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National T.V. Début - Dr. Andy Drives a Bus

Friday, November 7, 2008

National T.V. Début - Dr. Andy Drives a Bus

Today I'm going to venture into the personal domain with a somewhat humerous story. It looks like I'm going to have my national T.V. début here in a few weeks, not as an expert in tourism, or scholar or a Ph.D., but as a bus driver. Hehehe.

Due to the slowness of some projects for Solomon Source I've had to take a job with my old "stand-by" - working for a bus company. Now this time, instead of driving the bus (which I've done since 1984) I've been mostly working in the office. However, I told the company if they needed me to drive, I would. Last week the makers of "Friday Night Lights" came by to look at our buses, which I showed them. A couple of days later they called about getting the buses. I actually clean up pretty good so the company asked me if I wanted to drive for them. I said "sure".

The scenes are about as the team makes its way to State. And I'm the bus driver. Its been interesting and fun. And it lends to humility. Humility is always a good place to return to. For me it lends to a sense of gratitude, which is also a good place to be.

Actually, I have found myself repeatly coming back to buses over about 25 years. I have "sworn" off driving numerous times, but something about the experience and my life situation has pulled me back for one reason or another. I drove all through my Ph.D. studies to supplement my income, and even drove a few times while I was teaching at Texas A&M.

In an interesting way much of my life experience and perspectives have been influenced by my experiences working with this industry. I think it's the same that people say about their experiences waiting tables. Those jobs that customers often take for granted allows the "Server" a plethora of experience that end up shaping their lives.

Driving for people has had a significant affect on my view of the world. I have always been inclined to "do stuff" and driving the bus has allowed me the opportunity to see many places and meet thousands of people and have a vast array of experiences, especially educational and "experiential".

In fact just the other day I picked up an elementary school group at Camp Champions near Marble Falls, Texas and was amazed with the impact these teachers are having on their students lives. I am doing a little more research and will soon do a longer blog on their awesome work.

In my opinion, this is where "the rubber meets the road" - teachers touching kids lives, creating experiences that allow the kids a chance to see the world in a new way. It was Steve Simpson who really started this for me at Iowa State in the 80's. He lit a fire in my heart and I'm still on the path today.

Well anyway, look for more "down to earth" blogs in the near future. My more recent experiences (having to take a job I don't really want to, just to get by) of the mundane and survival brings me to another level of experience. It makes me ask the question "what are we doing to touch people's lives". How is the "theory" brought to a place where we actually are making a difference. Look for random thoughts along these lines in the next few weeks - or not.

But, I'll be sure to post when my national acting début happens. Likely within the next few weeks. Maybe Hollywood is waiting for me??? . . . or maybe not!!

All the best,