Sunday, July 24, 2016

Just Me

It's so incredible, being me
Everywhere I look, through me
I can see it, feel it, taste it, smell it, hear it
I really feel it
I can think about it
Even come up with ideas about it
It's here, there, everywhere
I'm a sort of window, experiencer
Me, Myself, and I
Whole new meanings
That I might have assigned
As I describe in words
I can take pictures
Get colors and recreate my impressions
Yet those things only parts
Tiny, in truth
Never getting close to describing
These abilities, connections, expansions
To look into the sky, clouds, stars
Even build telescopes
Yet, only through me
This opportunity to be me
There are so many possibilities
Even if I tried to count
I can watch a butterfly transform
Or hug a tree
I can go for a swim
Or argue with a friend
What I am finding though
That there is this natural, state of glee
This tremendous pleasure, being me
If I stick with things that make me happy
Or put me in a state of wonder
It's almost like a constant celebration,
this act of being me
Pleasure abounds
Many times in the most unexpected ways
To take the routine,
and re-make it
To be me doing the most,
mundane of tasks
Like doing the dishes, or cutting the grass
Or even cleaning the toilet
What determines my experience
is my attitude going in
How approach all of my fellow "me's"
whether it is my friend, child, pet
or even the fruit on the tree
In these smallest of moments,
and simplest of tasks
I can find my ability,
to bring joy to the world
To go to a prior hard place,
and bring an energy of acceptance,
or gratitude,
or even joy
Which, through me, I create
The world I am living in
One moment to moment
One breath at a time
To be love in this world,
to be, oh so kind
I find so much pleasure
in this exact process
each event
That presents itself
as this vast, cosmic me
the reason I must have come here,
to be