Love is all around, and as more and more of us tap into this KNOWING, the process of transformation is accelerating.

Wondering where to start? - I suggest here.
The Global Citizenship Passport by Desmond Green

Here is a Summary of The Practice with a diagramatic interpretation
A wonderful book which provides "a context" for the "Game".
Spirit Guides: We are not alone by
Iris Belhayes with Enid

Evidence of the "Spirit of Oneness" emerging from our Collective Consciousness
Awakening to Oneness

A set of ideas and questions that I proposed for initiate awakening. This also, to an extent, cataloged some of the first sources that have lead me to this point in time.
Light Star Study Group

An incredible book that can awaken you to the greater Truth of your power, and who and what we are. The Master Key, by Hanaal

Still, one of the best books to assist a person to begin "opening their eyes", and with a Source of ancient Wisdom, to build a foundation for "How to Think".
When Love Guides Your Thoughts, edited by Andrew Skadberg

A classic! Many of the predictions of this 100 year old book are coming to pass.
The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles

Finally, a project many years in creation, is coming to fruition - this is "first run" version - the Vision Excelerator - a Dream Incubator

Love, Peace and Abundance,

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It's All Around

A friend posted a nice sentiment at Facebook, which inspired my response.

"Remember every day to do things that make your soul chuckle in JOY. Listen to the song of the wind in the trees. Hold a cat to your face. Listen to children laughing. Enjoy a beautiful sunset. Hold hands with a LOVED ONE. Dance to great music. Sing in the shower. Feel gods hand in the wind caressing your cheek. Feel gratitude for all the miracles of LIFE you experience every moment of NOW"~Bent Kim Lundberg

My response - Its all around, love abounds, astounds, rebounds and will always carry us away on gossamer wings if we allow. Joy presses, caresses, addresses and redresses if we simply observe that which motivates, captivates and exhilarates. Love, the Breath, Life invites us to play, to remember how we once enjoyed, as children, All That Is without all the measuring, worrying and judging. Just play along, and soon all hearts will be rejoicing in ONE LOVE. Thank You, Bent for constantly re-minding us to simply enjoy the sensual, loving feast that abounds all experience, if, we are giving a little attention. Peace, Love and Abundance.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Enjoying and Asking Questions

Today's Heaven Letters inspired me to write the following.

From a life changing event when I was 21 I have lived by the simple philosophy of 1) each day Be the best Andy that I can be, and 2) always believe in ever expanding possibilities. Life presents opportunities.

All of my apparent experiences that one might call negative have resulted in the greatest benefits, if I took the time to discern the lesson. The people who have been associated with my times of greatest sorrow, and challenge have helped me become a better lover. Like my son Joshua said when he was 7, "pain makes us stronger".

This world has many conditions that "seem" to be out of order, however, I see them as opportunities for us to create the world that we might dream about. Job security so to speak. Great teachings say "work for the entire world" and leave the results to themselves.

My entire life I have known the simple and profound truth that happiness, as a general state of Being, is the measure of whether we are heading in the direction that we will appreciate the most. We can be happy even during challenging times, or when conditions appear to not be in order - (ultimately we don't know how each condition is guiding us down our own evolutionary path).

In any case, I will be creating whatever I am focusing my energies and attention on. The question then comes, what am I giving my attention to, the things that I would like to see in my life, and appreciating the treasures that come to me in every moment, or something else? Interpreting each moment , experience, event (sometimes the smallest) is one of the greatest gifts life offers me, it is an act of "free-will".

So, the question becomes, what story am I spinning as I go about my day, am I noticing the intuitional guidance that is built into my Being, guiding me to the best results that I am yearning to attain - or something else?

Questions are a great way to get to the bottom of things. Socrates knew what he knew because he asked so many questions - did you know that he knew that we don't "learn", we "remember", because, ultimately we are connected to the One Infinite Creator. Another great teacher pointed to the power of asking questions, or even asking for a little help from the Divine, unseen operating all of this "seen stuff" we think we know so much about in "Ask and it shall be given, seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened for you".

What you appreciate, appreciates.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Andy's first interview - Voice of the People Radio

Spur of the moment I was invited to do a radio program the other day. It was spontaneous, but I Shared openly, which is all that I can do. I've decided to quit hiding. In this interview I Share some of the stuff going on with my work, but also some past experiences and my personal Vision and insights to the human, spiritual transformation that is taking place in our world.

Voice of the People Radio Guest - Dr. Andrew Skadberg Reverence for Life University

Here are some links mentioned in the program, and other links that may be of interest.

Working Hearts of the Quad Cities
Waterkeeper of the Quad Cities

Self Management Institute and Reverence for Life University - with Desmond Green

Here you can download my books, and some other powerful books for Free. Rural Innovation Institute, library

Here is what I call my "Vision" book, entitled "Vision, We ARE Re-Creating the World a Resource Manual "Tool-box" for Re-vitalization and Empowerment Through Grass-roots Strategies and Environmental Awareness".

Here are the blog posts, and poems that were read in the interview.

Do Good
Your Promise

Finally, the core of my approaches, in as few a words a possible - the Regional Revitalization and Empowerment Strategy, adapted to Colombia, S.A.

Love Transcends, my most powerful half-channeled writing.

Thank You!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Eye Am Sharing

Eye Am Sharing

- Love Transcends

- "The Breath" is the Key, (Conscious Deep Breathing) The Practice (free Global Citizenship Passport)

- Intuition (the best book on this is "Living in the Light: a Guide to Personal and Planetary Transformation" by Shakti Gawain

- Actions guided by the Golden Law

- The Process of Creation, how it occurs, how Spirit creates (this is your life, whether you can see it or not). This little video provides insights and awareness of how life, as we know it came to be. You are consciousness. Consciousness creates in this way. The experiences that you have are related to the ideas, beliefs and experiences that you take with you as you move into new spaces and places.

- Freeing oneself from the challenges typically associated with money. Here is a very nice 8 minute meditation "Reconnecting with the Spirit of Money".

We are experiencers/creators.

You should ask yourSelf the question, "What do you really want?". and this is not your little self, but your true Self,

When you find "this key", the love in your heart, via the Breath, then you must find others to share the experience with. Assist them to find the treasure locked in their heart (kind of like a reverse "Pandora's Box).

Like this song, about life "Went to a Garden Party", every moment is a new moment to share. If we learn to follow our intuition, we will learn that when we "please ourSelf", our higher intuitive Self, to follow its guidance, we become part of the Divine, Harmonic symphonic orchestration, because Love is Guiding us. Whether we are aware or not.

Finally, to catalyze this process, I feel that Gaia, the Spirit of Mother Earth is pouring Love onto us in ways that we cannot imagine. So, connecting with this beautiful, sustaining Spirit will assist us to arrive at our desired, dreamed of destination, but the point is to enjoy the journey, moment to moment. Gaia's Message to Me

To find the peace within you, go within, and learn the truth of who you are. Peace Making

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Do Good

Complicity with “the devil” to take care of “our own” is not acceptable in the Christ consciousness. This goes for the entire world. Corporations, who claim rights of individuals, do not have a soul created in the beginning by the One Infinite Creator. Thus, the collective responsibility and “soul-ness”, if such exists, is distributed throughout the entire organization of people. No one can escape the karmic responsibility they incur by accepting and continuing to work for entities that do harm to people or nature. If we truly want to change the world, we must eliminate this concept that the responsibility for wrong actions somehow falls through the cracks in the gyrations and legal shenanigans and elaborations. We may think we are fooling someone, but we aren’t. We know – in our hearts. Divine Law does not allow for escaping the realities of the consequences of our actions, this is covered by both the Law of Cause and Effect and the Golden Law. It is time we stand up and face this “real reality” and know that the Kingdom of God, Paradise, Nirvana is simply waiting on the other side of a door when we recognize that our job is to re-present our knowing that what we do, and what those that we are affiliated with, we have responsibility for. It is time to step forward and face the truth, that we cannot escape the truth. Our actions have repercussions. However, we need not be afraid, for clemency (forgiveness) is always available when we decide to alter our course and decide to contribute to unification, peace, love and abundance and accept the glories and wonders that are anxiously awaiting to pour down on us as soon as we courageously face the fear of change – not just accepting the way things are, and simply saying, as one common voice, "enough is enough". We will be astounded at the rapidity of the transformation and transmutation as we release the energies the Divine has been building up behind the world’s people’s desire for things to improve for all. We have just been afraid whether or not our families will be taken care of. There are no “buts” in this process. It is either “Do Good” or perish in the fires of conformity and acceptance of less than the best – the quagmire of mediocrity. These doldrums, the human tendency to think we can escape from ourselves, each other, and the Laws of the Cosmos have come to an end. It is now time to step up to the plate and represent our knowing that we truly are expressions of Love, and as such need to embrace the opportunities, that are abundant beyond our comprehension, to make a shift in our actions at all levels. When a large enough group of individuals make a conscious decision we will be astounded at the rapidity of the shift (I am sure it is already occurring), and then we will enter the true glory of what it means to be a Divine Creation.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Good Friday - the Beaver, Owl and the Dog.

My brother Mark and I took a walk in a park called The Ledges yesterday. It is a really beautiful place, although the main portion is closed because of flooding last year. It is located on the Des Moines river. I have many memories from it from growing up. Well, yesterday Mark and I went for a walk in the upper part of the park. It was so quiet. It had been raining earlier in the day, but it was a very nice temperature. We were walking in a wooded area where this a tiny lake. The birds were singing, the flowers have started blooming and the air was crisp in my lungs. The temperature and rain was in perfect balance to leave raindrops hanging from the branches of the budding trees as glistening gems. They stayed hanging for our whole walk. I was inspired to touch my tongue to the raindrop a few times. I felt like a child - I had never done that before.

Then as we got down to the lake we saw a beaver in the water. In my whole life I have never seen a beaver so close. We were able to get within about 30 meters. Then another beaver swam up and they started grooming each other. We decided not to bother them so we went back up to the ridge around the little lake to continue walking around. As we were walking the beavers decided to swim to the other side of the lake, although I didn't pay much attention until we got to the opposite side.

At that point the trail we were on came within about 6 meters of the water. The larger of the two beavers decided to settle himself right where we could easily watch him eat the twig he was chewing on. Again, in 51 years I have never seen a beaver so close. They are normally a very shy animal and quite sensitive to humans. This one however, just sat there chewing right in front of us. I decided to see how close I could get before he decided to leave and was able to get about 3 meters away. He did not get upset with my intrusion, he just decided to swim calmly away. Both Mark and I have seen beavers in the wild, along the Skunk river, and they rarely could be approached closer than 100 meters. It was so great to see a wild animal in its natural environment, and so calm. I almost felt, and so did Mark, that he wanted to satisfy both our desires to see him as close as possible.

We continued our walk through the woods and then decided to leave after about an hour in the peace and serenity of the place. Then two more amazing animal interactions happened. We started leaving the park at a leisurely pace in Mark's van. It was about 7 pm, dusk. And then I saw a beautiful owl on the left side of the road sitting on a tree branch. It was incredible. And very close. When I saw it I told Mark to stop so we could get a better look at it, since we had passed it a little bit. Mark quickly stopped and then put the van in reverse to get straight view of the owl, but the noise of the brakes startled the owl and it flew a little way down the road, but not far. So we moved the car very slowly down the road 50 meters to get another look.

As Mark let the van roll slowly down the road I heard the strangest whimpering, crying sound. At first I kind of laughed saying "Mark, is that your van making that noise?", thinking it might be the brakes or a squeaky bearing or something. Then he stopped the van and the sound continued, and kind of got louder and I know we both recognized the sound as a whimpering dog. We both looked at each other, not speaking what we both feared - that we had somehow run over a dog, even though we did not see it run into the road.

I slowly got out of the van afraid to find a mangled dog under the wheel or something. But nothing was there. Then the whimpering continued. Then I realized that it was in the engine compartment. I was afraid to look to see a mangled animal, but told Mark to open the hood in any case. I opened the engine compartment and there was a little black dog sitting on top of the engine, actually on one of the things that can get extremely hot, the exhaust manifold. I was afraid to pick him up for finding a mangled leg from than cooling fan, or the alternator or fan belts. By that time Mark had gotten out so while I was holding the hood open he lifted the little dog out of the engine. She was in perfect condition. Scared, but her little tail was wagging as Mark picked her up. It was kind of like a Chihuahua.

Mark gave her to me and we began to try to figure out how she got there. We still don't know. The park is remote. There were no other people. The only houses are a long ways away. No reasonable way for a tiny dog like that to go wandering into the park and climb in the engine compartment. I said, "well Mark, it looks like you have a dog". He only said, "I can't have them.", because of the landlord.

So we decided to go to the nearest house, we thought maybe the park ranger to see if we could find the owner. Well, to make a long story short, at that house there was a retired couple and the lady was so happy to see the little dog. They said they have at least 3 options for a good home - grandkids, or daughters. So we left the dog with them. She said "Happy Easter, and God Bless You both". Then I realized it was Good Friday and suggested that be the name for her.

Neither Mark or I know how this happened. If I wouldn't have seen the owl and yelled for Mark to stop, the little dog would have been burned or mangled by the moving parts of the engine. The owl was looking directly at us as we were driving by. And then when it flew, it flew down the road just enough so we moved very slowly down the road to notice the puppy. After we got the dog out, the owl flew totally away.

It was a very strange, magical, and inspiring experience that now as I ponder it has more important lessons, tidbits of magic. Still processing, but there is something really wonderful happening. Go out in nature dear for She is trying to help us appreciate the beauty of life. This is just one experience.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Joy effervesces
from deep in my being,
as if from the atoms themselves.
The nature of my true life,
expressing itself,
untangling beliefs and ideas.
The light at an energetic level,
spiraling up, releasing, revealing,
silly perceptions introduced
into consciousness for a play.
An unread demonstration of possibility,
as thought ingrains alternatives
of things that just might be.
The ropes and chains of past prisons
cannot any more impede
the nature of life, the stuff we're made,
has as its purpose love.
But all is allowed its own expression,
the totality is endowed,
the possibilities are endless
the limits aren't defined.
Now my heart relinquishes
old patterns not endowed.
These old ideas just don't fit
my choice is one of joy,
and the idea to trust the process
is all that is required.
No worries, no pain, no fear.
For that which sustains,
is and always was,
giving me permission
to express what I see best.
The only issue was contradictions,
mis-understandings of what is.
But now emerging deep within me
the incredibly open mind,
the heart that has always compelled
no longer do I have to find
for it was always in me,
and it was never lost.
But now I realize the real truth,
that it is the heart of the One.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Thought Butterflies

Words like butterflies
Dance and flitter through my mind
Expressions of thoughts
Some free
Some constrained
Not limited by space and time
Sometimes opening doors to new horizons
Gifts from the Divine
Treasures, tantalizations, invitations
Some tied to feelings, some not
But no matter what
There will always be more
Because that is the nature
Of what we call life

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Trail Blazing - a Prayer

This body, this flesh is not who I am. I know this now without a doubt. This mystery is far to grand, so immersive to be the shallow model that has been presented so conveniently through science and religion. What a humorous thing to observe. The descriptions of everything in words, theories, ideas which represent only one tiny part of even a moment in this grand experience called life. I am not afraid anymore. Now, as I become conscious of the various aspects of truth, of course not even a sliver, but something nonetheless, I can see, feel, sense and know the beauty and simplicity. All is based on love. And anything is possible. There is only One thing here, but its potential and expressions are infinite. As my awareness expands, simply, it seems, by my willingness and open-ness, I feel as though an aspect of myself has blazed a trail before me, establishing, preparing the adventures I have experienced.

How could my thoughts entertain the vastness of possibilities, the extent of the cosmos, but then be denied access even in this human form? The limitations have all been set down by a very limited view of life. And this is not the truth - unless I decide it is. I don't. My curiosity, my hunger to experience love and living in the full spectrum, the full cycle of being urges me to invite greater and greater possibilities. God, Source, One, Love - Thank You!

In some strange, mysterious, magical way I know you know what is going to happen next and yet it is not preordained. The experience is mine alone to create - in process. And as I do your essence, your love, your Being goes with me and captures and transmits the experience throughout. Please guide me, strengthen me to be consistent and responsible to Love as I know in the deepest part of my being that this is the most beneficial process for me. And yet I do not want to limit, constrain or choke the experience by my preconceived ideas, beliefs or prejudices. Empower me to contribute in the purest and most beneficial way.

Strengthen and support me to be courageous, bold and creative. To confront and resist conformity as it appears to be the thing stifling life the most in this "reality". Help me be the harbinger, the trailblazer, the demonstrator of the glory and opportunity that you have given all who exist in this form we call human-being. I yearn, intend to know universal, cosmic consciousness in this form, if that is what I am to be. I seek to show others the realization of our capacities and potentials in this form. And yet I detach from the process. I am loving the best I know how. I am being the best I know how. And I am grateful for the incredible capacities you have endowed to me. To see so clearly. To experience so fully. To look back and see with wonder this life. And then to go forward each day with wonder and gratitude. Oh my God! How do you do this? How did you make this? How can you hold all together in perfection? - And know all of it. When will I join you?

Please let me show others the way. I know we came here to be happy, to have fun, to love, to experience the vastness of the cacophony of sense experience. The pleasures. The intensities. To dream big dreams and make them. And to live through the whole process as complete expression of your love. Breathe life into me, Love. Breathe me. Breathe through me. Have me as a channel, a messenger, a light bearer - for the Grand enlightening, the conversion to the Truth experience of Love. With all of my Being, all of my power, all of my humility I say this prayer now. And I Thank You for granting and fulfilling this request in the exact manner that aligns with perfect Love. Thank You! So Be It! So It Is. All That Is!