Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Two commandments - Jesus

This "download" is connected to an experience I had nearly 23 years ago that I wrote as Realization of Self Love.

1) Love God with all your being
2) Love your neighbor as yourself

The Pharisees represent "the world", 10 commandments - which represents the 1 and 0 of duality (computers)(Emmett Fox wrote a book The Ten Commandments, stating they are Laws)

Jesus simplified the Pharisees "so Jesus what of the 10 commandments" - speaking "as God" saying there is only 2.

Your physical body here, where your consciousness resides, is your gift from God. Love it! Love your Beingness.

Quoting King David, Jesus stated "You are Gods."

So then, as realized in my Realization of Self Love experience (revisiting Self Love)- there is an unspoken, apparent step of "loving yourself" because the 2nd commandment we are directed "love others as ourselves".

So, Jesus "assumed" we already "love ourselves"

My clarification, download relates to my/our sense of physical separation from "others". The Truth, and only Truth of all Jesus messages and teachings is ONE. We ARE ONE WITH THE ONE. He told us in innumerable ways, demonstrations, etc.

And in John he even goes further to say that when we accept the Truth of what he said - we will do all he did - AND MORE!

My messenger last night (I was fully awake) gave me the knowing that the Pharisees and the 10 commandments represent the distractions of the outside world. If we look to the "shadows dancing on the wall" (Plato's allegory of the cave) as "other selves" they act as mirrors, drawing out doubts (Thomas) delusions, suffering, hatred - those things that are distract us from God's Perfect Infinite Love. They will show themselves as our nemesis, or "enemy" until we can, with total peace "turn the other cheek", or "love thy enemy".

So as we return to the 1st and only actual commandment - LOVE God as Yourself, we can find no words, or experiences to actually contain this profound Truth of God - Infinite Love and that we have never been out of THIS LOVE. Even John 3, Jesus says "do not Marvel" at the wonders of God's design and love. (my father is John)

So we must look to the ONE thing THE BREATH. We ARE the Breath of God. The only way to fully appreciate this, to experience the Trust we live by is to state, "Next Breath Please" - it's always there. The Sharings of Desmond Green and the Reverence for Life University (Albert Schweitzer) only bring a person to take Ownership of their Beingness as their Breath.

The passage in John 20: 15-22 is the best "physical demonstration" that Jesus performed when he "breathed" on the disciples, after inviting them, and Mary, to "Be at Peace", after he returned in physical form.

"Seek ye first the Kingdom within" is the ultimate invitation to discover the truth of The Breath as God's (Yours) Self Love and that you are actually being Breathed and Infinitely Supported through this amazing process - currently, presently, now.

"Image-based" consciousness is being replaced with breath based and all that is required is to "eat, drink and be happy" and the ownership of the experience as "original, organic, cosmic energy" being invited to experience the comforts contained in this full support.

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