Thursday, April 18, 2013

It's OK

From my meditation last night I saw so clearly that Breath Consciousness is the key to our freedom. Americans have been totally programmed, as has the world, to see only money. Because the monetary system is based on the fallacy of "scarcity" no amount of mental gyrations will suffice a solution. So many have been "spinning" various strategies with no success. Desmond Donald Green has patiently been mentoring me in my process of becoming Breath Conscious. I am so grateful. Just like God is patient, we will go home, when we chose to take responsibility for our own experience and life. You have access to Your solution. You are Your solution. There is no finding a solution through someone else. It is already supporting you, being delivered into you via each breath. Each breath, consciously taken, will keep you stationed in Your Now moment which is your only point of power to create. The proper use of our conscious thinking mind is not to be worrying, fretting over money but to be noticing, appreciating and being grateful for our breath which is the creator of our life experience both internal and external. Thank you!

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Selfishness grows in the fertile garden of fear of death, or the belief of not being loved.

Neither possibility is possible so selfishness will melt like snow in summer if we trust the truth of only love.

Internal source is unlimited.

we have been looking outside for validation

- this process, looking at others breeds compassion and understanding.

we are here working out "isolated identity" (the "I" which is illusion) = new experience for One Infinite Awareness

what we draw from is unlimited

Breath draws from unseen and makes seen.

Breath forms/creates "the word" (light/matter)

ever ready
because you're here

imagine. fathom. know. accept. share

KISS = Keep It Simple Sweetheart

Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Eyes Have It

Today's inspiration

Eye Have Three Eyes (personal trinity)
When Thine Eye is Single You Will Be Filled With Light (Jesus)
Keep Your Eye On the Prize
Eye Love My Breath (Yin Yang - the no seen, into light, the breath carries the word)
By Default Eye Love Everything (Love God with all your being and neighbor as self)

Mantra: Eye Am My Breath, Eye Am Your Breath, Eye Am Our Breath