Monday, February 21, 2011

World Proclamation of Emancipation 2011

By Andrew N. Skadberg
February 20, 2011

Today marks the realization that we have within our reach the creation of a networked, Internet based tool-set to free humanity from the illusionary reality that it has imposed upon itself based on a mis-representation of the spiritual and intentional powers of human-beings.

Today, as a representative of the collective, human experience Eye proclaim and set forth in this document my realization that we have easily within our grasp the capabilities, skills, tools, resources and collective Will to solve all of the illusions of our collective sufferings: things like war, poverty, starvation, disease, strife, homelessness, and any other type of collectively created and supported concepts and mis-understandings that oppose the concept of Reverence for Life. These ideas are now history. History is only a reflection of the past. It does not exist. And our perspective as we understand it, and typically present it, is a reflection and is only a sliver of the truth of our collective experience. And we have habitually, as a collective, overemphasized what we collectively call “the negative”. This has perpetuated these experiences into our present, while also likely projecting those images into our future. They are not the truth. They are just a story that we have created which has been a form of entertainment, or a tool to teach us of our powers. But it is now time to let these things go. As we envision a new reality, and take the actions to use the tools at our disposal to accomplish the great re-creation we stand on the precipice of paradise on Earth.

As a sovereign being, a representative of our collective human family, I boldly state my intention today that the challenges listed above are all easily addressed. The potential means, and some details of how this might be accomplished, will be presented in a diagrammatic presentation below.

However, before these brief details are presented, Eye, as a catalyst, a Being who is a fully aware and conscious aspect of the multi-verse hologram, a Divine expression of the ONE, put forth the power of The Word, intention and attention, fueled by Love to bring into manifestation the elements that are presented. This presentation does not assume any particular order but to represent the broad array of opportunities for re-creation and emancipation. We will accomplish this profound consciousness change towards conscious evolution through: revitalization, education, improvisation, innovation, recreation, imagination, destination, commercialization, transportation, transmutation, catalyzation, vitalization, realization, technologization, experiementation, transformation, and visualization.

Eye now present this to the Universal Mind, and release all expectations and attachments to materiality to allow Spirit to manifest that which is in alignment with One Love and trust that the capabilities and capacities of the Universal Mind will easily accomplish all that is being invited to be created. Today marks the day that One Human Being, of the collective human experience, recognizes the power of the Word to transform. And the presentation of that intention to the Universal Mind will allow it to become manifest. With Great Love, So Be It!

Here is a brief description of the elements included in the above diagram.

Individual Empowerment and Collaborative Networking (Orange Box)
The center of this diagram shows the heart of the matter for re-creation. Empowering individuals and facilitation of collaborative networking is the foundation and starting point. By providing a simple set of tools, and the skill-set to use them, we will be able to transform the world one person at a time.

The World Self Management Institute
The Practice provides the connection to Spirit through each individual’s breath. As each person becomes conscious of their breath, and the other skills contained in The Practice, a catalyst ignites the powers of the Universal Mind.

Collaborative Networking – I Am Sharing
The next stage in online networking is collaborative networking, bringing people together to share, cooperate, have fun and “be the change they want to see in the world”. The collaborative networking model will provide the tools necessary to allow people to find other like-minded people to create new opportunities and collaborative projects. This component has significant documentation in addition to this introduction.

Tourism as an Initiator (Blue Box)
Tourism touches all aspects of the economic systems in the world today. So, it is a great vehicle for transformation. Also tourism is a harbinger for peace. The Internet is a tool that we can use to help us to make the most of the industry.

It is still paramount that the environment be protected. That can be accomplished by distributing tourism development as broadly as possible and utilizing proper planning methods to minimize impacts.

Travel Portal
Currently being called “YouTooTravel” this element will create a global portal for travelers to find and purchase (as long as we have the existing economic system) experiential travel.

Support to Travel Industry
Travel Talk Media is the natural solution to providing holistic information, services and media support and education to the various travel industry associations and communities.

Online Catalog
People like to purchase things when they travel. Additionally, small hand-crafts people, artisans, musicians, etc. need support to find people to purchase what the make. By creating an online presence and supporting via networking, marketing and education we can significantly enhance the economic situation of the people and the communities where they live. The key is to focus on getting “living wages” to these people and eliminate the exploitative production of things of very little value.

Accommodations Support
Providing “back-office” support for smaller accommodations will enhance the travel industry significantly. By gathering these entities together into a larger collaborative group we will be able to help them find customers and provide many other services through our educational and technology solutions.

Vacation Education
Based on a project that was already created to help people and families make the connection to quality learning and leisure pursuits. In addition to supporting travelers, teachers would find support and services to connect up with good experiential learning opportunities, and get guidance for how create quality programs.

Associations Support
The Internet is a powerful tool to support associations, in addition to their typical offerings for conferences and other programs. Creating a network of associations in the interest of serving the tourism industry, and all of the ancillary activities will be a powerful to organize and create a collaborative and cooperative atmosphere which is a much better model than competition.

Education/Community, Environment (Green Box)

Virtual Education – Institute – Experiential University
Empowerment starts with preparing people to learn, and find the resources and tools to help them transform their lives. The internet is the most powerful tool to support people to do this and to help them make their dreams come true. Our view is that the only way we learn is by doing, or through experiential education. And combining the power of the Internet, experiential education and practical resources is the future of education.

Sustainable Development and Communities – Honoring Our Mother Earth (HOME) Communities
Grass-roots revitalization in the interest of sustainability is happening around the world. Supporting this process by providing access to quality information, case-studies, and networking tools will enhance this process greatly. Additionally, linking these various communities, initiatives and organizations together into a larger global network will also accelerate this process.

Environmental Amelioration – Remote Sensing and Technology
Protecting and ameliorating the environmental impacts that humanity has imposed on the earth is the most important foundation of this entire proposal. Technology provides a tool-set to help us deal with the environmental challenges that we face as global family. Putting these tools to use is critical. Immense opportunities exist to implement many solutions that are facing the people of the world.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Vision in a Nutshell

I made a decision to "change the world" in 2005, (for my children, when I knew much less than I do now, about vibrational energy and such) and revalidated it in 2007 - something like how Gandhi must have made a decision to free India or Norman Borlaug made a decision to feed everyone.

My understanding is that if we allow our connection to Gaia, to our Divine Mother to be made, we will find ourselves ushered into a more balanced way of being. I have been given insights that this process is really so simple - to relax and become re-aquainted, to be conscious of our breath, and know that each of us are the creators of our world.

So the process is quite simple, not complicated, because when we tap into our own breath and begin to treat ourselves with kindness and respect, and learn how our divine guidance program works, our feelings, we will be perfectly guided and then that re-creation will be guided like a Divine symphony to a realization of Peace and Harmony.

My aim, is to usher in this Peace, one person at a time. To empower each individual to know that truth of Love, and that they are that love, and they are motivated by that Love. There is nothing to fear, as all is in perfect order. I don't fear whether the sun will shine, or my molecules or the galaxies will hold together, why would I fear about the tiny systems that we, I guess a bunch of errant children, could somehow be outside of the Divine orchestration. So my Vision, is that we "re-create" the world into the paradise that we all know in our hearts can be. We can each create the world of our dreams that we have been afraid to state boldly, because there has been a lot of discouragement of such things. And by the way, there has been a purpose for that too - it is just difficult to grasp. All I know, that even all of the things I haven't liked have taught me a lot about Love, Service, Patience, Vision and a desire to be even a better Andy, each day. I continue to believe in "ever expanding possibilities" and as I do that I am happier and happier each day because I realize that what I was afraid of is not real, and that when I go through my fears I always find wonder and joy and mystery, and on and on it will go until I return to the One, complete.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Settling Logical Synchronicity

Today I posted this at a friend's profile at Facebook.

Synchronicity - the acausal connecting principle, according to Carl Jung. David Peat believed it to be the bridge between mind and matter. I believe "meaning" is what crosses the bridge, purpose to be the outcome, experience to be the reward and love to be the motivator.

Hmmmm - where did that come from? It's new to me. Been trying to figure the phrase "logical synchronicity" out since about 2004 when I popped up in bed saying the phrase.

Just watched a video with Edgar Mitchell where he stated that information is just patterns of energy that we assign meaning to. I guess this is all related.

I just needed to get this recorded as to not lose it.

Friday, February 11, 2011

13 Things - suggestions for learning English, or other stuff

Here is a little outline that I share in my English classes. It may seem simple, but under these ideas and practices are deep meanings that one should consider. Like the iceberg that we only see the tip of, by applying these ideas, and contemplating why they would be included in this list will give you a greater understanding of how to accomplish things, with ease.

1. Learn by doing
2. Self Confidence
3. Be open to suggestions
4. Practice, Practice, Practice
5. Watch English movies, with subtitles (nice movies, preferably)
6. Listen and talk to native speakers
7. You speak English - you are not just learning
8. Don't translate to Spanish
9. Be on time!
10. Have Fun!
11. Be your own best friend
12. Read English out loud
13. Relax, remember to breathe

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dear God - Todays Prayer for Peace

Today I pray to bring peace to the world in the following ways.

To breathe consciously and appreciate the gift of my life, and remember to be grateful. To teach people and help them really learn and believe in Reverence for Life. I visualize and take the actions I can to create governments and companies that are responsible for correct actions towards people and the Earth. I visualize and take actions for making technology and the media to be an instrument of Peace and Love providing entertaining, educational, and empowering messages to all people to empower them and bring Peace and harmony to the world. Today I visualize and take the actions to Share with people through my teaching the wonder and glory of the world and the cosmos and how special each person, each flower, each tree and each animal is. Today I visualize and take the actions to assist people to understand that we have made government and business and money and technologies to SERVE us, the people, and that the Spirit of Love guides all of life and our opportunity is NOW to create heaven on Earth - a paradise. Finally, I pray that all people understand how powerful, wonderful, beautiful and spectacular they are in the eyes of their God and the only way to find peace is in their own hearts and act governed by the Golden Law. "Do unto others, as you would have done unto you" - and this means all of Life.

With Peace, Andy