Friday, May 23, 2014

Out of Chaos & Complexity is Coming Clarity

Funded by the Universal Breathing Bank

People who are born with special abilities tend to take them for granted. I have always noticed this. And yet, to be able to really share themselves and their gifts they need to continue to develop their gifts. Likely they need other skills that require great effort and dedication to bring the whole creation into fruition.

We are all birthed with the ability to breathe. Most, if not almost everyone has for a portion of their lives taken this profound gift for granted.

Developing Breath Consciousness, as Desmond Green shares, requires the development and utilization of a skill-set. Because of the nature of our robust and hyper-extended physical/spiritual experience it is easy to get lost/overwhelmed by the image/thought based experience. Lots of shiny objects, dramatic emotions, mesmerizing stories and experiences. Habits. Delvings. Obsessions. Inside/outside, masculine/feminine, future/past, science/religion, government/business, buying/selling, eating/pooping, getting sick, or well, living/dying - these are all very interesting and involving experiences.

To enter into Now Breath Consciousness requires a real commitment to one-self. In my case almost 33 years and much education and 1000s upon thousands of books, videos and effort to decipher and de-commission a number of underlying programs and conditions.

Other people can fast-track their process by riding on my and Desmond's efforts and experiences. The Global Citizenship Passport book contains the distilled essence of a learning enterprise, process that will grant them access, effectively to the knowing experience that is called Breath Consciousness. Join the Cosmic Conscious Deep Breathing Society and get your Passport and additional materials at the Reverence for Life University.