Monday, February 23, 2015

Mental Peaces

Our mental "thoughtmousphere" has become polluted with many idea and belief viruses. They will derail mental processes. Fortunately our feelings indicate whether they are running in our minds computer. "Figuring things out" (we actually figure in) might eventually lead to the solution but I have discovered it can be very arduous and take a long time. There is a short-cut. Our breath IS THE creator's anti-virus software. Breath Consciousness will accelerate its installation. It is being installed whether we know it or not. The Creator does have a plan. We can enjoy the process of this amazing transition if we KISS (Keep It Simple Sweetheart). Breathe Deeply, Consciously and Appreciatingly.

"Next Breath Please" is something to think and say when the mind is running rampant. The breathosphere is clear.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Breathing Images


The images that we are observing are not reality. Nature is non-threatening. Our response and then to interpret threats fuels the creation of elements that are out to get us. But naturally this is not the case. Our emphasis on certain characteristics exaggerates them. We have been acting as and thought magnifiers. Our ability to replicate symbols that we have created and tied meaning to have created time which is the means by which to perpetuate and share certain image based structures/ideas. The printing press served as a way to concretize certain ways of seeing the world which then became a way to expand to collective experience.

When we start in this world our senses our developed with harmony. Emphasis on sight does not seem to. Also, threats do not appear to exist. We only respond to inner, or body needs such as hunger and touch.

Meanings attached to things and events and our repeated exposure to them creates the belief systems that we find ourselves living within. "Think outside the box." means that we accept the idea that most of us are thinking in a box. What other limiting beliefs frame the way we see the world? Why is death bad, to be feared or avoided? Why don't we see it as a celebration? Why don't we see one animal eating another as one getting lunch and the other as being freed to go onto other grand adventures? Desmond calls is frequency hopping.

Breath consciousness and their accompanying "skill-sets" and practices act to re-balance us into a fuller life experience. Bringing energy that might be used to support ideas, images, beliefs that create stress and discomfort. The images that we focus our attention on require our energy - our attention. By spending quality time with ourselves, going into where our thoughts our created and to bring our awareness back to the natural harmonic aspects that we are, allows us to take charge of ourselves. These practices re-develop our born ability to feed those things which we would prefer to experience, not just respond as revealed by Pavlov's research with dogs.

Breathing deeply and consciously.
Appreciating our breath.
Contemplating and noticing our thoughts.
Noticing the sense pleasures of our physical body.
Tapping, or body drumming, with the intent to re-center ourselves into the fullness of our life's "Breath" reality which is truly supporting all of our life experience.
Breath connecting with nature. Nature in not confused about how it relates to its breath.
The animals and plants have not become obsessed or controlled, or threatened by images.
WE can connect to their knowing in a feeling way that will help us remember the truth of our being - our breath and that is is supporting us and will continue.

Breath dancing, playing, singing, replicating the pulsating, spiraling nature of life. To help remind us of what we are made of - and what is always supporting us.
Our emphasis on the breath is necessary because there are so many outside signals that are supposedly there to bring us back to "reality". That reality is out of balance. So we need emphasis and create a habit of reminding ourselves so we can stay in a harmonious and solid place of truth, of love.
One Breath At A Time.


Saturday, February 21, 2015

Life Flows

Life flows. The old human construct mostly governed by money has fear based constraints that have been put in place. A person can feel them. Numbers, monitors, meters, filters "apparently" choking the flow of creation. This is not really possible. It is perception.

The vastness of the flowing, pulsating, spiraling, spirit, energetic, physical reality is so vast as to be mentally incomprehensible. The universe/cosmos is flowing, perfectly. Even if we impose beliefs, constructs on it that seem to be contrary. These impedances only create opportunities to experience "distortions" - changes in vibrations which are then converted, or integrated by our bio-feedback, system that is built into us - our feelings. They emanate from our gut, or near our solar plexus. We have been conditioned to let the mind to get into the process which created emotions. This point, distinction my brother Mark has been emphatic about for several years (very wise). Gut feelings, not intellectually manipulated constructs, guide us. Experience is an outward expression but our guidance to lead our lives comes from within. It is a perfect operating system. But the external expressions have become so extensive and involved that we have lost touch with our intuition and feeling guidance. We don't learn from outside we remember to heed the guidance from inside, our heart centered feelings.

No matter what we are thinking about this process doesn't really matter. All the image based threats, things to be afraid of, are not really true. Love, which is everything, is not out to get us. It is here to experience more. And we have been here living through a very interesting phase of spirit/physical manifestation, experience. But the breath is not going to leave us hanging. It is going to continue taking us where IT intends to go. It will not stop. Resistance and distraction also creates feedback, in the form of anxious or fearful feelings. Entering the only true moment, reality, NOW via the physical breath process - one breath at a time, fueling the mind and body (deep breathing), being conscious of the breath (showing mindfull gratitude, appreciation of our first gift) and physically remembering spirit to center itself in our body (tapping, or body drumming) will facilitate that most enjoyable experience, life. We are here fully supported. No manner of symbols (words, letters, numbers) can stymie this process. Life is wonderfull, and evolving and be coming. And it will continue no matter our inclinations, doubts or resistances. Center oneself, deliberately by reminding oneself often that we are all going through this together - one breath at a time - that is the functional unity that this cosmos creation is contained within. It is allright!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Blessing from Nicole

Take your time getting to know yourself...on every level!
Observe how little by little you will let your guard down as you truly, madly, deeply start to love yourself....
Be vulnerable, be raw...
There is no rush... This is what your here for....
Woo yourself, make yourself blush, kiss yourself in the mirror and make love to your mind, body and soul...
Watch how you bloom... Only for you- in a way no one else can do....
Feel yourself out.... Listen quietly to all your voices...
You are your own greatest mystery, you are the lock and the key!
So be tender, be sweet, rock yourself to sleep... Coo a lullaby to your healing heart...
Just don't rush this beautiful building love
It's a unfolding of divine art

You are so hot. I mean, your fire burns bright. You are fueled and running on all cylinders. Shine your bright star shine from the mountain, in the dark corners, wherever that virus of doubt might remain. To be love, radiating, inviting, coaxing, making, transforming - pulling on all hearts which you touch with the burning hot love, that ignites all, creates all, blesses all - that which cascades across the cosmos, into the crevices, and revelations - the mother of life, from which we all are returning to be embraced and know once again, infinite love, which has never been absent, only our thoughts played a trick on us.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Physical Breath Trinity

Today I had a profound epiphany, finally concluding an incredible experience in 2009 with Archangel Metatron. The experience removed chains from my heart. Today I understand the physical trinity experience is
1. Breath Consciousness, (
2. Breath Tapping (body drumming, heart & 3rd eye),
3. The whirling dervish dance. (Sufi originated, video)

We are here physical working our spirit experience out. Coming to a FEELING/knowing. We don't have to fly off to never, never land. The point is to be here in our bodies, now, without judgement, but in ecstasy, that it all is ours because each of us are here and it is only One Love!