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Metatron Messages 11-10-2009

Metatron Messages

Symbology – Regional Development Star

Eye of Thoth in Journal

Cracking the Money Bands

I call forth the energies of Mother-father God, Heru/ Lord Metatron, St. Micheal, St. Gabriel. St. Germain, Sananda, Merlin, Mom-Dad, Laurie, Dr. Ewing, Guillermo, Norman Borlaug and all light warriors and workers that exist in support of my/our cause. I chose to participate in Divine Alchemy of transforming my Earth Life. I Am in Divine Receptivity of receiving all earthly blessings and chose to live my life with grace, ease and abundance. I release and transform all lower energies that bind me in any time, place, space or dimension. They are transmuted by Violet-Silver Fire into Alchemical Gold. I Am Love, I Am Light, I Am Joy, I Am Infinite Potential. I call forth my Divine Heritage Now, in this moment. In the names of Mother-father God, Heru/ Lord Metatron, St. Micheal, St. Gabriel. St. Germain, Sananda, Merlin, Mom-Dad, Laurie, Dr. Ewing, Guillermo, Norman Borlaug and all light warriors and workers that exist in support of my/our cause. It is so. And so it is!

Link to Carlos Santana – Creator of Architects of a New Dawn
This trucking thing is really amazing. Also it looks like the wireless
internet project in the states might be coming back.

Read this message


We watched the movie August Rush the night before last. I have
wondered about Carlos Santana for a few years how he came back like he
did. What he describes about music connecting molecules and the golden
gate is like a scene from the movie. Clara, our friend with the
trucking deal, her husband`s name is Carlos and he drives overnight
freight in the U.S. He studied with Samael, who is supposedly was the
emobodiment of Metatron - described as the "scribe of God". Samael
died but Carlos said that he was expending all his energy to
reconstitute himself back into physical form, and apparently he
succeeded. The gnostic school is gaining great momentum here in
Colombia - we saw the building just the other day in the centro of
where we live Armenia.

Carla and Jorge, have singlehandedly gotten the entire trucking
industry into a Confederation. Jorge is negotiating with the
President, because he by himself is holding the industry together. He
knows nothing about the Internet and what it can do, but trust Clara
implicitly, and they want us to create the Web based cofederation
management system. I was going to do this back with AdventGX in 2005,
but it never happened. It looks like we are going to get it done right
this time.

A theophany is said to be a visible manifestation of God to humans. Pantheistic-types would probably argue that any and everything that exists is imbued with the substance of God, and is therefore a manifestation of God. The ancient Hebrews, however, seem to have seen things a little differently.
Most of us have heard the story of Moses receiving the Ten Commandments, and this one of the more famous examples of theophany in the Hebrew Bible - the Torah or Pentateuch. However, there is a parallel tradition (ie, outside the actual Bible itself) which claims that it was not actually god who gave Moses the stone tablets, but rather an intercessory angel acting on his behalf. This angel is variously referred to as The Angel of the Presence, or the Angel of the Face. His name is generally given as Metatron, although he has countless other names as well (Check out this list of some 75 of Metatron’s other names).
In Jewish mystical traditions, Metatron is basically the next highest being after God. Depending on who you ask, Metatron acts as the presence of God in the world, either because God is transcendent, or because if God himself appeared to humans their minds would simply stagger and implode in on itself. Metatron is sometimes portrayed as the prince of all the angels, and even sometimes as another manifestation of the Logos principle. Metatron is responsible for the sustenance of mankind, and is their link to the divine.
In the Old Testament, it’s argued that Metatron is the dark angel against whom Jacob wrestles. He is also sometimes thought to be the angel who lead the Israelites through the wilderness of Exodus. Some say he also is the force which kept Abraham from sacrificing his son Isaac. He also may have been the angel which made the warning announcement that God was about to unleash the destruction of the Flood. William Blake also has an painting of the Angel of the Presence bringing Eve to Adam. Some also believe that Metatron was the transfigured form that the patriarch Enoch took when God raised him up to Heaven.
Metatron is also referred to as the Liberating Angel or in his female aspect the Shekinah. The Shekinah is thought to have been the feminine presence of God which dwells upon the earth with man. She’s also identified in Christian traditions as the Holy Spirit. Philip K. Dick’s novel The Divine Invasion talks about the Shekinah manifesting on earth as the Torah, the Sacred Law - rather similar to the Word or the Logos. God and the Shekinah seek to reunite with one another. Hindu mythology offers the parallel of Shakti - the female manifestation of the divine. It’s only through the union of the gods and their shakti consorts that creation occurs.
Metatron also has a twin brother according to certain traditions named Sandalphon. Gustav Davidson’s A Dictionary of Angels (where I’ve mined a good bit of this info so far), offers the possible connection to Zoroastrianism: where Metatron and Sandalphon are modified equivalents of Ormuzd (Ahura Mazda) and Ahriman (Angra Mainyu).
Ahura Mazda (Persian هرمز (Hormoz) also transcripted as Ormazad, Ormuzd, Hormuz, Ormus, Ohrmizd) - The Wise Lord - is the god of the Zoroastrian religion in Persia. He is revered and worshipped by Zoroastrians as the good god. He is opposed by Angra Mainyu (Ahriman), who according to some traditions is his twin brother. According to Zoroastrianism, the Earth was created by Ahura Mazda as a battlefield to fight Angra Mainyu.
This idea that Metatron/Ormuzd created the world also seems to correlate to gnostic thought, where Metatron is sometimes said to be the Demiurge - or the false sub-god below the True Transcendent God. As far as I can tell though, in Jewish mysticism, this is not portrayed in a negative light, which is interesting. Rather than being ignorant or working against the True God, Metatron as the Angel of the Presence works on his behalf. Davidson also says that there is possibly a connection between the Persian savior god Mithra and Metatron. I think I’d like to learn more about the influence of ancient Hebrew thought (as well as Zoroastrianism & Mithraism) on the later Christian gnosticism with which I’m more familiar. Seems like there’s a ton of other connections to be mined here.
Two other interesting tidbits I found on Metatron. It seems that musician Carlos Santana credits the angel Metatron with his triumphal return to music. He claims to have become “pregnant” with joy by Metatron, and describes their encounter in a VH1 interview:
It was a meditation in which three women, two men and myself sat down. I just met them that day in this spiritual bookstore in San Rafael. I walked in asking, “Do you have any books on the archangel Metatron, because I feel like he’s calling me? Every time I see him, it’s from the side, but I want a full-on look.” They said they we’re having a meditation on him the next night [and they invited me]. Within 20 minutes, he was right there, speaking through this lady. Metatron said “they’re going to put you back into the airwaves, but they need something from you.” I said, “Okay, what is it?” They said, “You need to be patient, gracious and grateful at all times.” It’s like a contract. It was like constructing a golden gate between the light and the molecules through sound resonance, vibration and colors. I said, “Okay, I’ll try it.”
A Salon article on the same topic mentions a few more words Santana heard during his theophany:
“You will be inside the radio frequency for the purpose of connecting the molecules with the light.”
Santana also has this to say about his pal Metatron:
“Metatron is the architect of physical life,” Santana explains. “Because of him, we can French-kiss, we can hug, we can get a hot dog, wiggle our toe.”
One other weird thing I noticed was on that page with names of Metatron. Number 37 on that list is “Estes.” I wouldn’t have thought anything of it, except that this is a line of freight trucks that I’ve often seen travelling, and I chuckle to myself over the similarity to the word “testes.” But then I was like, “Wait, line of freight trucks, that reminds me…” There’s also that trucking company called GOD, which stands for Guaranteed Overnight Delivery. I don’t know whether there’s any connection between the two companies, but it struck me as odd that there would be one company named after Yahweh, and then one named after his second in command, Metatron, the Angel of the Presence. But maybe this is just how the divine manifests itself in the world today, through the symbols in the trash stratum - as Philip K. Dick proclaimed. This is our own weird theophany.
Ailester Crowly – 93

“Say,” Crowley said suddenly, “why do you suppose the Metatron is?”
Aziraphale blinked owlishly at him from over the edge of his glass. The two of them were doing what they did very well, and enjoyed best out of life. That is, they were sitting in the backroom of Aziraphale’s shop, getting drunk and discussing the nature of the universe.
“What do you mean why It is?” Aziraphale asked.
“I mean,” said Crowley, “why does God need him? He is the Voice of God. Can’t God speak for himself?”
Aziraphale blinked again, more slowly. This had apparently never occurred to him. “You know,” he said meditatively, “that is most curious. He…it…is God, after all. He can do anything. Certainly he can speak for himself.”
“It’s really a bigger question, if you ask me,” Crowley said, reaching for the bottle and settling in for a good natter. It is, you see, an entirely false rumor this business about demons being closemouthed. They are, in fact, by and large a gossipy, chatty bunch. You couldn’t tempt a priest to sin the real old fashioned way without everyone knowing within the hour, Crowley thought a bit grumpily.
“What question?” Aziraphale asked.
“Well,” said Crowley slowly. This was one of those times, he was beginning to suspect, when what had seemed so clear in his head would not be nearly so much in his mouth. This happened to him on a regular basis. He had yet to communicate to any being, supernatural or otherwise, why he liked the Bay City Rollers so much. “If you ask me, seems strange God would create the universe at all. I mean, why? If you can create a universe, seems to me you’d already know ahead of time that it’s more trouble than it’s worth.”
Aziraphale frowned deeply, and Crowley sighed.
“Forget that,” he said. “What about the Metatron?”
Aziraphale looked as if he would like to protest, but he restrained himself with a polite little sniff. “Well,” he said. “What if God can’t speak for himself?”
“Why not?” Crowley asked, intrigued.
“Well,” said Aziraphale, seeming suddenly a little uneasy. “Oh dear. We’re not supposed to get ourselves into these sorts of conversations.”
“We’re not?” Crowley said, astounded. What the hell had they been doing, then, for the past six thousand years?
“We as in my people,” Aziraphale clarified. “Not we as in you and me.”
“Oh,” said Crowley. He wished Aziraphale wouldn’t change the rules on him when he was drunk. ‘We’ almost always meant him and Aziraphale. That was just the way things were. “Why not?” he asked as an afterthought.
“Well,” Aziraphale hedged. “There are certain things we’re not supposed to ask…to think about, even.”
“Like what?” Crowley was intrigued. Censorship, like Milton Keynes, was something he and Aziraphale had both reported as a success.
“You’re tempting me,” Aziraphale said reproachfully.
“Sorry,” Crowley said, almost sincerely. “Can’t help it.”
They lapsed into silence. Crowley sipped the wine and stared thoughtfully at Aziraphale, trying to appear as interested and receptive as possible. Aziraphale shifted with ever increasing restlessness.
“Oh, fine,” he said abruptly. “We’re not supposed to ask what God is, alright?”
Crowley sat back, surprised. “Wonder why that is,” he said.
“Well, if I knew that, I think I’d be allowed to talk about it,” Aziraphale said.
“It’s a good point,” Crowley said, ignoring him. “Perhaps God can’t speak because he’s not something that can. Perhaps he needs the Metatron because he’s too…” he waved a vague hand, “transcendent and all that.”
Aziraphale sunk a little lower in his chair, a gloomy sort of resignation falling over him. “That’s what I was thinking,” he said a bit sulkily.
“Sorry,” said Crowley again, with no sincerity at all. He doubted Aziraphale would really get in trouble. He didn’t think either of them were being watched that closely. “I like the idea though,” he continued. “God is too…God to be able to speak.”
“He can’t be atic…atric…spoken,” Aziraphale agreed. “Because he’s too big.”
“So he has the Metatron to do the translating,” Crowley continued.
“Precisely,” said Aziraphale. “There you are.”
“But then,” said Crowley, who enjoyed a good tempt as much as a good natter, “we get back to the original question. What is God? Is the Metatron part of him, or separate?”
Aziraphale, who had been looking hopeful, slumped again. “Maybe it’s like you said,” he commented after a pause long enough to show his annoyance. “Maybe it’s translation. From God to speech. And maybe some things get lost in the translation, and that’s why the Metatron seems separate-like.”
Crowley poured for them both. You could never be too careful about these things, and he figured even Aziraphale’s people would make allowances for intoxication.
“I suppose,” he said, sipping slowly. “I just keep wondering what God is if he can’t talk.”
Aziraphale shrugged. “Not ours to wonder,” he said.
“If you finish that sentence with something about obeying, I would remind you that you saved the world not long ago,” Crowley said.
Aziraphale glared. “Why must you continually bring that up?” he said a bit churlishly. “You continually throw it in my face.”
“Come now,” said Crowley, miffed. “It was a wonderful tempt. One of my best, I must say.”
“Well,” Aziraphale admitted grudgingly, “it was very neatly done.”
Crowley preened.
“Though I only let you think you’d really gotten me,” Aziraphale added smugly. “I just wanted to make you feel good by thinking you’d gotten the better of me. Worked like a charm.”
Crowley stopped preening and scowled. “You did not,” he said.
Aziraphale smiled infuriatingly. “At the bottom of every—“
“So God’s speechless,” Crowley interrupted loudly.
Aziraphale’s mouth closed rapidly, then opened again. This, Crowley knew, was a certainty of the universe, and it was only his eternal optimism that kept him trying.
“Not speechless,” Aziraphale said. “Unspeakable.”
“Eh?” said Crowley.
“It’s like the way it is when you stare out into the ocean,” Aziraphale said. “When you’re a little drunk, you know, and you suddenly feel very…tiny?”
Crowley, who hadn’t felt tiny in twelve hundred years, and was happy keeping it that way, nodded.
“It’s like that,” Aziraphale continued. “It’s not that God can’t talk, it’s that he can’t be talked about. He’s too…much.”
Crowley pondered this. He wasn’t too sure about this ocean business, but he supposed he could get the gist of the thing. He reached for the bottle. Aziraphale, not looking at him, reached as well. Their hands met at the neck, their fingers curling together around the glass. They both looked automatically. Their auras mingled gently, waves of color lapping at each other in a rhythm measured not by their human heartbeats, but by the tidal pulse of the force that made them the beings they were.
Their hands tightened in unison, then released.
“We should…we should sober up, I think,” Aziraphale said a little faintly.
“Yeah,” Crowley said, clearing his throat. “Yeah.”

93 – Neptunian (Prema Baba)

Message about Austin, Aquifer, Enchanted Rock

Earth-Keeper Chronicles October 2009 - Issue # 36

" It should not be surprising to understand that Atlanteans occupied certain areas of Texas, for its lands were along the land bridge that connected Poseida to the Yucatan. Sea levels were much lower then you see. We tell you that there was a pyramidal complex located very near Enchanted Rock that was used ceremonially for the calibration of Crystal Skulls in alignment to the energy of the granite dome cathedral. The Pyramid was aligned between the energetic ley of Yucatan and of the Pyramidal complex near Galveston island, triangulated with the two."

Divine Feminine
The Heart of the Dove

AAMetatron via J Tyberonn

Greetings, I am Metatron, Lord of Light. I greet you once and always in unconditional love.

And so we speak this moment of what may be termed the 'Heart of the Dove'.

On the winter solstice of 2009, the 'Heart of the Dove' will be activated into parity field. On the spring solstice of 2010 it will join with the Head of the Dove in the in the Crystalline Activation of the Cosmic Trigger.

Masters, we tell you that quickening changes are occurring throughout the planet, and among the most relevant is the balancing of the planetary energies. Areas that are considered overly industrial, overly corporate, overly dictorial are being immersed in a softening energy. This is indeed a crucial aspect of the 'Return of the Dove', for indeed the Dove brings in a gentle nurturing, that termed feminine, and thus the balance of the masculine overage. Ascension is harmony, and harmony bequeaths symmetrical balance within the polarity of the planet.

Feminine Balance

But let us be clear, while the influx of feminine energy is necessary to achieve energetic equity on the planet, do not misinterpret that feminine energy is better than masculine, rather it is what is needed to balance the current overage of masculine.

You see LeMuria was out of balance in an overage of feminine energies, and masculine flows were fluxed into at that time to achieve parity. So we tell you Dear Ones, the desired energy of the planet is one of balance, neither male nor female, but of balance.

In truth the ushering of the Crystalline Age raises the planet within that termed the 5th dimension to an initial accessible field of non gender in non- duality. You see crystalline energy is zero field.

As such certain nodes on the planet are now being activated for this purpose. These will serve as influx portals to bring the balancing frequencial fields into synergy for the crystallization of the planet. You must understand that the Unified Crystalline Field is the epitome of balance, indeed it is a non dual, non-polarity frequency, and it is zero field. Thus these 'feminine' nodes will bring in an enormous influx of that termed feminine energies between the December Solstice of 2009 and the spring equinox of 2010. Certain nodes will be the major facilitators, and indeed will disseminate this energy globally.

Heart of the Dove

One such primary node exists within the 'Hill Country' of Texas. Called Enchanted Rock, it is a unique and potent energy source that is being activated in the fore described role of planetary balance. It serves as the capstone of the Hill Country vortex.

Enchanted Rock is closely connected to the Sacred Goddess Energy, and to the Emerald Crystal of Atlantis. This we will speak more of later in this assay.

So understand that Enchanted Rock is indeed the epicenter of a powerful vortex-portal complex that is being vaulted in mega status in what is termed the 'Return of the Dove'. It can be said that Enchanted Rock is the Heart of the Dove', for it is intricately involved in softening and balancing the energy within this critically important area of the Americas.

The Dove Energy is feminine, but better said, it is nurturing and balanced. You humans assign genders to attributes that in higher dimensions are not gendered at all.

Parity Calibration of Gender

We tell you that those seekers who visit and do ceremony on Enchanted Rock are capable of balancing their fields into parity calibration within its unique inner field. That is to say, those overly masculine in frequency as well as those overly feminine in frequency can achieve harmonic stasis and proportion within the immediate vortex of Enchanted Rock.

Now, Enchanted Rock is natural sacred geometry. It is a half-sphere dome, not unlike a massive version of what caps many of your sacred geometric churches in Europe. However it is a dome that covers a full square mile and is composed of unique violet-pink granite that is over 1 billion years old, as such it is among the oldest domes on the earth.

How could it not be sacred? We tell you it is a living Cathedral, with a mission!

The Heart of Texas

The hill country region is in itself a very unique area in the 'heart' of south central Texas. As the channel has told you, this specially coded land is a somewhat triangulated region of approximately 200 miles on each side. This encompassed region has a uniquely condensed energy field, much much higher in frequency than the surrounding area. Sensitives in the area can easily discern the subtle nuances in the energy which creates a sense of well being. This field is plastically fed by a webbing of hydrolines and a major telluric ley line that traverses from the Yucatan into San Antonio and Austin as it encircles Enchanted Rock and the waters of New Braunfels. It can be said that every river and stream within the aquifer fed area is in fact a hydro 'ley' line.

Masters, such energy fields exists in pockets all over the world. They are indeed special, they are alive, and they are absolutely involved in the ongoing graduation of the planet.

The 'Return of the Dove' Vortex in the hill country of Texas, as we have said is under a special mission of balancing energies. But in fact it does more than just that. Indeed it has for millennia been directly related to the higher quality of life and sense of well being of the triangulated 'hill-country' region.

Hydro Lines Enhance Well-Being

It is this very energy that has drawn intellectuals, artists and free thinkers to this area. It is why the area is noted for its quality of life, universities, artists and musicians. The harmonic frequency of this energy field is uniquely conducive to creativity, especially music. Are not Austin, Kerrville and Luckenbach renowned for their music venues and festivals? Is San Antonio not recognized for its culture and artistic expression in the area you refer to as the 'Riverwalk'?

Indeed the water that flows throughout San Antonio is very beneficial, it is charged from the earthen spring-pools of a potent ley-energy aquifer. It creates a plasmic field that brings a joy and tranquility. It is why the area is considered so 'charming' in your vernacular.

You see, this water is exceptionally ionic and carries an electromagnetic charge that is very beneficial for both the physical and etheric bodies. The aquifer charging zones, or springs, found in New Braunfels, San Antonio and Austin are exceptionally powerful and healing. Yet they also promote exuberance and well being.

Atlantis in Texas

The indigenous have always recognized subtle energies of the living earth. And so the Native Americans of southwest Texas were well aware of the energy of Enchanted Rock. They recognized and held the lavender granite rock in awe as did the Atlanteans before them.

Yes, we said Atlantean. The fact that trhe land areas of Texas were habited by the Atlanteans should not be too surprising to you, there is indeed logic to it.

You see, this part of Texas was along the land bridge that connected Atlantis to the Yucatan, sea levels being much lower before the demise. Even then the Enchanted Rock was recognized as a natural amplifier, and thus the leys that ran thru the Pyramids of the aquifer enhanced Yucatan were connected to the aquifer enhanced areas of the hill country.

The cave labyrinths below the Yucatan still in fact connect into the hill country as well as the areas of Santa Fe, Grand Canyon, Lake Tahoe, Shasta, Arkansas and Sedona.

We tell you that there was a pyramidal complex located very near Enchanted Rock that was used ceremonially for the calibration of Crystal Skulls in alignment to the energy of the granite dome cathedral. The Pyramid was aligned between the energetic ley of Yucatan and of the Pyramidal complex near Galveston island, triangulated with the two.

Additional there is a massive underground chasm containing a Temple complex with a smaller version of the Emerald Crystal of the Divine Feminine near the area of the sacred spring waters of New Braunfels. It is still somewhat accesible throught he cave network of the area,

The Energy of Enchanted Rock remains very much attuned to that of the Crystal Skull, the 13th paradigm pattern of the Divine Human.

Crystalline Structures & Leylines

Your geologists have correctly told you that Enchanted Rock is actually the obtrusive portion of a massive, ancient lava (magma) flow. The greatest part of Enchanted Rock is actually below the surface. And when magma is held under, it solidifies more slowly into coarse-grained rocks with larger, visible crystals. These are intrusive, or plutonic, rocks of which granite is the most common example. Some of the finest examples of crystals, such as quartz, topaz and tourmaline are formed from chemicals that have been dissolved in solutions within rock cavities. Here, they have both space and time to grow. Enchanted Rock is, in a sense, a massive grouping of crystals, and it most certainly contains hollow pockets of prolific quartz crystals

Now, the electrics you refer to as ley energy, (leylines) are a great part of the dynamic of Enchanted Rock. In this area, the ley energies are intertwined with the more feminine hydro line ley energies. This effects the manner in which they are absorbed, amplified and conducted by the mineralogy and shape of the physiographics of Enchanted Rock.

Granite, as the channel has explained, contains a high concentration of quartz. This mineral compound is quite unique and is known to be a transmitter, receiver, amplifier and conductor of current. Very few materials can match the energy transmission of vitreous quartz, especially in the ultra-violet and infrared ranges. We tell you that quartz also stores energy and high dimensional light. Quartz is capable of converting energy to electricity.

Granite domes, conical and pyramidal shaped mountains also have this property of energy conductivity and storage. The conical shape influences the manner in which the energy is conducted.

Natural Capacitor

Now, the differentiating characteristic of Enchanted Rock is that it is a natural capacitor. Granite enhances this ability. The domed shape of this living stone allows the dual charges and integrates them in microbalance. It is capable of infusing beneficial electromagnetic and light energy to all who go there. This transference occurs in very low amperage, suitable for human physiology in such a way that the body physical is balanced and restored. This charging is congruous, evenly distributed throughout the body physical. The etheric body, the Chakric system, is also balanced and robustly so.

The geometrics of this area are spherical, thus the balance, but a tetrahedron and hexagonal matrix are enclosed within the sphere.


This region of the United States particularly benefits from this balancing vortex. It is emerging into greater potency in preparation for the planetary ascension. The 'Return of the Dove' has the role of bringing higher dimensional feminine energy into an area that has had an imbalance over the past 500 years.

Enchanted Rock is in essence a satellite of the Emerald Energy of the Divine Feminine, and that is being activated in the quickening of the winter solstice of 2009.

In the scope of North America this energy is being fed into Sedona, Monterey, Santa Fe, Shasta and Tahoe in the west, and Atlanta, New York and Carolina in the East.

Enchanted Rock is connected globally and hemispherical in this role. It is the manifold apex of numerous triangulated fields on a massive scale that includes Uluru, The Tor, Table Mountain, Samaipata and Sinai.

2010 holds much in store in the Crystalline Activation of the Cosmic Trigger, the Dove is intricate to this activation.

I am Metatron and I share with you these Truths.

And so it is.

Earth Keeper San Antonio

December 11-12-13

October 14, 2009 – Metatron: You Have Proved Yourselves Worthy
Beloved Lightworkers,
I come to speak to you today about the great work that each of you have been accomplishing by daily practicing your disciplines and putting the Love of God first and foremost in your lives each day. By doing this, you align yourselves with the highest frequencies and energies and this serves you in good stead. Each day, we see that each of you are, with great intention, affirming that you are raising your vibrational frequencies each time that you repeat a decree, prayer, affirmation or invocation, and we see your Lights growing and radiating out into the World in a greater and greater radius.
This is a wondrous development, for not only are you now anchored into the crystalline core of Mother Earth, you are also radiating outwards into your community, into your state or country. We have spoken before that this would start to occur, we have spoken that this is a natural progression in your Light work, that your Lights would start radiating outwards and affect all those around you and bless all those around you and that it is indeed what is happening at this time. Everywhere that each of you Lightworkers are situated is a blessed spot, for it has been a site of the downpouring of the great Cosmic energies, the Cosmic Love energies that are daily, hourly pouring down upon the Earth and because you are all willing Transducers of these Cosmic energies of Love and Light, this spot, your home, your community is blessed beyond measure and is already a vortex of powerful energies.
Know that your presences are now easily seen and so each of you are aided as you ask, each of you has myriads of Angels who surround you and magnify your energies, not only into your own presences and energy fields but to the World around you using that energy wherever it is needed the most for the Highest Good of all concerned. Continue, Beloved Ones, seeking always counsel with your inner Self, with your Higher Self, go within into your heart centers, always this will give you the truth, the right Path for you to take.
The energies as they are affecting you at this time are in a ‘holding pattern’ that is accepting, assimilating and integrating all the energies and the downloads that each of you request on a daily basis. There is a period of quietness and it is an opportunity for each of you to assimilate the new powerful energies and regain and rejuvenate your physical bodies, your minds and your spirits. Enjoy this lull for there will be much excitement in the days to come.
We honor each of you for standing fast to the Light of God that never fails. We honor your faith and trust in us. Know that we are ever at your command and assistance for it is our joy to be of service to you. Many of you have completed another inner initiation and are now ready for your next step. Enjoy these few moments of rest and recuperation. Enjoy the sense of floating in ‘no time’. All of you who work so diligently perceive the changes that are taking place and understand that YOU are the Ones who are creating the change by standing steadfast in your Light and your visions for a World of peace and harmony, loving cooperation, freedom, generosity of spirit and goodwill. As each of you does this in your own way and method, know that it makes an impact upon the whole and this is why we always say to you, Dear Ones, that you are more powerful than you realize, for it is true.
Know that you are ever supported and ever Loved. Know that you are a part of a great brotherhood and sisterhood of Light that spans all dimensions and Universes that includes our Galactic brothers and sisters of all Star Nations. We all work together as One, for this is a great momentous time on your Planet Earth as you know. Your Galactic brothers and sisters of the Light have many gifts to offer you, you must indicate your willingness to receive these gifts and it shall be so. Many there are who stand ready to give you honor, to seed you with great Spiritual gifts. You have proved yourselves worthy to receive these gifts, Beloved Ones.
I AM Metatron
©2009 Marlene Swetlishoff
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Metatron on channeling

Reniyah Wolf
a message from  Metatron  channeled by  Reniyah Wolf
Sunday, 24 April, 2005  at Portland, Oregon USA 
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My Beloved Ones, I greet you this day in eternal joy!  I give this message to you through Reniyah in order to address the subject of channelings.  I know you will pay attention because this is a channeling from Metatron.
     Stop and think about that for a moment, Beloved Ones, about the fact that you will pay more attention to a channeling than you would to a communication written by another human.  Why is that?  How is a channeled message different than any other email or list posting that you receive in your inbox?  In truth, my Dear Ones, most channelings are not different at all.   They are simply a communication.  It is a communication that is coming through a human transmitter….much in the same way that your wireless internet works, or your radio and television.
       We who send our messages through humans via channeling are operating at a different frequency band than the fellow who could send you an email from somewhere on planet Earth.  While we are able to influence your computer technologies to a degree, we cannot transmit directly into your plane over the loud speaker, nor should we.  You live in a plane of free will, and the booming voice from the heavens would interfere with that, and in general cause a mass panic.  That is, of course, not our objective.  Thus we communicate through  humans who have the capability to tune into our frequency.
      Now, in the higher frequency energies of your planet, many more of you have extended your antennae to receive such communications.  Many more occupants of other dimensions/frequency bands are also able to transmit to you.  Let us say that there is a glut on the market of channeled communications.  Beloved Ones, perhaps you did not know this, but the ability to channel is not necessarily indicative of higher spiritual evolution, or higher frequency in the human transmitter.  The ability to send and receive telepathic communication is a natural skill and ability among the more highly evolved embodied cultures of your universe.   This ability has been largely occluded in humanity for a very long time.  Now, as you continue on in your planetary ascension, it is being restored to many of you.
       Just as well, many more denizens of other dimensions are able to send you messages.  The receiving of channeled messages was, as you know, an important part of your growth and evolution.  That which was hidden from you about your origins and history was made known to you as a part of the Divine Unfolding of humanity.  For you, humanity as a whole, to evolve to the next frequency band meant that the secrets had to be revealed.  That which had been hidden from you had to be brought forth.  It was your job, you who serve the Light, to receive that information, and to place it in your planetary consciousness for all humans, present and future generations, to know.
       So here we are, your Earth year 2005, and the doors have been thrust open.  Humanity’s antennae have been boosted. There is a huge amount of information coming through on the telepathic radio waves.  Is it all information that you should place a high value on?  Most certainly it is not.  Consciousness from all over the dimensions can transmit to you now, because of that open door and increased reception, and they are.  You would do well to consider the channelings that you read in the same light as you would an email, a letter or any other communication from within the Earth plane.  You do not believe everything you read in your newspapers and magazines, do you?
        You must remove the belief systems and view what actually is. The belief that a channeling is a superior communication to be more highly regarded than human communication is simply a belief.  This belief is rooted in duality and the illusion of separation.  In truth, as each one of you is a part of the One Consciousness, so every communication is also a part of the One consciousness.  A channeling, as a communication, as information imparted, is the same as the communications that originate from the minds of embodied humanity.  The only truth is that which you know to be true from within your own heart.
       As you are reading your email from other humans, your email lists and so on each day, you will have a feeling about each one.  “Yes, I agree, I like this, it resonates with me”, or “No, I don’t agree, I don’t like this. Delete.”  Now if the email contains a channeling, many of you will immediately treat this email differently, with reverence.  You will read it carefully, and your mind will go to work trying to understand more thoroughly that which is being said.  Each one of you will come to your own conclusions about what the channeling means, and believe those conclusions are truth.
       Do you see the difference here, my Beloved Ones?  Rather than reading the channeled communication and discerning whether it has truth for you or not, many of you adopt the contents of channeling as truth, simply because of its source.   Many of you would cut down considerably on the time you spend reading each day if you were to approach these channelings from the viewpoint of “How do I feel about this, is there anything in it that is meaningful for me, personally?”
     We have already discussed channeling as communication.  Now we shall discuss channeling as energy, as light polarization.  There are a few channeled consciousnesses and their human transmitters that are well known and very beloved to you.  Their messages have struck a deep resonance within your being that feels like truth.  You do not have to think about the messages; struggle to understand what is being said.  They simply hit you in the heart, bypassing the mental processes, and you expand.
      Why is this?  How are these channelings different than the many others that circulate?  The most of the channelings are forms of telepathic communication, as we have discussed.  There are some humans who have come to the Earth plane to serve, not only as messengers, but as higher light filters for consciousness that operates from the higher dimensions, such as myself.  These human transmitters are required to go much beyond the stage of being able to receive telepathic communications.  They have agreed, and are prepared, in embodiment, to merge energies with higher consciousness and to be a filter to bring that higher frequency energy into the Earth plane.  As we have discussed on previous occasions, there are cosmic laws of physics which preclude dramatic and instantaneous frequency transformations within your plane by those of us in higher planes.
       The higher frequencies must be polarized, or filtered, stepped down, and enter into the Earth plane through human, embodied consciousness.  Those humans who transmit the channelings which appeal directly to your heart, have merged energies with a particular higher consciousness in order to bring you that consciousness’s energy as well as the words.  This is the phenomena that some of you know as encoding.  It is quite a step beyond telepathic transmission of information.  No energy merge is required to simply channel information from a consciousness outside your plane.  The information will not, cannot, come through at a higher frequency than that of the transmitter.  Unless an energy merge has occurred between higher consciousness and the human transmitter, the frequency will be very similar to that of any ordinary communication passed from human to human.
      In the channelings such as those you are given through Reniyah, and others scattered around your planet, you are receiving the unified energy of the source and the transmitter together, as a form of polarized light.   As such, these channelings are more about the energy, the frequency, than they are about the actual information imparted.   The channelings that contain encoding, or merged energy of source-transmitter, are very few in comparison to the many channelings being transmitted on Earth each day.
      Our objective has been to create an alchemical container in which the ascension of Earth and her life forms is occurring.  This is very much like a chemist who creates a formula in his flask, or the gourmet chef preparing a special recipe.  Every ingredient is of extreme importance.  Every slight change of ingredient will alter the final result.  Our objective in our group work is to create the highest possible frequencies of sound vibration in our alchemical container.  It is within these frequencies that your own personal alchemical transformation will be maximized.  You are the Light, the Love, the Divine Humans, my Beloved Ones.  There is nothing more important in this now than your own personal transformation, your frequency alignment with Divine Humanity.  To this end, it will serve you to be particular about the quality of ingredients that go into the alchemical container.  You did not come here to the Earth plane to place power outside of yourselves and into the hands of anyone in the cosmos capable of transmitting a telepathic message. You were called here in order to learn and practice drawing from your own wellspring of inspiration; to go forth and share the energy of that inspiration with the whole of humanity.
      I do not necessarily suggest that you stop reading your channelings, but ask you to look beyond the belief system that a channeling is a better, more truthful communication than any other kind.  I would ask that you read your channelings with the same discernment that you read your daily newspaper or magazine.  I would encourage you to ask yourselves, with whatever you read, to ask yourself “How does this feel to me?” rather than “What do I think about it?”  Do you see the difference, Beloved Ones?  By asking yourself how you feel, you are calling up your own inner vision of truth, be it the same one expressed in a channeling, or not.  When you think, accept information as truth, you are simply engaging the processes of the mind.  You are giving power over to a channeled communication to dictate your truth to you.

      Now perhaps you will see a little more clearly, why I ask you to read your channelings, and all other information, with your heart rather than your mind.  Feel the frequency of what you read.  Take a high interest in what you put into your own alchemical container.  That which you are placing in your own alchemical container will be that which you place, also, in the larger alchemical container of your planetary transformation. This is not to say, of course, that there is anything wrong with any particular channeling, or any other information that you receive.  It is all sourced in the One.  However, there is that communication which will serve you in your purpose on the Earth, and that which will not.
      My Beloved Ones, you are having an extraordinary experience as consciousness embodied on the Earth plane as it continues its unprecedented evolution.  You are the way-showers for all the rest of humanity to follow after you.  It does not serve you to make the same choices as the majority of humans, who allow the voices of others to dictate what is true.  The very purpose for your embodiment here can be summarized by your ability to remember your true nature, and to embody that true nature on Earth.  You have the absolute ability to determine what serves you, and the rest of humanity, and what does not.  Trust your feeling perceptions, rather than the belief systems of your mind.  Only by this will you come into your own power, and avoid being drawn into the same duality of the mind that has kept the human race bound in the lower frequencies of fear.
I AM Metatron
I AM With You Always
November 8, 2009

Archangel Metatron via J Tyberonn

The 11-11, 12-12 and 12-21

The Triad Star-Gates of Love

Greetings, I am Metatron, Lord of Light. And I embrace you all in energy of Unconditional Love!

And so we speak on the Triad Stargates. We tell you there are three major frequencial openings occurring in the remainder of your year.

These will occur on November 11th, 2009; December 12th, 2009 and December 21st, 2009.

These stargates are a major part of the 'Planetary Shift'. The 3 listed frequencial portals are a Triad of inlet corridors that will work in aggregation to assist you through a potent transition. The planet is changing its spiritual season.

The 11-11, 12-12 and 21-12 are aggregated around the release of fear and the acceptance of LOVE. It is the Return of the Heart of the Dove. These bring the Triad Stargates of Love, invigorate LOVE, and are indeed an aspect and function of the Crystalline Age. As such the arc swing of duality is lessened.

LOVE is Pro-Active

Masters we tell you that in the Celestial realms, love is a frequencial force that is pro-active. The triad portals offer you a benevolent aspect of love that will give you the strength of will to be harmonically assertive rather than passive.

The Triad gates enable humanity to reinstate passionate influence through stalwart action. Where timidity and fear have closed inner doors, this Triad of Love, will offer frequencial fidelity that will reopen them. On the 11-11 these will be received in micro, individually. On the 12-12 they will be received in macro, in group and mass. And as such hold open the doorway for all of humanity to pass through the same threshold.

The energy that is offered in the Triad Stargates, as always involves your choice and your discernment. But they also require action on your part to activate the energy of enablement that is being made available to the seeking souls of humanity.

These offer you the vision to see what no longer serves you and the ability to take charge of the multidimensional aspects of your consciousness by offering access to the seat of power within the oversoul. The seat of your oversoul is the center of power and Universal Truth. And Universal Truth is in a field of LOVE that is in your terms, devoid of fear. It expands as you enter and enables your ability to access vast wisdom and information to assist you on your journey of Ascension.

As such you will discover that your life's purpose and its success is in many aspects is linked to that of others. It is imperative that mankind discover that one can maintain individual reality while cooperating with others to bring about the highest potential and result.

Harmony in the Crystalline Age

In the Crystalline Age of the Ascended Earth partnering with others of diverse content will be seen as very do-able when release of fear is permitted and love is not impeached. Cooperation and harmony do not create limitation, rather expansion and creativity.

This possibility, however, requires accountability and responsibility. It does not mean cowering or passivity in the throes of duality. Love requires the commitment of strength. This does not mean bullying another or allowing self to be controlled by fear. Indeed it is standing in your truth, and that requires gentle but solid courage.

Fear, from our higher perspective, is not the opposite of love, in fact it has its purposed role in duality just as all 'obstacles' do. Nor is LOVE meant to cancel out fear per se. Rather the two, from overview, work in tandem to allow humanity to find the harmonic solution.

But do not misunderstand us, unbridled fear can and does separate. It detriments wisdom. As such it is a catalyst in duality. Fear is employed by those with an agenda and a desire to control. Release of fear through unity consciousness is your final test.

As your great teacher, Mahatma Ghandi told you, when you disarm your own heart in unity with those that are fearful and controlling, you disarm their hearts as well. Not by giving in, but by being steadfast in your power and truth, yet open to unity within love of others.

Violence begets violence, and it is never the answer to resolving conflict. For a while it may seem the dark side is winning, but in the end, it is always love that prevails.

So there are in essence two levels of fear that the Triad gates will assist you to deal with. The first is inner fear, fear that causes you to become weak, filling you with doubt and confusion, impairing Love of Self.

The second is fear from outside sources. Simply put, being 'stuck' by allowing others in group or individual to control you and limit your freedom.

In order to overcome the detrimental consequences of fear and its side effects of despair, depression and immobility all that is required is to face them in strength. Then ask your Divinity to create possibilities and situations that are fear and harm free and then choose the power of will to live them. Be active!

Triad Portals: A Time of Insight & Recharging

The Triad Portals will provide a recharging, a revamping of courage and insight within a vibration of active LOVE. You will be empowered. When fear is faced and released, you will find an inrush of energy. You will within this energy open channels of previously dormant creativity, and creativity leads to the power to script your life. But the vibration of love must ever guide the wise use of power. Those on your planet that truly wield the greatest power, do so in brotherhood, and exude gentleness. True power is also subtle.

But insight is required to achieve this.

On the 11th of November energy will initiate that assists you in breaking through the energetic boxes that many on the planet are yet entrapped within, often unknowingly. Some of you may not even be aware of the entanglements. The primary component of the containment is again, old energy fear. And it is a fear aspect that is multidimensional within the duality hologram of simultaneous time on the planet. Many of the aspects being surfaced in the ascending energy are indeed remnants within the coinciding lifetimes of individuals that must be cleared, must be released.

There has been in essence a pull back from many Lightworkers over the past months. A sense of lull. It is why many on the planet for the past few weeks have felt stuck, mired in a low energy that contains waves of doubt.

In this present astrologically driven phase of imbalance, the old energy has resurfaced. But it is not just the pseudo-sacrosanct control religions that are seen. Indeed all of the aspects of false beliefs around control and revenge are being boiled to the surface in the purification crucible required for the cleansing of the planet. It is in essence the allegorical test of 'Kristos Temptation', and it is a mirror that reflects what no longer serves.

Dear Ones, we have recently told you that old religions and old dogmatic beliefs of control are in their last throes. Light attracts bugs, it has been always be so. Violence is never the answer. All answers lie in the strength of harmony.

Those who are required in the new paradigm to abdicate the old thrones of power in both government and (especially) old-energy religion will not do so willingly. They will not fall without a fight.

Masters, view the incidences of this that have occurred over the past month alone in America . It is manifesting on two fronts, one that is actively center stage, and another that is individual and submissive. Do not fall into the lulled quagmire of surrender.

Heart of the Dove: The Kristos Rose

The 11-11, 12-12 and December solstice are energetic portals that will assist you in breaking through the mire. It is the Return of the Heart of the Dove. It offers what some refer to as the ' Kristos Rose ' it is the Heart of the Dove. It is time to shine your light, and that takes energy.

There are many paths and many choices on your road of growth. A wise human is one that is not easily surrendered to the threats or actions of nay sayers who will attempt in their negativity to discredit or threaten behind the critical veil of skewed self righteousness.

The planetary Ascension requires seekers to reclaim their will and to shine their decisive intent in a beacon of confidence that is unaffected by the duality bias of the hour.

t is time to rally through the mire. Dear Ones if you hang your head in despair and confusion your heartbeam will be lowered in kind. Lose momentum and your forward thrust will be curtailed. If you ingest the animosity and acrimonious threats of the nay sayers you will be discouraged, and indeed that is their controlling motive. That is their role in duality you see, to ensnare you in confusion and doubt.

The Spiritual Warrior cannot, must not allow the hostilities of the world without to penetrate the layers of the harmony and love within. Do not surrender! The submissive yielding would be individually subtle and voiceless, but the collective rue would be felt in micro and macro across humanity.


Spirit hears you. Spirit speaks to hearts in a small quiet voice. Spirit reveals its TRUTH from within and exhibits its fidelity through every step along your path of enlightenment. Spirit is not defined by religion nor hemmed in by dogma. Neither does Spirit seek approval in good opinion of others or lack thereof. Spirit is TRUTH and Truth is is resplendent in form and formlessness. Spirit ever projects the frequency of impeccability in Universal Law.

The frequencial opening that occurs on the 11-11 (11 November, 2009) is one that cast light on all of these aspects. In truth its door has been opened since the full moon of November 2nd. Review on the 11:11. Take inventory. On the 12:12 gather in groups where possible, and release.

On the 12-21 project love and actively take your power. Love is pro-active. Love is nurturing but steadfast. The Spiritual Winter on your planet is giving way through the Crystalline Energy, to a verdant springtime. Plant the seeds of your heart, in nurturing and powerful LOVE.

This energy is shining down in the Triad Portals through the emerging 144-Crytsalline Grid. Employ them, it is how the Ascension occurs!

I am Metatron and I share with you these Truths. You are Beloved!

And so it is.

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Friday, July 31, 2009

SymbiosisAG Vision

 July 31, 2016

To create a preofitable company that is delivering the highest quality soil remediation and plant vitality, bio-stimulant products achievable. To extend via technology transfer the benefits of this product to other places combined with the best methods available for food and water system sustainability while ensuring community and peoples highest quality of life.

Flow of Process
    Production scale up
    Tech transfer methods

Currently SymbiosisAG has a refined, quality product. Through an agreement with the Michigan Dept. of Natural Resources we have assured supply of invasive Carp fish as our primary input for our first product.

Although this product is excellent for any soil or plant system, we have identified no-till farmer as a primary market. No-till farming is rapidly expanding in the U.S. In Nebraska, Kansas and Iowa alone there are 1,500,000 acres in no-till. And this number is growing.

To rapidly move into several markets, and to match supply with demand, we require capital to scale up production capacity.

Additionally, we need to add staff in all areas including production, sales and marketing and business development.

SymbiosisAG has been in R&D for 13 years and is ready for delivery to practically any market that grows plants of any kind.

Our product was designed to help heal our soils without any harmful effects to our soil, food, or water systems. Additionally, because we are using an invasive species of fish as our primary ingredient we are also addressing several environmental problems, the extent to which are difficult to measure either environmentally or economically. All we might indicate is we are transforming a severe environmental dilemma into a highly beneficial line of products. Here is a brief summary of benefits:
   - begins to address carp infestation
   - derives a highly beneficial soil and plant amendment product,
   - utilizes resources of Pokagon/Potowatomi nation, providing highly needed employment and business
   - creating a model for sharing the processes of production and business development to other places and
       people of need (e.g. Colombia, Costa Rica, Africa, India, Asia, etc.)
   - our vision is to commit 20% of profits towards technology transfer and extension education

Because our team has been involved with agriculture for several decades, we are aware of the challenges being faced at every level, including depleted soils, polluted water, food lacking nutrition and the highly deleterious effects of currently used fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. We have an unprecedented opportunity to totally disrupt and realign these "problems" and bring food and fiber production back onto a sustainable course.

While focusing on creating a highly successful and profitable company our team is already taking steps to share benefits with other countries. Currently we have projects underway in Colombia S.A. and Jamaica (also see India, Uraguay, Nepal, Cuba, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Mexico).

Our intent is not to expand our operations in those countries, but to utilize technology transfer and assist people in those places to develop businesses. Of course we will be highly involved in that process to assure success.

Next Steps
As stated before, our greatest challenges are capital costs to scale up production and build our sales and marketing staff. Preliminary customer response to our product is positive. Companies like Monsanto and Dow are rapidly losing market share as people are realizing the disastrous effects of putting their products on our soils and foods. We have created this highly beneficial and natural product to replace those companies products for large, or small scale uses. We need now to make the public award that they have a choice. To do this will require sales and marketing staff.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Poris - Will to Live - Bogota

The Will to Live

I had the great fortune to meet an incredibly courageous man last week. His name is Poris and he is my ex-wife Martha’s cousin.

Poris experienced an incredibly traumatic accident in about 1992. He was hit by a car in Bogota, Colombia. The place where he was thrown was in water where he laid for a few hours with no assistance. Water seeped into his head. Several bones were broken in numerous places. His brain had been saturated with water.

Arriving at the hospital he stayed in a coma for about ninety days. When he came out of the coma the doctors told him he would never walk or talk again because of brain damage from the water on the brain.

Poris decided not to believe what the doctor’s told him. Of course he recognized that damage had been done but he decided that their diagnosis would not determine his fate. Martha, provided Poris with inspirational books such as Louise Hay (You Can Heal Your Life) Wayne Dyer (Your Erroneous Zones) and others. Even though it was an incredibly arduous process because the brain damage affected his eyesight, he made up his mind not to give up.

In order to accomplish certain goals, such as re-learning to ride a bike, even before he was walking again, Poris bought a bike. He made up his mind to ride again. Today Poris rides a bike. He exercises every day like clockwork.

I met Poris when we traveled to Bogota, a huge city, to pick up my Visa to stay in the country. It is one of the most complex cities that I have ever driven in. And I have driven in many since I was a professional driver (part-time) for 30 years. Poris was guiding us. For nearly 14 hours looking for places for our daughter Juliana to live while in college, Poris patiently told us directions. He was supposed to be a vegetable, according to doctors.

I found that I was incredibly touched by this man, and his demonstration of courage. His presence and energy were very calming. He lives and demonstrates incredible patience. His humor is quick and humble.

As I asked Martha some questions about the accident and learned the incredible details, that painted a bleak picture for any sort of a “normal” life, I was deeply touched and inspired. I felt some level of embarrassment for my times when I have felt self-pity for some of my challenges. I actually cried as I was driving. Martha said Poris didn’t quite know what to do. To tried to imagine the strength required to face the incredible pain and challenge of building a new body and mind through persistence and dedication and patience. The “miracle man” in the movie The Secret has an incredible story, but so does Poris. How many other, unknown heroes are among us?

The evening of my meeting Poris I read from Albert Schweitzer’s An Anthology. It just so happened I was reading from the chapter “The Will to Live”. Here is one of the quotes:

I Cling to Life
When my will-to-live begins to think, it sees life as a mystery in which I remain by thought. I cling to life because my reverence for life. For, when it begins to think, the will-to-live realizes it is free. It is free to leave life. It is free to choose whether or not to live. This fact is of particular significance for us in this modern age, when there are abundant possibilities for abandoning life, painlessly and without agony.