Sunday, January 18, 2015

Evolving, learning, sharing


Recent news with EndlessOne Global and Dollar General

Working in rural communities for many years I have thought about Wal Mart, Dollar General, convenience stores.
- first Walmart in Alva, OK in 1984
- John R. Campbell knew Sam Walton and J.C. Penney
- I saw Walmarts effect in small communities, economy, loss of downtowns and small businesses
- have thought about convenience stores because they came to be in my lifetime, Caseys, opportunity in Colombia.
- took a group of men from India to a casino on the bus from Austin. Owners of convenience stores.

I have observed that Dollar General was very smart to come in after Walmart. Picking up the scraps, being efficient, providing supplies that small home owned businesses may not be able to supply, but not getting so big as to close all the local businesses.

So, with this opportunity with EndlessOne, if you give money with the existing systems in place to the other 1/2 of the worlds population, what will you have?

  - more of the same, just on a larger scale

Quote from Desmond
"Reality ?
Cultural rituals and manners
Languages . . . Currencies
Images, Sounds, Colors . . .
Assets, Ideas, Feelings
And Vibrations."

Need to shift people's fundamental relationship to the world, and other people to accomplish that you need to affect how they "see", feel and experience themselves in  relation to their external environment. That happens from the inside out.

Not a thought or image based accomplishment.
It will be an experience/feeling based shift.
Dealing with "Egomaniacs with inferiority complexes." Wayne Cho, Love World Run.
Leveling field with other people.
Golden Way (Realization of Self Love)

The Practice - Breathing

The world is changed, "saved" one person at a time.
If the "idea" of God worked, why doesn't the world look a lot different? Institutionalized, externalized managed systems of religion, or Spiritual education have brought us here.

"Unsanity" - doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results, collectively.

The Breath will "fuel" the already existing system "Reverence for Life", "Do Unto Others" by consciously breathing.

Then through The Practice we will be taught, shown, experienced - reverse engineered back to our One-ness, through the many faceted experience of believing we are fragmented, multi-dimensional beings.

Essentially, reversing back through the prism of the rainbow to a more personalized version of ourselves as One with God.

Everyone has a fundamental belief in God, almost, and the ones that don't are just more faithful to thought (god of logic). We need people to experience, feel their God. Even science says that everything is breathing. It is the one thing in common with everything, including our galaxy or universe.

By bringing the other 1/2 of the world into the electronic exchange system, we have to do more than just give them a bank account.

As we get their attention by helping them with $ we can give them the "keys to the kingdom".

A connection with themselves, they already are what they need, what they are looking for.

We can save them the troubles, and learn from our mistakes/confusion about the purpose of money and how we relate to it. We can save them a lot of pain and suffering

This is our responsibility, to ignore it is to be untrue to ourselves, as One with All

Pierre's quote "All for One and One for All".

The "old guard" wanted us to be ignorant about $ because they were ignorant about the real "Golden Way" and they wanted to steal from us. We are not going to make that mistake, are we?

            Both Devon and I wondered why we weren't taught how to manage money in school.
            "They" didn't want us to know.

            The shell game gets so elaborate after we leave school as to be practically impossible to decipher.
            People are busy making it, surviving, working, scrambling, keeping track of it, counting, etc. etc.

One nice thing about not having any money is you don't have to keep track of it. (my observances of people obsessed counting their cash, keeping track in their minds whether they have enough to pay bills, etc.)

Our economy(s) are not "God Ordained" we made it up and WE can re-purpose it.

This is the "reverse engineering" out of the "apparent", the illusory, complexity.

The result of "specialization", science, education (was to investigate the extent of "infinite", not to imprison us.

Egos seeking to bolster themselves to make them feel better, or more important than others.
EGO = Exponential Growth Opportunities

In ONE, there are no Leaders or Kings, etc - I think you get the point.

Mutual admiration societies are not necessary unless they include everyone.

I have an ulterior agenda
1. to let everyone know that they are already loved by their God and that the "Gods" are not fighting.
2. And to give people the way to discover that they themselves are already what they are looking for.
3. How to breathe properly - deeply, consciously, appreciatingly.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

2015 Wisdom - Desmond Green

My journey in life is more
a movement in consciousness
from a state of ignorance,
To a state of complete self-awareness,
rather than travel
from one location to another.


The identity we have in mind
pilots us in and through
whatever experiences we encounter.


A clear conscience seeks no other reward


Faith is freedom from fear
through appropriate action


My vision is to see that the full nature
and scope of my memory
is to serve my consciousness
in its efforts to live effectively
in the here and the now.


Anything we do, which compromises others,
or ourselves, will traumatize us too
in the long run.


Every window in life
has its own special view
Of everything, everywhere, false or true;
And shows us as well,
glimpses of the Heaven or hell
in which we are eternally free to dwell.


Love is the power uniting Heaven and earth,
Fueling and refueling its cycles
of death and rebirth.
Expressing and experiencing each as all,
Inspiring the whole to stand proud and tall.


Reality ?
Cultural rituals and manners
Languages . . . Currencies
Images, Sounds, Colors . . .
Assets, Ideas, Feelings
And Vibrations.


Foundations built on false beliefs
can neither stand nor give relief.


Success is passion in action.

2 pages, from 230 in Living Psalms by Desmond D. Green.,

The Whole Shebang

We are like "reality spiders" spinning the webs of stories and experiences of our lives. This insight got me sober starting 33 years ago around my dishonesty with myself. Desmond Green set the thinking wheels in motion again when he said a couple days back "spiders carry their homes inside of them, just like we do." I laughed when I began to think about us here sitting in our homes.

We are seeing, walking, talking, sensing, feeling virtual reality, life production systems of God's Breath.
(see last messages of Paramahansa Yogananda)

You WILL!!! live through your fears, fortunately with a significant, "buffering", in most cases.

EYE AM MY BREATH "snort through your nostrils", EYE AM MY BREATH, "snort through your nostrils", EYE AM MY BREATH. (to see effects of forceful breathing from nostrils, see research of Marcel Vogel)

To get the most of God's love and support, breathe deeply, consciously and appreciatingly. Keep aligning yourself with "Service to Others" which is the operating system planet earth is running on --yes, like a computer.

Service to others includes all of life.

Eliminate from your consciousness fear based "accusational", judgmental thoughts like shame, blame, guilt, remorse, jealousy. Unless of course you want to experience these things. That is your choice.

To charge your prayers, but not from a submissive, down trodden feeling place, but from a charged, loving expression of the Infinite Creator, think, kind, loving healing thoughts and blow through your nostrils.

Think, speak and feel, to the best of your ability, kind, loving thoughts while breathing deeply, consciously, appreciatingly towards those you want to benefit from your love.

In actuality, this should be everybody, especially those people whom you think, or feel, or believe, you hate. But that too is your choice.

The "dirty little secret" of hate will be removed from your heart, or it will consume you.

Reverence for Life = Golden Way (Jesus) = Service to Others
(which, by the way, is the ultimate "service to self" modality to align with God, Spirit, Source, Infinite Love)

Take charge of the words you are speaking and thinking - to yourself, and others. However, don't be too hard on yourself. Replace habituated words with firmness, gentleness and loving kindness.


What I, Eye Am seeing, is my breath projected out of inside of me. My living, external reality, is like the spiders web that is spun out of itself, where it lives and acts.

The spider carries its home inside of itself. Just like we do. Desmond D. Green
(I was given this same analogous insight on July 12, 1981 when I realized I couldn't continue to lie. I have been clean of drugs and alcohol since July 13th of that year).

For access to tools and resources to acquire your "skill-sets" for this "new reality", visit the Reverence for Life University. For languaging, see Trust Your Breath by Desmond D. Green

"All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered. The point is to discover them." Galileo Galilei

Reverence for Life see Albert Schweitzer, article by Rene Wadlow

For some thoughts on The Golden Way (formerly golden rule) see How do we simplify this model? and How to Live

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Andy and Family Contract with Gosmos

I open myself now to receive from the holy cosmic influences in my life. I am connected to God and everything that I receive will be holy.

- $50,000 to begin transition for my family life
- a beautiful home in Williams, Oregon
   - 5 bedrooms     - ability to garden
   - 3 baths            - worm farm
   - at least 2 acres - a shop with tools for me
   - forest
   - water
   - pasture
   - 2 out buildings
- 2 dependable cars
    - Toyota pickup for me, 2005 or newer
    - Caravan for Sarah, 2006 or newer
- a motorcycle, practically any kind
- all the necessary furniture to fill the house for family including Isaiah
- My work in RFLU and tourism, education consulting will flourish providing abundant $ and ample opportunity to travel
- $100,000 to address Yongxia and Martha at my discretion and disposition
- fine piano for Sarah and all the sheet music she desires
- rectification of issues of separation from my children, all of them
- the ability to travel when I desire with no complications or obstacles
- my professional life as a shaman, educator and tourism/economic expert is flourishing
- all of the "apparent" conflicts with everyone, or organization, are dissolved

This is the year for Andrew Skadberg and his family to receive all of the comforts, abundance and peace that he has been working to share and demonstrate to the world through immense patience and love and I am now committing to this contract with all of the love in my heart and breath in my being.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

80 Praying Mantis

So my teenage son did some yard work in the late fall, found a praying mantis egg sac, brought it home, but forgot to leave it outdoors. Upon his return from school today, he realized it was hatching, and now I have a big jar full of a hundred or so baby mantis. I feel so bad that they've hatched out of season, and if there's a way they can survive or provide a service in the winter, I will do what I can to make their survival easier. I would be grateful for any ideas, or any takers of a few or many mantis. Thanks!

Here is the Animal Spirit Guides interpretation

When Praying Mantis shows up, it means:
You could benefit from studying and practicing a martial-arts discipline such as Kund Fu, Chi Gong, or Tai Chi which has a strong meditative and spiritual component.
Make prayer, meditation, or contemplation part of your daily regimen, even it only for a few minutes each day.
Listen to your instincts as to when to move forward and when to retreat.
Spend some time in the natural world, and practice being as still as you can for as long as you can, with nothing else to attend to except your breathing.
Consider redirecting your energy by withdrawing it from whatever isn't working in your life and focusing attention on what is working.

So, practical reverence for life - Sarah Ford

This level of attention, for taking care of our friends, no matter how small. We made several nice connections from the Bald Eagle Days

- 40 of the mantis went to a science teacher in Davenport
- 8 went to the Wapsie River Environmental Center 
- 24 went to Nahant Marsh Education Center
- 8 went to Quad City Botanical Center

The Descent

We descend from our skyward home,
fallen pieces thrust down a timeless reticule.
Conceived in the Holy Furnace,
we look out through infant eyes.
When was the beginning?
When will we reach the end?
Into the dust, the eternal descends.
A single instant holds all we came here to find.
When all the instants join, a life is defined.
It is a new day to watch the rise and the fall of the sun, and cherish every breath between rising aspirations and long, forgotten dreams.
Linda Mottet

poetry featured in "Shattered Innocence"
& "Only Love is Real - Only Love Remains"
available on and Kindle

photo: found on
Found on

Dear God - an interview

3:30 am 1/10/15

Dear God

I ask: "Why?"
You say: "Because."
I ask: "How?"
You answer . . .
I ask: "When?"
You answer, "at just the right time."
I say, "I am worried."
You say, "Don't worry it will pass."
I say, "but I'm scared."
You say, "It's ok, I'm with you. Hasn't it been OK up to now?"
I say, "yes, but it's been hard."
You say, "It's OK, have you had fun? Have you grown? Have you had experiences? Have you gone places and seen stuff? Didn't I keep it all together? Aren't you happy? Have you had love? Have you done things, thought things, danced, sung, made love, fell in love, and all that stuff?
I say, "Yes."
You say, "Hasn't it been interesting?"
Me, "Absolutely, Yes!"
You say, "Well, guess what."
Me, "What?"
You, "It gets better. And better. And better, and it just keeps going."
Me, "But."
You, "But what?"
Me, "Well . . . never mind."
You, "Don't worry. It's perfect."
Me, "But."
You, "Really, it's OK. Even to worry. It can't break. But it's designed for exactly this, and only this. What you're getting out of it."
Me, "But . . ."
You, "Don't you want to do good?"
Me, "Yes."
You, "Great!"
You: "Do you like love?"
Me: "Yes, of course."
You: "Just keep doing that."
Me: "Anything else?"
You: "Well . . . "
Me: "What?"
You: "Don't worry. I've got everything covered. Just keep seeking. Be nice. Have fun. Don't let anyone get you down. Keep trying. Be happy. All that happy crap, you know. Mind your own business, don't judge.
Me: "But that all sounds kind of trite."
You: "I know."
Me: ". . . . . ?"
You: ". . . . !"
Me: " . . . . ?"
You: "I know you want answers. But you always have more questions. But you get answers, right?"
Me: "Yes."
You: "Keep doing that. Keep your intentions the best you can. Get rid of stuff where you doubt yourself. Keep striving, doing what's in front of you and trusting. Because I am running the show.
But you are with me. Just do the best you can.
Be kind. Be loving.
K.I.S.S. - Keep It Simple Sweetheart.
Because you are My Love and it doesn't get any better than that."
Me: "I know."
You: "That's a great place to start, and stay, by the way.
One last thing."
Me: "Yes?"
You: "Be grateful for your gifts, but especially your breath. Because it doesn't get more simple, or profound by what it's about. And you never have to worry about that, unless of course you choose to."

Friday, January 9, 2015

Breath/Spirit Course - advanced


Inspired by
of which I just began to study. Fascinating, and it seemed to trigger another light switch being turned on.

I awoke at 5 am and wrote this in my journal.


Which is an apparent evolution of "rational scientist" and "mystical scientist". It all begins with the words we think and speak.

1. Align the heart. - Love Transcends. Trail Blazing. Hearts Beating the Dream of Love.    
     Love Comprehension Experience. Unusual Love Messages.

2. Tune/Train/Focus the mind
     The Master Key, Charles Haanel. Advanced Breath Course.
     Thinking discipline - When Love Guides Your Thoughts, Andrew Skadberg/Anon.
        - no hierarchy, no condemnation or judgment
        - Breath-O-Matics, Preparation for Re-Creation. Questioning Beliefs, Be-Coming
           Attention & Creation, How to Live, How do we simplify this model.

3. Play
- work with the breath, techniques, possibilities, attunements

4. Refine your vocabulary - Trust Your Breath, Desmond D. Green
     other essays - Re-definition

5. Working with water, crystals (, oils or other personal inclinations (art, music, dance, creative outlets)

6. Nature - Peace Making, Hearthing (connecting the physical body to Gaia)
    Prayer for Peace, The Peacemaker

7. Business / Do Good, Dream Making

8. Tribe / Team / Family - Team Course

9. Masterminding / Love Organizing - project visioning/planning

10. Imaging / Manifesting / Organizing

- like in the TV show Heros. Produce a write-up for each person, then make a map, then do the same thing for projects, opportunities and resources.

- The key is "people", expressed as breath, shift our focus to living beings, not just ideas, problems, institutions and unreal (material) things. Stuff is stuff. "Attention and Words" - Reverence for Life.