Friday, November 9, 2012

Sophia, Wisdom, Breath - Awakening

"His-story is over. This is IT, and THIS is All That Is. And we are all in this to-get-Her (together)." - something that came to me at 4 am. (Getting her, is to realize the Divinity of the Feminine Creative Power in the Universe).

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

In Our Face - Awakening, Our Breath

Hahaha - this stuff is so "in our face" (like our breath) we haven't been seeing the "forest for the trees" - this image is the Buddha with a thing called the Madelbrot Set (normally turned sideways) - I think the worshippers, which is just facets of ourSelves, are worshipping our own Divine Nature - which is Breathing Living Pulsating, Spiraling Light - Oh my, what a beautiful and spectacularly interesting experience we are here to enjoy!!!!

Ahhhhhh Conscious Deep Breath "in and out" (the Yin and Yang action) - puts me in the driver's seat of all of creation. Interesting this validates an experience I had over 30 years ago, which has been "amped" up in various experiences over the years - there's no going back folks - and why would we want to - Thirty years to tell this story
I had just watched this video, just before I got this insight - now I understand why I've been on "13" so much 

To see the series of experiences that have brought me to this place - there are a couple more I haven't written up, yet
- Calling forth the clouds 1981
- Discovering my purpose 1987
- Realization of Self Love 1997
- My Burning Bush 1997

All this and more about this crazy, wonderful, challenging experience can be found from my Eye Am Sharing presence

If you want to get "a handle" on your consciousness - check this out - or look into Desmond Green's Sharings and our project the Global Breath Consciousness Institute

With Great Love,