Sunday, May 26, 2013

This is a RANT and Challenge to my generation

You know, it just hit me. So many people of my generation have given up, sold out, or burned out. You can come back to life. If you keep doing the same things, you keep supporting the same "machine" which is a tightly controlled system that has no regard for human life much less the environment, you will continue to get sicker, more miserable, and want to just drink or drug yourself to death.

Let me tell you, we did not come here to just create a big pile of shit, to tromp down some road with a sense of forlorness, and mediocrity. We came here to thrive, to blossom, to "re-create the world". This system I mentioned includes nearly every major area of human activity, banking, business, health, education, food, medicine, religion, energy, transportation, government, law, corporations - and the one most important element that feeds this thing is "money". As long as you keep spending and working inside of the machine, you are supporting it. I "stepped out" over 5 years ago, and I am still here - more vital, much happier, each day knowing that I am doing everything humanly/spiritually possible to "be the change I want to see in the world". It has not been easy in any stretch of the word. We don't have to destroy the systems of distribution and communication, we have to re-make them. Like taming a tiger.

I share this with all the earnestness that I can generate, and this is not a judgment or accusation, it is a heartfelt plea, challenge, clarion call - People, friends, cohorts of my generation - as long as we keeping going to church on Sunday hoping for God to make things better - it ain't enough (and this is a type of metaphor). If you keep going and doing 90% of the "same" - you're part of the problem. However, if you decide to get some cajones and step out of the system, leave your hoped for "security" via pension, retirement, etc. and take your time, money and energy and put it toward "community" - revitalization and empowerment, or to make your "secret dream" come true, we could, in practically no time at all bring the "monster" to a quick and peaceful demise.

I look at people and they are so sick and tired and lost. I am surprised to see this because I see us walking around in paradise. And I see all the reasons in the world to put everything on the line to create heaven on Earth - our kids, our friends and neighbors who can't even see that most people are totally lost - drinking, drugs, working in jobs they hate day after day, all in hopes of getting a few imaginary symbols put into their bank account. Still afraid because they don't trust that God is here, and that God will take care of them.

Let me tell you - God is here. You are God. And you must start acting, and believing and BEING God if you want to be happy. How do you do that. You Love and put that love to action. There is no half-assness here. You either believe, or not.

I know this is a rant. I don't care. I've been watching too many of the people I grew up with give up to "their health", their house, their job, their everything, feeling that we have lost. We are far from lost. We are entering a time in the history of the world and cosmos that is going to totally blow people's minds.

I am living proof that you can survive without "a salary" or regular job. Even though each day I continue to work to create the world that I want for my children. That is not the world that I see being shown on TV. I don't want my kids taking pills, and believing that they will die of dis-ease, planted through vile and twisted media and manipulation of a medical industry driven by profits. I don't want a world where the "solution" is making more devices to kill each other with, I don't want the world of the future that the "self appointed controllers" keep showing us via Hollywood movies and "prime time" survivor type shows and news over the last 40 years in increasing violence and bizaarness, I don't want a world where our "authorities and leaders" are the most corrupt and dishonest, who only seem to serve the interest of these heartless/soul-less creations that we call corporations.

It is time to step out my friends. Jump off the cliff and trust that you will be taken care of. It is actually very simple, because you can trust your breath. What is behind it is what you are looking for. You will find within yourself more power, more wonder, more capacity than you ever imagined. You will find joy in doing what makes you happy, not what satisfies a fear-based sense of security.

Look at your "job" - what are you really doing? Does it really fulfill you? Is anyone really benefitting? Is there any environmental damage being accrued? ARE YOU REALLY HAPPY?

It is time. Take a big leap. At least one time in your life. There really is nothing to lose and everything to gain. It is time. Find your peace within, not in the things you can accumulate. You don't take those things with you. You take your memories that you acquire from your experiences. You are here for soul growth, not to have "a job" and get a nice house and car. It is time to invest all that you can into a new "system" - one that puts "people and the environment" first, as a collective.

We are going home. It is guaranteed. I want to make this place our "happy home" while we still have time. And my generation are in an incredibly powerful place to shift things very quickly if we just stopping "feeding the monster". It only eats money and if we keep sending it our energy, it keeps on chewing people up and spitting them out - even though it is on its last death throes, it can still do a lot of harm to innocent people - which is not necessary.

Step up to the plate and start swinging - it is time to enter the "big game" and be a part of the powerful spiritual ascension that is taking place. Yes, you might have to step out of your comfort zone for awhile, but believe me the rewards are so much greater when you leave the little fear based reality of your highly manipulated mind, to the one that is guided by your heart and conscience - what is supporting you, is really supporting you, and it wants you to live in the world of your dreams - not the world that someone else told you was the world you had to live in.

Stop living for your future, and live NOW - one conscious deep breath at a time.

And if you are wondering how to start this, I do have some great suggestions. Lots of great books, organizations, etc. have come to be. They would benefit greatly from your time, energy and financial support. If you keep paying in the same places, you keep supporting what has no regard for you or me.

With Great Love,

Come join us at the Reverence for Life University,

Friday, May 10, 2013

Reverence for Life University

Sarah launched Reverence for Life University on Facebook today.

An auspicious day/event!!!!

I posted from Seth "War finally will teach you to revere life". - from The Nature of Personal Reality by Jane Roberts

The Breath is taking us to Reverence for Life/One Love.

The University of YOU!!!!

We need not abdicate, hand over, our authority outside. Our breath authorizes us to create with Reverence for Life.

Conscious Deep Breathing and The Practice is a skill-set that automatically registers our consciousness in our breath opening us to greater and greater awareness of infinite abundance and limitless potential supported through the One with infinite awareness. Conscious Deep Breathing installs trust. The Breath is the process underway that cannot be denied or resisted.

Reverence for Life University delivers first this skill-set to help each discover that they are, already what they have been looking for.

Utilizing the only building block of life we are given full authority to create in alignment with Reverence for Life in the Now moment, one conscious deep breath at a time.

Sealing Our Head Gasket
Desmond uses the metaphor of a head gasket of an automobile engine to exemplify what the results are after acquiring this "skill-set" which results from the physical action of CDB. Essentially without this skill-set the energy that comes through our conscious channel results in a total loss of power and that the oil, water, fuel.oxygen mixture and proper compression for proper function is lost. Oil gets blown all over the engine compartment until the engine, eventually, will seize up from improper lubrication, or the engine will overheat from loss of cooling fluid. This metaphor/analogy works well for our purposes.

Seal your head gasket, which happens automatically through Conscious Deep Breathing. Appreciate the process which is underway, and has been going on.

The Midas of the Conscious Deep Breathing Skill-set
Desmond also makes another analogy to Midas the muffler company. Midas installs mufflers when people bring their car to the shop. They do not go out searching for cars, or try to install mufflers on cars that people are not ready to get their muffler replaced. They wait for the people who are ready and come to get their mufflers replaced. We will use the same approach at the Reverence for Life University.

Today our new faculty member Cory joined a school on another vibrational level. He had spoken of May 9th being an important date and when I asked him what had come up he said essentially, he was going to a new school.

Finally, yesterday Desmond arrived in Jamaica where he will be meeting with the Director of the pulmonary section of the medical school of the University of West Indies to begin conducting research into the various benefits from the offerings of the Reverence for Life University.

I also completed a nice outline for the Reverence for Life University website that I will be working on over the next few days.

This concludes the official recording of the launching of Reverence for Life.