Thursday, June 21, 2018

God's Jellyfish

The energy we are is self consistent. Plastic. Malleable. We direct the energy, yet our bodies and the materials we use maintain integrity. Everything stays in form for us to work with. Words. Arguments. Digressions.

The Reverence for Life University Ames Language Laboratory introduces people to clear channels. Removing choked pipes. Stating the nature of the energies expression as discovered through science.

We are the jellyfish of God's consciousness creating the reality, movie, physical orchestration expressed as earth, air, fire, water, ether; experienced as images, tastes, smells, sounds, physical feelings while being manifested from our inner world.

The Practice gives us our personal orientation as to be the master-maker of our "reality" utilizing in the most efficient ways the powers that are at our beck and call. The energy is self directed and consistent and dependable and our bodies are an amazing instrument for navigation providing us constant bio-feedback both internally and externally, of our process.

Becoming aware and sensitive to the physical and spiritual guidance as an autonomous, yet full sourced and supported unit of the One Breath-based, Infinite cosmos, plasma, star-dust spiraling, pulsating, vibrating energy of God/Goddess/Source/Spirit/All-That-Is Love!