Thursday, September 27, 2012

"Thought-form" creation space

I posted this on Sept. 13, 2012 on Facebook

We live in a "thought-form" creation space. What you entertain with your attention quickly manifests into form. What ideas are you giving your attention? "Feed me Seymor" - KISS your life - "Keep It Simply Simple" - be conscious of your breath, be grateful for your life, you ARE a powerful creator and you have been learning how to create and Share a whole bunch of stuff. Now that you know this, what are you going to create?

Monday, September 24, 2012

Love is Easy

Love peace. Love life. Love your neighbor. Love the Earth. Love God. God is everything. Love yourself. Raise your vibrations out of shame, guilt, fear, blame, anger and pride. Don't know how? Ask for help. Spend time in nature. Read. Asking for help is a powerful gift. You give to the other and they receive much more from giving, and so do you. Know your truth of love. Know that you are love and Share your love the best that you can. Just do the best you can, each day. Always believe in ever expanding possibilities - because this is the Truth. Don't fret, just keep Doing the best you can. You breathe life and love into everything you think, say and do. Breathe deeply and consciously and watch the magical world we live in. IT IS wonderful becoming. Thank you. I love you.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Word World

I had a dream last night that was grounded in the mundane world, but the meaning that I interpreted this morning upon reflection, was that "the power" to re-create had been handed over from the queen (of England not capitalized on purpose), to us. Up until now, we have been playing a game with words that make us feel like we are tiny, that life is happening to us, that there is something else in charge, there are authorities and any sundry types of concepts, ideas, etc. This is all well and good, and had a purpose. The question is then, do we want to continue to follow these various pathways for creation? I am living and being in something new.

I am pretty sure that this set of insights was a direct result of Desmond Green Sharing on his radio program Reverence for Life, on Friday Sept. 21. This is a direct result of his very powerful, yet short video - the Power of Words. See the video posted below.

Below is what I posted at Facebook today - these concepts of examining where our ideas/beliefs/world came from was first introduced by a Landmark Education workshop I attended in 1997. This workshop catalyzed an experience that I have written about entitled "My Burning Bush".

"We live in a world created through "the word". Look how fat the dictionary is. Before someone, I don't know who, started labeling stuff and assigning meanings, value and judgement, there existed pure potentiality (or no-thing). We are the creators of this potentiality, our soul energies, and we have been playing a very elaborate word game that has created this "reality". I am now speaking the words, connected to the thoughts that are guided by my blissful knowing. The Practice is taking me there via my breath. Everything in this form, in my body, is a creation of my breath and knowing that is taking me back home to love. I can totally trust that the totality of this knows exactly what it is doing, and when I get to That state of trust, I am free!"

Friday, September 14, 2012

Catching Our Breath

Desmond and I had a great phone call today Sept 14, 2012.

While he was sharing, I literally got an image (in a way) of a dragon flying along, with billowing air (not fire) going in front of it, that was creating the "reality" that it is moving, experiencing into. I feel that this is possibly a metaphor for who and what we are - powerful beings, breathing our soul consciousness into the totality of the experiences, including the external environment into Being - Manifesting new adventures being recorded by the One consciousness, creator.

Image from:

Then, as we continued the conversation I had an insight of how simple it is to bring ourselves back from the confusion, distress, cacophony of "external life" as we have been playing with it. As the situations that we are going through trigger what we call, negative, or uncomfortable emotions - we can simply bring our attention back to the physical interface where our breath enters our bodies. We can slow our situation down and begin to notice the breath moving in and out of our nose, or mouth. Then, as the attention is brought to focus on the in and out breaths we can begin to entertain a different set of thoughts. They might include noticing the feeling of the breath moving in and out. Or, it could be to realize that because you are breathing you are alive - and life is a gift. Or, you could try to imagine "how in the world does my breath successfully supply every atom, molecule and cell in my body with the fuel for me to be here experiencing all of this?"

The possibilities can go on and on. Play with it.

Then, you might move your awareness to appreciating all the external beauty that surrounds you. The trees dancing in the wind for you to enjoy. A butterfly. A raindrop. The sunshine. The taste of the air moving into you - or the fragrance of a flower. The wonder of a fly, or the sky, or the piece of pie that you decide to go eat because your stomach is growling.

We are breathing, so we are alive. And life is meant to be fun. So, if you are feeling stressed, or worried, or scared - get back to the truth of the NOW experience. Everything is breathing and this is how life is playing out right now, and it is truly, wonderful becoming.

Here is a excerpt from the book Seth Speaks, by Jane Roberts (and of course Seth) which fully validates that there is a lot more going on here, and our consciousness is simply a vehicle being used, by the breath to create the realities that WE, each of us here, are totally responsible for. We are creating the life we are experiencing, that is, in spite of us believing or pretending that this might not be the case.

"Not only is the entity strengthened, but portions of it, having been actualized in three-dimensional existence, now add to the very quality and nature of the existence. Without this creativity, planetary life in your terms would always be sterile. The soul or entity then gives breath to the body, and to the three-dimensional self within it. The three-dimensional self then goes about its purpose of opening up new areas of creativity.

Entities or souls, in other words, send out portions of themselves to open up avenues of reality that would not exist otherwise. The three-dimensional selves, in existing within these realities must focus their attention there completely. An inner awareness gives them a source of energy and strength. They must, however, come to understand their roles as actors, "finally" from their roles, and through another act of comprehension, return to the entity"

Seth Speaks, p. 53-54 - by Jane Roberts.

Now, this is only a tiny portion of the "reality" of who and what WE/YOU are. This speaks of only one dimension, namely third-dimension, but we exist on many dimensions, although this one is apparently particularly important as we contribute a significant portion of our attentive energies to the experiences that we are having.

Have a nice day All,

With Great Love,

Friday, September 7, 2012

The Theatre, light dance - Source - The Breath

*Some insights this morning* The no-thing-ness moves into us via our breath, then we transform that energy into photonic, light projections that we experience as a totally immersive virtual "dance of light" theatre - that we have been told is "reality". We are our breath, we run the projectors and are the script writers via our consciousness, our thinking, beliefs, etc. - we can enjoy the show in our senses and feelings, but we can find the center point simply by appreciating and be conscious of our source, breath. The new program for having fun is embedded in it. "KISS - Keep It Simply Simple" - Desmond Donald Green

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Calling Forth the Clouds

Calling forth the Clouds
November 5, 2009
an excerpt from the book I Am Sharing: Thoughts, Experiences and Learning About Love and Service, Andrew Skadberg, PhD.

In 1981, when I was just a few days clean from drugs and alcohol, I had a very profound experience. I had discovered that I might be an alcoholic and drug addict in the month of May.

I had been struggling with trying to escape from the world via drinking and drugs since I was thirteen years old.

In May of 1981 I had been arrested for the fourth time for alcohol related incidents. I had an incredible awakening on July 12, 1981 about how I had to get honest with myself if there was ever any hope for my recovery.

This experience I relate here has to do with my coming to believe that there was a power greater than myself – or a God. Prior to this time, as a young person trying to rectify the “issues” related to a loving God allowing all of the suffering in the world, I guess I had come to the dubious place of being an agnostic. I couldn’t satisfy myself with the dogma of Christianity as practiced in middle-America, nor had I spent any time investigating the great Truths contained in all religions, and those that are embedded in the Bible, that I have come to know that have been intermixed with manipulations of the church leaders throughout a 2000 year history.

However, on July 12, 1981, I had gotten on my knees for the first time that I can remember, and prayed “God Help Me!” I have been clean of drugs and alcohol since.

Two weeks clean, which was an impossible accomplishment previously, I found myself preparing to go to a conference for young people in recovery in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I was excited. But before I could leave I had to finish a contract with Pioneer Seed International, detassling about nine acres of corn. It is a very arduous work.

I was really anticipating my trip, which at that time to travel 250 miles was a really big deal. I was in the middle of the corn field and it was hot! As I remember over 100 degrees, no wind and the corn was over six feet tall so it was a real miserable situation. Although detassling corn is demanding physically, after one learns how it becomes autonomic. Thus, as one pulls the tassle out of 18,000 plants per ½ mile row, there is ample time for thought.

On this day the sun was beating down, in addition to stifling heat and humidity, and I felt as if I might pass out. However, I had to get this job done so I could get paid and make the trip with no worries.

I guess I must have been contemplating the existence of God as I tramped through the rows of corn. The recovery program that I was part of strongly suggested a person to accept the possibility that there existed a “power greater than themselves”. In the first twelve or so days from my first prayer, I guess I had not totally rectified this issue. This could be understood since I had been a skeptic for a number of years. So I decided to put God to the test.

It was so incredibly hot. Really, Iowa heat, in the middle of a cornfield is something that is incomprehensible if you haven’t experienced it. I needed relief or I would have to leave the field, to take a break and recover – maybe returning later in the day when it had cooled some.

It was a cloudless day. Over 90% humidity. So I looked up at the sky and said, “Ok, if there is a God, cover up the sun.” It was a simple request, and I really didn’t take it seriously. I went back to my work without noticing anything specifically, until about 10 minutes passed and the glaring sun stopped. I looked up, and from an absolutely cloudless sky, the sky was filled with clouds and cooled the temperature I would estimate about fifteen degrees.

I couldn’t believe it. I just kept on working, finished the job comfortably. Made my trip to Minnesota and decided that that was enough evidence that there was a God. I believe that experience carried me through with a simple faith in God, that helped me make it through some of the more challenging times of early recovery from drug and alcohol abuse.

Of course, over these many years, I have done vast contemplation and study of what God is. And today I use a number of terms to refer to this “Being”, including God (although this is likely the most misunderstood) the “One” or “Source” of “All That Is”. I also use “I Am”.

Today, as I write about this experience in the cornfield 28 years later, I have another understanding. That is that I was the one who caused the clouds. That is because I am One with God – we are not separate. And I have come to discover (and this is likely the tip of an infinite iceberg) that what I truly am is a multi-dimensional being (in our universe), expressed through Spirit as a direct descendent of the One – the Source of all life in our universe and an infinity of universes that extend through infinity of what we call time.

But this is a digression and likely Sharing for a future book. Nevertheless, I have discovered incredible new realities of consciousness, and my roles and responsibilities on the little place we call Earth, and our divine opportunities to extend our experiences throughout the vast reaches of the cosmos. I cannot relate here the full breadth and depth of the books, experiences and contemplations that have brought me to this place, although I have given a sample here in this book, specifically maintaining a careful consideration for what people “of the world” will be able to consider and believe. But the one book, whom I was the great benefactor of providing my services to help bring to the world “When Love Guides Your Thoughts” was one of the most profound contributors to my confidence in my experiences, and trusting that the Divine, my life, and All That Is, is in perfect order. I have been made in the image and likeness of God. I have the powers to co-create, to affect the weather, to heal, and to bring into manifestation many ideas, things, concepts, and creations that appear to arise from nothing. But in reality, it is Mother-Father God extending its creative expression through me via my experiences, learning and sharing. And the more that I believe in these incredible possibilities, and trust my heart, and align the power of my mind to my heart’s Divine guidance, the more that these possibilities expand. And how I get access to this is captured in two statements of one of many great and wonderful teachers (paraphrased) “the kingdom of god is within you”, and “seek ye first the kingdom of God”.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

This Love

I think I have been waiting to Share something like this Sometimes I contemplate, and feel the ecstacy and intensity and depth of both the pains and joys I have experienced of THIS LOVE which are always with me, moment to moment. They have motivated me to "re-create the world". I can't express in any way in words, but day to day I attempt to express my gratitude in my thoughts, words, deeds and actions. I know I will never attain an adequate compensation - but I keep on doing the best I can. Thank you for Sharing!