Monday, May 4, 2015

On Trust and Money Virus/Counties

We are all working out trust related issues, however to overcome trust issues is simple, be trusting. People who are "un-trust worthy" will quickly remove themselves because they don't trust. My experience is to only be able to work on me, not have un-trusting antenna out because that is my projection and will always return the same experience/energy - that which is the lesson I am here to learn about.

People with abusive parents, or untrustworthy (parents of orphans) have to dig deep and get past the tendency to not trust anyone because human systems have tended to be not trustworthy. That is because people lie and are not putting their trust in the only trustworthy thing, that - Desmond would say Breath, some would say God, All That Is - I would say whatever made THIS - and I am 100% of THIS. No part of me is left out. A wise friend Barry stated that he would keep repeating the same mistakes/experiences until he learned the lesson from the experience. I have learned two main things "Trust" and "Love More". And hence if I am 100% Source, or Breath then I can deduct that I am made of, and being supported by what I can trust 100%. How do I arrive at a place to trust and be loving? Act that way, to the best of my ability each day. And keep that same effort, practice up.

Money viruses
There are no bar codes on apples or trees or leaves or animals, except when we put them there.

We have been put into a labeling, numbering and counting "nightmare". It is like a virus, running in our brains computer. Essentially, with most people, running their RAM memory at its limit.

To think of the un-sanity of this is to imagine oneself attempting to count everything around them. The leaves, the blades of grass, grains of sand, clouds, hairs on our heads, etc. We have been pulled into a "counties" program. The bean counters and hoarders of beans rule here. We are much like Scrat in the movie Ice Age. Chasing the proverbial nut. Which, by its very nature, we will never get. Because most of us, deep down, don't FEEL we deserve. We don't trust. So we will never let ourselves live it. That is because we are here trying to learn a lesson. The lesson of trust and love. To get this lesson we have to "fake it 'til we make it". To be trusting and loving.

This is the wisdom contained in Jesus message "love God with all your being and love your neighbor as yourself." Which means -
If I learn love, for me, in the true sense, then I will experience that love, and what others do is not my business. But, they will have to follow me because there is only one way to go.

One breath at a time.