Saturday, April 5, 2014

Cosmic Conscious Deep Breathing Society

During a short contemplation yesterday I thought about the amount of chemical/electrical reactions that happen inside just one organ of my body. These same activities are happening in everything, from a blade of grass, to the digestion inside a bug, to the energetic reactions within stars and galaxies. There is precise timing that must occur for the process to continue. One link in these endless chains of activities and life as we know it would end. The infinite intelligence of the cosmos manages these without our meddling. We are the living results. The same processes that make sure the timing happens properly are also going on with our individual and collective conscious evolution. To think of this with dualistic thinking causes great stress and overwhelm-ment. Our consciousness has us discussing all that we think is "wrong", and not happening in the proper time. We think we can manage, organize and get things done better, as we think about our past experiences as we project these "theories" of something being wrong with nature into the future. The truth is, there is no way to push a river, nor do we really need to. The way to come to peace with the knowing that everything is proceeding perfectly is to move to the simple realization/experience of One Breath. Remove one breath from that wave of breaths that you are, is not possible. The NOW is entered, and becomes eternal in One Breath, and provides complete security and satisfaction, like no other activity that we can participate in. Appreciating Your Breath, as Your Source and Supply and as being everlasting puts you in your point of power to create your life consciously, not by accident, or happenstance. Thinking will not solve our current conundrum, it has created it, for a very important purpose, but it will not get us out of it. It was not its function. Thinking's purpose was discover a vast new level of experience, of the idea of separation, apparent, disconnect from our Source, which is not possible. Now as this pursuit has run its course, we are being invited to leave complexity and return to simplicity, One Breath, which instigates Reverence for Life, the foundation for the new Earth experience. Drop the old stories, cease arguing or questioning life. IT is being guided, supported and orchestrated with something to beautiful, wonderful and powerful. The Breath is the currency of Infinite Love, which is inviting us to enjoy the next chapter in our evolutionary process, of awareness, as individuated consciousness as YOU. Join our Cosmic Conscious Deep Breathing Society.