Sunday, January 18, 2015

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Recent news with EndlessOne Global and Dollar General

Working in rural communities for many years I have thought about Wal Mart, Dollar General, convenience stores.
- first Walmart in Alva, OK in 1984
- John R. Campbell knew Sam Walton and J.C. Penney
- I saw Walmarts effect in small communities, economy, loss of downtowns and small businesses
- have thought about convenience stores because they came to be in my lifetime, Caseys, opportunity in Colombia.
- took a group of men from India to a casino on the bus from Austin. Owners of convenience stores.

I have observed that Dollar General was very smart to come in after Walmart. Picking up the scraps, being efficient, providing supplies that small home owned businesses may not be able to supply, but not getting so big as to close all the local businesses.

So, with this opportunity with EndlessOne, if you give money with the existing systems in place to the other 1/2 of the worlds population, what will you have?

  - more of the same, just on a larger scale

Quote from Desmond
"Reality ?
Cultural rituals and manners
Languages . . . Currencies
Images, Sounds, Colors . . .
Assets, Ideas, Feelings
And Vibrations."

Need to shift people's fundamental relationship to the world, and other people to accomplish that you need to affect how they "see", feel and experience themselves in  relation to their external environment. That happens from the inside out.

Not a thought or image based accomplishment.
It will be an experience/feeling based shift.
Dealing with "Egomaniacs with inferiority complexes." Wayne Cho, Love World Run.
Leveling field with other people.
Golden Way (Realization of Self Love)

The Practice - Breathing

The world is changed, "saved" one person at a time.
If the "idea" of God worked, why doesn't the world look a lot different? Institutionalized, externalized managed systems of religion, or Spiritual education have brought us here.

"Unsanity" - doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results, collectively.

The Breath will "fuel" the already existing system "Reverence for Life", "Do Unto Others" by consciously breathing.

Then through The Practice we will be taught, shown, experienced - reverse engineered back to our One-ness, through the many faceted experience of believing we are fragmented, multi-dimensional beings.

Essentially, reversing back through the prism of the rainbow to a more personalized version of ourselves as One with God.

Everyone has a fundamental belief in God, almost, and the ones that don't are just more faithful to thought (god of logic). We need people to experience, feel their God. Even science says that everything is breathing. It is the one thing in common with everything, including our galaxy or universe.

By bringing the other 1/2 of the world into the electronic exchange system, we have to do more than just give them a bank account.

As we get their attention by helping them with $ we can give them the "keys to the kingdom".

A connection with themselves, they already are what they need, what they are looking for.

We can save them the troubles, and learn from our mistakes/confusion about the purpose of money and how we relate to it. We can save them a lot of pain and suffering

This is our responsibility, to ignore it is to be untrue to ourselves, as One with All

Pierre's quote "All for One and One for All".

The "old guard" wanted us to be ignorant about $ because they were ignorant about the real "Golden Way" and they wanted to steal from us. We are not going to make that mistake, are we?

            Both Devon and I wondered why we weren't taught how to manage money in school.
            "They" didn't want us to know.

            The shell game gets so elaborate after we leave school as to be practically impossible to decipher.
            People are busy making it, surviving, working, scrambling, keeping track of it, counting, etc. etc.

One nice thing about not having any money is you don't have to keep track of it. (my observances of people obsessed counting their cash, keeping track in their minds whether they have enough to pay bills, etc.)

Our economy(s) are not "God Ordained" we made it up and WE can re-purpose it.

This is the "reverse engineering" out of the "apparent", the illusory, complexity.

The result of "specialization", science, education (was to investigate the extent of "infinite", not to imprison us.

Egos seeking to bolster themselves to make them feel better, or more important than others.
EGO = Exponential Growth Opportunities

In ONE, there are no Leaders or Kings, etc - I think you get the point.

Mutual admiration societies are not necessary unless they include everyone.

I have an ulterior agenda
1. to let everyone know that they are already loved by their God and that the "Gods" are not fighting.
2. And to give people the way to discover that they themselves are already what they are looking for.
3. How to breathe properly - deeply, consciously, appreciatingly.

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