Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Love professes you to be
En-joy that you are eternally free
Shallow are the graves of those who've been
Dancing amongst the graves of their kin
No-thing lost, no-thing gained
Ever present wonders are entrained
The way that life stands and emerges
Is from your essence of your Being as it surges
Release any questions about
There is absolutely no doubt
That All That Is, Is You re-vealing
YourSelf as extension with no ceiling

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Your Sweetness

Yesterday eye had a wonderful conversation with Desmond Donald Green - it dawned on me that we use the word "breath" to describe what is behind everything because it is still pure. When we talk of "god" or "love" they both have had so much baggage and misconception attached, so as no one really can get away from the confusion, or pain that just using the words can bring up. Also, isn't breathing the one thing really going on? How far can we get without a breath. It really can do a person wonders to spend some time contemplating these things. This is what Jesus meant when he said "the kingdom of heaven is within". Eye realized that all of my most expansive experiences, and knowings came from just "thinking about things" with no particular destination in mind. To spend some time "noticing". Reverie, contemplation, meditation, reflection, processing - these are all words that can describe the way by which we can learn from our lives, our experiences, to see things in a new way. Emmet Fox wrote "Contemplation is the highest form of meditation". Contemplation in the Now, as one observes a bumble bee working the flowers can cause some of the most astounding realizations and appreciations. Eye have one suggestion for all of my friends today. It is  gift from Desmond - consider your "sweetness", or that sweetness that is inherent throughout your life. Spend some time in nature, or with yourself, or a loved one and relish this idea for awhile. Or enjoy the sweetness of a series of Conscious Deep Breaths. Be sure to be breathing deeply, slowly, intentionally. Eye even suggest a person do this every day, for as long as you can. You will likely be very surprised at the results.